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  1. J4ckCarter

    Ranked Battles: the Sixteenth Season

    The Duke of York needed taking down a peg or two after the whole 'Pizza Express Woking' thing (joke). In all seriousness, i agree with you. I play Sinop a lot at the moment (to try and get back to rank 7) and I can blap a DOY in two salvos, its a shame.
  2. J4ckCarter

    PSA: Desync issue

    Wouldn't be too loud about that if i were you :)
  3. J4ckCarter

    PSA: Desync issue

    No, the aerial bombs will do damage earlier AND later than the point they hit the target....
  4. J4ckCarter

    Wargaming Game Center – All in One!

    You HAVE been rewarded. You get to see offers in the premium shop one click less than you did before. Stop complaining :D
  5. J4ckCarter

    New comer

    Welcome, wargaming welcomes your wallet. Ahem, you.
  6. J4ckCarter

    WoWS x Warhammer 40,000: Imperium vs Chaos

    You care enough to post :D. If you didn't you would be gone!
  7. J4ckCarter

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    Interesting feedback and a lot of hate which is a shame. I have only played about 4 or 5 games in submarine mode but it does show some interesting things: The Pros: I play DD a LOT and I LOVE hunting subs. Its fun and a good captain shows he can already pop up at the right moment and torp which doesn't make it too easy if you are fighting an intelligent adversary. Love the depth charges but more ships, including all cruisers need to have them as when the DDs are gone (comes to my 'Cons' section) the game descends into ABSOLUTE BOREDOM). The Cons: Would be good to get more effects from the depth charges. You just have a small spray and almost no noise. The real things create huge columns and you hear a big boom/whoosh. Everything now depends on the DD class even more than before. I have to spot, cap, torp, sink subs, dodge radar as well as trying to avoid CVs. Any more you can pile on this class with low health and poor defences? I am also still trying to figure it out but a sub seems to still be able to spot me in smoke (not sure on this). Once all DDs are gone the game becomes pointless. In 3 of the games I have played it has ended up with the CVs having to cap the enemy base on their own as the last ship left which is just poor and REALLY BORING. If 60% of the games end up like that then I can see people losing interest quickly. Overall, I like the mode and I really appreciate Wargaming's efforts to keep new things coming in, its great to see. I just worry about my favourite playing class as it is getting harder and harder (and demotivating) to play it. The only reason you survive so long at T6 is there are lots of bots in the game and less experienced players. If it were a higher tier the DDs would all be gone in the first 3 minutes EVERY game. Keep playing with the formula Wargaming I hope you get it right. What you absolutely need to do is sort out ranked, Its a toxic pile of cr*p. Its the worst ranked season I have ever played and it has single-handedly taken all my enjoyment out of the game to the point where I am close to needing to take a few months off just to calm down. Its terrible.
  8. Beginning to ask the same question in that your skills find the natural rank you should stay at. I got to within a hairs breadth of rank 6 bunk now down at 10 again. Sometimes its other other team members, often its my mistakes in either pushing or making a mistake, other times its just the game. Try not to get too stressed, that's all :)
  9. J4ckCarter

    Today's problem with WoWs, by Flambass

    Sounds like something Lance Armstrong would say to justify his years of cheating generally poor behaviour.
  10. ...as long as you mean the Caine version as opposed to the Stallone one :). Yes, true. Its just annoying that belfast just makes it X amount harder and you can work your arse off and get nothing and it feels like you have hard to work 10 times as hard for the lack of outcome and you are getting penalised as you joined the game later than other who had the wonderful fortune to be able to get the ship.
  11. If it was balanced it would still be available... Be grateful you have it when some of us don't and have to suffer radar that covers all 3 points in a stupidly shrunken map.
  12. I am trying to display a sense of calm while posting but it is REALLY hard. My experiences so far.... 1. I am playing badly which leads to wins.... 2. I am playing really well (4 or 5 kills in a match as a DD) but the team finds an easy way to just throw the game. 3. There are players that don't seem to have a pulse much less 2 braincells to rub together and who certainly have no ideas on strategy plan or anything else like this. Why are they playing in this mode???? 4. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with your personal skill as you cannot guarantee to carry a team so it must be luck. 5. I have no idea what WG are trying to achieve here as if anything this is likely to make me take 2-3 months off this game just to calm down from the complete useless, pointless utter random stupidity of this whole approach. Fundamentally, I just don't understand what Wargaming is trying to do with this approach. The funniest thing is, I have not seen an Atlanta in the last 9 months in any random match ANYWHERE (and the same for the Belfast). NOT A SINGLE SHIP. They are in every bloody game game now and it makes me laugh that that one use of radar is enough to blap all the DDs and totally turn a game around because the maps are so stupidly stacked to have ALL the bloody caps within radar range of one ship. It is just daft.. Well done WG, you proved that radar is once again a game changer and 0 skill makes a difference. So what else have you learned... f*ck all. ** final thoughts*** one ship (belfast) turns a game with OP radar. Well done and lucky to those that managed to play the game and buy it whilst it was still available. To those unlucky b*stards (like me) who joined when it was not available) just learn to live with losing when a belfast is against you in a match.
  13. J4ckCarter

    0.9.4 - Soviet Cruisers

    They went a while ago when they were preparing to put them in the research bureau. I never got it when I got my Moskva ages ago. I know its not the same but you can still get it for research points in the bureau. That's the only way I know how to get it. Good luck with it.
  14. J4ckCarter

    Venezia and her SAP... Simply too powerful ?

    Would agree with that one, I am yet to see a game without 1 at least and in some matches we have seen all Venezias on the other side with a carrier to spot for them.
  15. J4ckCarter

    [ABR]Clan recruiting for Clan Battles with fun

    Bumping this. Looking for an extra 2-3 players to form a second clan battle team on a regular basis. PM me for those that are interested.