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  1. lossi_2018

    What Battleships line do you guys reccomend me?

    yea give a couple of kms plus or minus me too
  2. lossi_2018

    What Battleships line do you guys reccomend me?

    Get ASW cruiser man, I have a sneaky suspicion they are going to be very needed soon :)
  3. I freely confess here I gave up on the mode and try to sink subs
  4. lossi_2018

    BBs in the sub mode

    They don't like the pace, but there are not enough modern games (decent at least) for them to sunk their teeth into and some of my friends say that Wows while arcady has really beautiful ships. As for the gameplay, man I had 2 games where the last 3 reds were subs. It was a pain to find them, and even more difficult to sink them. One we lost, one we won on points as they can't keep a cap or idk, I really haven't grasped the details as and this is to WG, I CAN"T TEST THE DAMN THING OR COUNTER IT, IF I DON"T HAVE IT !
  5. lossi_2018

    BBs in the sub mode

    Had another game. This time I pulled a dd as escort for my CV and used it to break up wolfpacks that are slowly forming up. You know 3-4 subs going after targets wit specific plan in mind. DDs just became utterly crucial to protect yr lines or even a simple push with surface ships turn into a slaughter. Thing is you can't stop them with simple tactics. I hate divisions in randoms but I see Task Forces to deal with them as only option. Getting ping by 3 targets at once made me wish for more plane squads, in Ryu. Oh, I managed to get myself devstriked by these atomic booms they carry. That was nice :D 2 are enough almost to kill a t6 CV somehow. If yr CV starts looking over his shoulder for these buggers you know sh*t is real haha :D
  6. lossi_2018

    Submarine tokens ?

    Re login solves this confirmed :)
  7. lossi_2018

    BBs in the sub mode

    Today's games I encountered 2 sub captains that got the basics down. Both sneaked through our lines and reached my position. While I tried to sink them I realized I don't have a counter really in my Ryu. I got one with AP booms but it was mostly a lucky shot, needless to say we lost the game as I spent a good portion of my time repositioning while getting hunted down by 2 of them. If I was on my own I could have played this game till they were both sunk I suppose but in a random scenario, if yr dds fail (a given) and yr cruisers don't perform their duties (another sure thing) then the CV must spot and hunt down subs without a surefire strike weapon? While I guess fair, surely something must be given as counter here, if not then games will become a grief fest. I don't mind for my CV as I will eventually nail it down, but the other ship classes will suffer from this. Bear in my mind as I mentioned in another similar thread, that a new flock of Captains are signing up for the game, the Sub enthusiasts and these lads (some of them are already playing) are pure savants and fanatics. They love this silent killer gameplay and they will soon create a type of player never before seen. They only silverline I see is that they can't cap, for now.
  8. lossi_2018

    Submarine tokens ?

  9. lossi_2018

    Would you charge in when enemy dds inside cap?

    Seeing that subs start to be last left alive even so early I believe a sub is unkillable at this point if he is half competent
  10. lossi_2018

    Would you charge in when enemy dds inside cap?

    soon subs will be lurking there too
  11. lossi_2018

    BBs in the sub mode

    unless the torps are maneuvering wit ya and you kinda need a little bit more maneuvering haha :D
  12. lossi_2018

    get out

    lot of players give up unfortunately :/
  13. lossi_2018

    Subs and CV completely contradict WG philosophy

    good points, but this is avoidable for the most part. Some ships are ruinous for planes but you kinda know that.