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  1. lossi_2018

    Am I the only one who does this?

    Half the pop used to do it, back in the day, probably still does it. If you're having fun this way kudos to you I suppose. People do that in coop, though giving it a shot might surprise you. No one likes it, but while better ships matters, there's a lot of 'casual' captains driving around higher up. Haven't played in a long time, but I fondly remember losing out best ship at the first couple of minutes and they were trying to play! I guess stuff may be better now.
  2. lossi_2018

    Matchmaking and CV... I quit!

    I stop playing a way back after a small CV nerf on targeting, it was the final straw for me
  3. lossi_2018

    Enough is enough !!

    Should I reinstall? This seems like fun :)
  4. lossi_2018

    why bother

    I thought they fixed that? oh wait...
  5. lossi_2018

    What keeps you playing WoWS?

    Yeah, me too. Havent played in months and I really don't see myself returning easy. But I like the forum and I still read the news here :)
  6. lossi_2018

    Kurfurst gets removed

    They are doing it again I see, nope, not comin back
  7. lossi_2018

    Why are you lying about the ranked queue?

    Is political commentary allowed mods? Plz lock
  8. lossi_2018

    New Bonus Code - 25.08.21

    wut is community points?
  9. 80% of people in randoms are bots. It's a bait tactic, last time I played was months back and quit right after I won a game through my delaying tactic. The other team sepuku itself, I wanted none of that.
  10. lossi_2018

    LittleWhiteMouse leaves the CC program

    While I've left the game for a while now, seeing one of my favorites LWM quit hit me hard. Expected given all that happen the last couple of years but still very sad. I want to publicly thank little mouse for all the effort and time she put in this game and the reviews which were the best. Safe journeys fren
  11. lossi_2018

    Put Friesland in the dutch Techline!

  12. 1 haven't played in months twice I attempted a return, last time I lasted a week still crying for the lost premium time :/
  13. lossi_2018

    Meet the average Wows player :)

    I wish I could give more rep to ye captain, your precious :)
  14. lossi_2018

    So MM Is Not Rigged

    Friend while you are probably right, most average players have left game imo. Lot of good players too. All is left is tons of what you got and some gurus mixed in wit a few of better captains but not many. Difficult to make fine meal with so poor ingredients. I haven't played in months (not saying I was the 2nd coming of Jesus but I could shoot stuff and carry so long as my back held) many other people I knew from here I don't see anymore. Sometimes average players of 50% are sorely needed even a 48% player is better to have than a 30 or 35%. That is in the statistical zero , as some believe you will win 30% of yr games or more, even without playing.
  15. lossi_2018

    Stop Nerf CV's