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  1. MementoMori_6030

    Submarines - first impressions

    Now, I played my Mutsu. A BB. In a sub game. I had so much fun. In the end, 1 BB and 2 subs tried to sink me. I killed the BB, and the subs kept launching torps after torps after torps, for what felt like hours (I enjoyed torping them back and actually hit once). Finally they gave up and a cruiser had to finish me off. My verdict: Broken, totally broken. Having no available counterpunch against an ENTIRE class of ships (if the captains are not totally braindead) is not a feature of a game someone should expect me to play.
  2. MementoMori_6030

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    Submarine game: World of Warships:
  3. MementoMori_6030

    Submarines - first impressions

    Add to this that "in RL" there were not the very same ships fighting each other, and while it may be (some times) possible to identify friend or foe by using different flags or camos, the subs below periscope depth are essentially blind. I wonder how they can tell if they are pinging and torping a friendly Fuso or and an enemy Fuso, e.g., because "in RL" individual ship propulsion signatures where not recorded and archived thence. I also wonder how the sub who is spotting (well, let's say "locating", because it can't see sh*t down there) is telling his cruiser mate the enemy position - no radio link, no visual signals, no nothing. The sub is also miraculously immune to friendly depth charges, and point blank torpedo shots do not even scratch the launching ship's paintjob. So let's just say "in RL" there were subs. They operated differently than in the game, they functioned differently than in the game, etc.
  4. MementoMori_6030

    Submarines - first impressions

    Historical subs: Scorpions WG subs: Greyhounds
  5. MementoMori_6030

    Submarines - first impressions

    Fishing rods with limpet mines...
  6. MementoMori_6030

    could not load system ressources

    Does changing the GFX settings ingame have any influence on the problem? I have artifacts (green and violet luminescence of outlines if there are quick movements onscreen) now and then, but when I change and rechange some settings like Antialiasing, even plug in and plug out a different monitor before switching back to my main monitor, the problem usually goes away, for whatever reasons.
  7. MementoMori_6030

    Is it just me.

  8. MementoMori_6030

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    Half of the teams are bots anyway; nobody wants to play helpless cannonfodder, so you can expect that only DD and SS are actually human players in most of those "games". I really see no future for this in random games. Lack of teamwork is bad, but you still got a chance to fight every possible enemy solo if it comes to that. With subs, you can do zilch if you don't have ASW and your teammates do their own thing and forsake any teamplay. You are factually dependent on the ASW ships to keep you safe, and the typical random battle shows that most players are only concerned about their very own safety.
  9. MementoMori_6030

    points gained from your first soviet containers

    It took me 3 directives to reach 300 tokens, so... either you are lucky, or you will have to grind - voluntarily or accidentally.
  10. MementoMori_6030

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    Well, there is this recruitment poster for aspiring martyrs...
  11. MementoMori_6030

    Account password lost after WGC change yesterday

    Yup, happens a lot, but not to all of my accounts. I can't see a pattern here.
  12. MementoMori_6030

    Submarines - first impressions

    I know, and it's outstanding feature is that it catches fire if you look hard at it - must be related to the name. Can I rechristen my ships? Like "Asbestos"?
  13. MementoMori_6030

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    There is much potential. You will not only be able to spawn camp like other classes, you will be able to spawn camp underwater and totally safe. Getting XP for doing nothing during the entire game... priceless. Bots will love that.
  14. MementoMori_6030

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    I don't feel powerful when I simply drive my (faster) ship within 1 km of an area and press G a couple of times. I feel like a three-year old pressing the button that makes my action figure say "Hello" over and over.
  15. MementoMori_6030

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    Betcha French subs get that, too. BTW, it is so ridiculous if you get the message "we got a leak below the waterline" if you are submerged. ANY leak is below the waterline if you are diving...