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  1. J4ckCarter


    KOTS XIII will have 7 CVs per team...
  2. J4ckCarter

    New to Rank play

    Its just the general rank of toxic game play across the board at the moment and it has gotten worse with the deadeye skill implementation - a lot worse. Like I say to most players, do your bit, learn tactics, watch videos and try to learn as much as you can. I would recommend watching flamu or carbine carlito as they have excellent positioning videos. What I would not recommend is getting into a t9/t10 DD as soon as you can after 30 games and hanging back behind the BBs trying to stay safe - you will get tons of bad karma and grief which is richly deserved. Took me 8 months to really figure the core of the gameplay out across different ships and I have slowly dragged myself up from a <45% winrate to 52% and that has taken a lot of focus. Nothing gets me more annoyed than people who haven't got a clue what the minimap is sailing around in tier 10 games and wasting people's time. If you are going to try to play the game for its merits and help the team out then welcome. If you are going to sit in your smoke cloud 'asking for intelligence data', then not so...
  3. Funny, but wrong on so many levels :).
  4. J4ckCarter

    settled, can be closed :)

    I don't know who you are or wish you anything negative, neither do I have any opinion on your situation and managing in-game clans can be hard, but I must admit your 1st sentence made me move on and ignore the rest of the post immediately. I have now re-read it based on the discourse in that chat but your post does come across as arrogant and tetchy. Midway through your post you basically call anyone in this forum section looking or recruiting for players as bad players and that you are 'gracing less well known clans with your presence'. Might be true, it might not (again, I don't know) but it doesn't put you and your friends in the best light. Either way, good luck with the search and I hope the clan situation works itself out for the best for all of the folks and you guys get some personal time back as the last thing you need with all that is going on in the world at the moment is more stress. Good luck for the next steps.
  5. J4ckCarter

    CV main contemplating a clan change

    You would be welcome with us crafty. Loved playing with you last night when you sank the presidential candidate for the 2024 elections. Will message you in game too.
  6. J4ckCarter

    [ABR]Clan recruiting

    Looking for some additional players. We are in the struggle for promotion out of storm league and looking to go higher.
  7. J4ckCarter

    Greyhound: Second World War movie.

    If you have any apple device bought within the last year and registered to an itunes account you can create an account on Apple TV+ with your itunes details and you should get a period of free membership. I just got 12 months on the UK store. I think you can get 7 free days anyway. Try registering and see if it works. Its a good film. Not brilliant but good.
  8. J4ckCarter

    Hamburg Dockyard: Directives Deadline Approaching!

    Found it, ignore the request. Ta.
  9. J4ckCarter

    PT 0.9.5 - Dockyard

    To an extent but buying the ship and being able to use it are two different things and no amount of money can buy that so the competitive players will still have the score/game and other advantages including being able to blap a whale that doesn't know how to use their ship. That bit is still fun if you are a competitive player and is unlikely to get old anytime soon.
  10. J4ckCarter

    Hamburg Dockyard: Directives Deadline Approaching!

    IS there a link to those directives? Can you post it?
  11. J4ckCarter

    Bagration pronunciation

    Use the english word EON (denoting a long period of time) as the correct way to pronounce it, so 'BAGRATEON' is the way. The name comes from the famous Russian Military general who served in the Napoleonic wars and was a subordinate of Marshal Suvorov. I did smile when I saw Flamu's video and he has the humility to realise it, which many other CCs dont...
  12. J4ckCarter

    Ranked Battles: the Sixteenth Season

    The Duke of York needed taking down a peg or two after the whole 'Pizza Express Woking' thing (joke). In all seriousness, i agree with you. I play Sinop a lot at the moment (to try and get back to rank 7) and I can blap a DOY in two salvos, its a shame.
  13. J4ckCarter

    PSA: Desync issue

    Wouldn't be too loud about that if i were you :)
  14. J4ckCarter

    PSA: Desync issue

    No, the aerial bombs will do damage earlier AND later than the point they hit the target....
  15. J4ckCarter

    Wargaming Game Center – All in One!

    You HAVE been rewarded. You get to see offers in the premium shop one click less than you did before. Stop complaining :D