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  1. bomp. I have forgotten to bomp for a while. So here's a bomp.
  2. A bomping of this thread is necessary for posterity.
  3. Blomp? BLOMP! (I know it's been 23 hours but my work schedule doesn't allow me to post a bump except now. Hope I don't strike the ire of mods because of this. Cookies and tea for you all!)
  4. If you like secondary build Kiev, we'd like to have a word with you
  5. You_Overextended

    [EU][EN-FR-RO] Looking for competitive clan for CB

    Congrats on joining T_I_W! It's a pretty damn good clan. Wish you well.
  6. You_Overextended

    What is a "decent" winning %?

    You've played fewer than 400 battles. Worry more about comparing yourself to how you were yesterday than comparing yourself to others. If you want a ballpark, anything above 52% over a "career" of 4000+ battles is considered pretty decent, since the majority of the playerbase is in the red in terms of what they contribute to their teams anyway. On the micro (personal) level, I'd consider following this rule of thumb: A good player has an instinct of when he should create distance and disengage. A great player knows this, and when he should push in and capitalize on the enemy's weakness to turn around a game. These instincts come with experience. It gets to a point eventually in which you know which side of the map is full of dumber players and exploit that early on to start steamrolls. The competition for "good player" is very low, to be honest. Much lower than it was in the past. So now it's very easy to stand above the rest by knowing very basic things other players refuse to learn.
  7. A friendly reminder that we do not accept requests from people who are not already in our Discord and have made their presence known. We are a very Discord-centric clan and don't plan to stray from that, as we need to communicate to coordinate our competitive battles.
  8. You_Overextended

    Kremlin AA nerf

    Ty for the insight. Surely it would make the AA a bit more resistant to HE spam, at least? I mean, I've tested this in my Enterprise against a clanmate in Devonshire during several iterations (if it's important to show numbers, I might actually re-do this test and publish the results), trying to take the AA off his ship with my rockets. With AAM1 he managed to retain more of his overall AA effectiveness by the end than without it. It's not even the same ship, so maybe we should do this test with him in Kremlin and me in Midway, or something? It would be interesting to coordinate a test of this and collect results, perhaps.
  9. You_Overextended

    Looking for a clan. Cruiser main

    If you have some ambition to push your game, perhaps the PM I sent you would entice you. Cheers!
  10. We got spots and they need some fillin'. Remember to join our Discord at http://sonsofglory.club !