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  1. DasBootBoat

    PT 0.9.4 - Bugs

    I was playing on the public test server and suddenly was booted out to the connection screen. I cant login anymore, it doens pass the authentication phase, after a while it just shows: Error Connecting Server Failed to connect to server. TRy again later Anybody else having this problem?
  2. @Sehales Thank you very much, I removed that folder and restarted the game at now it seems all is good ! @Sir_Grzegorz Lol! Although I do like the sound of the russian language very much ^^. But I have no mods and the computer is still stock spedds (my thrusty old i7 930 with nvidia 660GTX,) @Yedwy Thanks for the tips, fortunatly removing the profile folder cleared the problem. Thank you all!
  3. Hello fellow Commanders. A weird thing started happening about 2 weeks ago, my language setting for the game (set in properties in steam) is English but the armory for some reason is partially in Russian, or at least it looks like it. Most titles are in English, but descriptions of items for example are not. Ive tried to find anything regarding this but havent had any luck. Ive verified game files integrity using steam, theyre good. I tried switching language to french, then to english again, and in both languages there were the weird cirilic characters. Could anybody offer a suggestion to fix this? (hopefully not a full game reinstall) Thank you, Fair Seas!