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  1. Locate the HE spammers. Find a spot where they should move to shoot you again. Dont fire for no reason and don't approach blind. If they pop out of their cave... Shoot em wit prejudice until they explode.
  2. lossi_2018

    Why are DD's so poor these days.

    dude was playing 4d chess, way ahead of any meta that is or will ever come
  3. lossi_2018

    Removing rewards for dieing too early

    I had 4 games in a row wit average games of my teamates less than 80 (eighty). Most games (except myself) was 157 and 143 (not in same game). Average number of games of opponents 5k and something. Most 18k and less once around 1k. Notice that I don't bother with skill or wr at all. Games were dragged out every single time cuz I doggendly refuse to die easy (or at all) and kept fighting in the end against 7-8 opponents each time. I lost all games. Wasn't pissed about it as I did what it was humanly possible. It is not the players fault. With less than a 100 games most don't even know the maps yet or objectives. Trying talking to them is like speaking in foreign language or about algebra to a gymnastics student. As long as mm keeps this algorithm running and creating landslide wins on purpose, this will continue. It probably works exactly as intended to help drive sales of prems up. Also it is the weekend
  4. lossi_2018

    Ere we go again

    wuts toineh?
  5. lossi_2018

    Ere we go again

    A well known fact for the most part, upvoted for bravery
  6. lossi_2018

    Drowning in torpedoes

    Upvote for the vision/ you'll get drown in downvotes soon anyway good luck
  7. lossi_2018

    I'm done, quality of games made me quit.

    Since I started playing CVs last week for the first time, I enjoy the game more
  8. lossi_2018

    Looking for help to improve vs CVs - dodging attacks

    dont do dis PS: seriously though this is best advise (all suggestions were useful). But a good cv player will come after you again if your team don't react. I usually stay on a dd unless something in the map happens I don't like so I have to disengage. Staying near AA cruisers also helps as no one wants to lose planes early. All this stuff is for early game. Unfortunately you will need a bit of luck against CVs not only skill.
  9. lossi_2018

    Scharnhorst torpedoes pop like popcorn.

    I rarely lose torps on dds. Make 5-6 times in all my games. On the other hand gneiss always was squishy on that department (1 every maybe 4 games) and some cruisers but I dont remember them exactly at the moment. Some ships more than others for whatever reason. Most soft dd that I have played in this prob the kita but also prob for obvious reasons due to tiers facing (opposition).
  10. lossi_2018

    AI ships cheat

    Prob WG testing the alt AI on a couple of games, I witnessed some weird performance also when testing CVs
  11. lossi_2018

    A few Questions

    Buff Dunkerque!
  12. wanted Perth or Graf, got Dunkerque so not even close per usual
  13. lossi_2018

    Unplayable low tiers

    plenty games wit 3 CVs in my (alt) CV learning account
  14. I got Dunkerque, not happy at all. Looks like a smaller Richeliou, which I have but don't play anymore. I guess thanx wg.