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  1. MementoMori_6030

    New singleplayer mod idea

    Use the Training Room? You can create quite some stuff there.
  2. MementoMori_6030

    New singleplayer mod idea

    To prevent death by boredom, I suggest playing the Hermelin and fighting TVII+ ships. Btw: Same lame concept of playing strong ships to slaughter weaker ones coming soon anyway. Asymmetric Battle The Asymmetric Battle battle type will return in Update 12.5. This time, a team of 6 players using Tier IX-X ships will fight against 12 Tier VII and VIII bots. Battles will take place in the "Standard Battle" and "Domination" modes.
  3. MementoMori_6030


    It does. The range is reduced to 2km when they are diving deep, though.
  4. MementoMori_6030


    His average damage in Benham is 28.5k, so he was not doing his part plenty. Though 27k average damage in almost 20k random battles means he could pick up the pace a bit in general.
  5. MementoMori_6030

    WG vs. Spieler

    Keine Freunde, keine Empfehlungen.
  6. MementoMori_6030

    Great method which showcases your true strength

    Get a life, Fastmotion.
  7. MementoMori_6030


    It rather proves if that god uses a lot of RNG.
  8. MementoMori_6030

    in game inactivity

    There are quite many entertaining Bond Age movies.
  9. MementoMori_6030

    in game inactivity

    More punishment?
  10. MementoMori_6030

    Future Forecast?

    One of my favourite WT maps.
  11. Oh, this will be fun... 10x HP dice rolls on torpedo launchers...
  12. MementoMori_6030

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    It's not that rare that the pretty harsh WT economy inspires players to enter a battle with a couple of high tier vehicles and a bunch of low tier "fillers", because maintenance and repairs are so expensive (if you are F2P, then even more) that having those low tier "fillers" allow you to use them as sacrificial lambs until you are sure that your expensive vehicles won't be wasted because the other team is vastly better or your own team quits immediately. Besides, it can be fun, too.
  13. MementoMori_6030

    Simple solution

    I would also like to get a chance to choose my ship AFTER the RNG decides which operation I am supposed to play (btw, why do I get "Raptor Rescue" every other game?).