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  1. lossi_2018

    Not naming and shaming but...

    I have three games I think where I killed 7 ships, (with a DD, a CV and a BB) a number I really like and love. 2 of these games I have lost.
  2. lossi_2018

    I finally reached my goal!

    You are playing frustrated. Just have a break and play something else for a while. It will go away.
  3. Your stats show a vast improvement with the new version though they are completely the same haha :D
  4. Always had good games in her. Pre change I played it more. It similar to the other cheap freemium, but I like her better still. Fragile, you really need to know the maps and plan to play her well. Can turn a game late if you can surprise hurt ships as the guns are fantastic. Early game a mistake will delete you fast. Very fast. You do not have Russian armor.
  5. lossi_2018

    Upcoming rocket planes nerf discussion

    Disgusted. But not surprised. Furious (anyone playing dis? lol) and disappointed as the amount of nerfs thrown at CVs in the last year is shocking. WG cleverly used the misinfo, spread even here and created this smoke screen of 'helping' the game, without improving anything at all. Just used a sledge hammer to nerf ship classes. If CVs are so OP why are so few of them around? Why are only a couple (2) types of ships (Enterprise, Ryu, German line t6 and t10) in this very fridge line used? The answer was always simple. Most CVs are an unplayable mess with notable exceptions. But we must pretend it is otherwise or that they are the biggest problem in a game that can't fix its own MM to counter divisions five years later. Huh
  6. lossi_2018

    there is no teamplay in WOWS

    There is no teamplay but in divisions. If you are solo, teamplay don't really help you as you can't count on anyone for sure. Divisions I m not a fan off for different reasons. (I better stop here as it will derail an already iffy thread.)
  7. lossi_2018

    Server overload tonight? EU 20.00 hour.

    Narai is always 'unlucky' as I can't remember I've enjoyed it for a full week, always something happens.
  8. lossi_2018

    16 matches - 15 defeats

    Listen you are frustrated now. You must take a break from the game for at least a couple of hours. Relax. I didnt check stats and dont really bother, but you mentioned playing dds, my advice, stay away from them. Also some cruisers. They are very finicky classes and not really advised unless you are in great mood or a superb player. Try a BB or a CV. You can't force wins some days, it is what it is, you can help and push but you will lose. I don't expect my team to help ever. I consider everyone else a non ally. They are meatshields. Try to build strategies where you can win without any help. If it can't be done stop, and return later. Just out of curiosity, what is your favorite ship?
  9. Always was a tiny issue maybe it has grown, havent played so I trust the OP, it is not a good practice at all.
  10. lossi_2018

    16 matches - 15 defeats

    My worst was 22-25 a couple of summers back, but I managed to break through the streak playing only 1-2 games a day and with my most liked ship (for me it is a CV) gradually the bad streak will go away but it will return so you better be mindful of that. Remember that some ships wont gel with us despite what others say, so stick to what you know very well. Frustration leads to more loses and the MM can 'sense' that, don't expect it to help you out. Help yourself, drop a tier down or two every other advice given here also may help. Disregard a couple of people pretending its a non issue (or worse) as while this forum gives them great pleasures and satisfaction it has turned them a bit callous or trollish
  11. lossi_2018

    Why can dd's outgun battleships?

    probably another ship got in on it or one of the torps did land. I think the former is more likely, another salvo in the panic from another ship
  12. lossi_2018

    Staying at low tiers?

    Left the game, came back, might leave again. The grind is ridiculous and unworthy. It lost its soul, it is not fun. Maybe I played too much, got the ships I wanted, got ripped too much by WG my voice mute and now I just dont see the point in it. I agree with what you write here.
  13. lossi_2018


    An easy way to 'cheat' a star or get a high score in DD is to delete the enemy DD first thing upon spotting it (very doable - but situational) then fool around until you die doing a couple of 'important' but not really game winning stuff like cap something you can't hold. It was op in the earlier years but now it only really helps in ranked it seems. It would help if posted the replay or the mins he stayed alive. If he died quickly you have your answer.
  14. lossi_2018

    KotS collection question for WG dudes

    I havent finished this collection in 2 years maybe more it is still open