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  1. lossi_2018

    Teams getting worse?

    you are a carrier
  2. lossi_2018

    Teams getting worse?

    Teams are so bad lately I play as if i'm solo, assuming whole team will be ded in a matter of mins. If I don't have this heroic mindset to do the unthinkable, winning is a dream. I had five mm's in a row with chances to win 26 -30%. And I always remember to report when I fail to pull a win from jaws of defeat.
  3. lossi_2018

    Teams getting worse?

  4. lossi_2018

    Clan Treasury...

    This basically kills small clans by robbing them the ability to attract players and grow
  5. lossi_2018

    Cheap or expensive camo ? Consumables ?

    I use when I have have creds to spare
  6. lossi_2018

    Ironium shortage

    I got bored and spent my ironium reserves in foolish stuff
  7. I see Khaba mentioned I get frustrated
  8. lossi_2018

    How long till Submarines arrive ?

    While I agree with most yr points I just want to add that subs are a very important historic type of ships and if well implemented it will make game more fun. Ofc it could break it completely so there's that
  9. lossi_2018

    World of Carriers

    I'm strangely attracted to this idea
  10. lossi_2018

    Shokaku cursed ship ?

    I concur that some ships appear cursed
  11. lossi_2018

    Killer Whale Scenario has a "always fail" flaw.

    unfortunately this mission has a high fail rate cuz it asks different people and players to follow a couple of (very clearly stated) instructions. Numerous times I lost this with everything done, cuz some ship didn't want or understood that it needed to exit. Maybe a flashing sign in the last two mins? But again it is what it is. Some play only one day every week or even less. You never know what you will get and it is just random.... wait. yep just like randoms.
  12. lossi_2018

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    continuing for above, I managed to kill 6 ships in my latest game and played prob the best I had in some time, received congrats and all which was nice but... I lost again, as I failed to sink the 3rd cv on points somebody mentioned that I was left against 3-4 ships in the end but I didnt notice as I was dodging torps and rockets since min 1:09. I had to stop for a cig after that as i felt drained and very much ungratified. It was like a 3 hour tantric session without an orgasm.
  13. lossi_2018

    Is a bit of Mikasa love possible?

    I'm all for spreading the love around :) having said that can the same be done to the forgotten Yubari? Even a small act of kindness will be appreciated it is a decent historic ship.
  14. lossi_2018

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    you have fantastic mm if you managed 50% with 2 cvs, aside from that I agree but want to point out that (I hope) when this 'new' thing quiets down their numbers will become more manageable. Now that I read the whole thing again, hmm, nope I don't think it will.
  15. lossi_2018

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I managed a fantastic 25% wr this morning, cvs are there in duos and trios but while this can be managed unfortunately not every team picks from the same fruit basket and one team always gets the pink guys as in punishment or some kind of internal joke haha :) wut? yr pink sir? DIS SIDE!