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  1. You_Overextended

    [-SOG-] Sons of Glory is now recruiting

    Bumping thread to remind people to come kick [edited]with us.
  2. You_Overextended

    [-SOG-] Sons of Glory is now recruiting

    We're always looking for new people. Join up with us and be a part of our tight-knit community!
  3. You_Overextended

    [-SOG-] Sons of Glory is now recruiting

  4. You_Overextended

    Looking for (semi-) competitive clan

    PM sent.
  5. You_Overextended

    clan for clanbattles

    PM sent.
  6. To be sincere, the most value competitive clans draw from is those who are comfortable with surface ship classes, as this is the only class that can play competitive. However, you might find a casual clan that might fit your fancy!
  7. You_Overextended

    Looking for a clan for Clan battles (best ship: DM)

    Sending PM. If you want a serious, ambitious, and academic competitive clan, we may have a spot for you.
  8. You_Overextended

    [-SOG-] Sons of Glory is now recruiting

    Get in while the spots are hot!
  9. You_Overextended

    Limit "Light Cruiser" DD's please

    But roflstomps happen because of "eh" players, not Jean Barts being matched up with Soyuz or Shimakazes being matched up with Khabarovsks. The number of times I've stomped over an overconfident Harugumo or Shima in my Khabarovsk and burned the living hell out of the rest can testify to this :P
  10. You_Overextended

    [-SOG-] Sons of Glory is now recruiting

    Join. Our. Push. To. Typhoon. This is your chance to sealclub gales and storms along the way, as we've been reset :D
  11. You_Overextended

    CW clan needed.

    PM sent. O zi bună :)
  12. You_Overextended

    Noob actions

    I had this in Enterprise. Granted, I also played it kind of poorly myself. But the teams were obscenely bad, too. Out of 65 games, I remember at least 60 (if not more) of them in a row lasting only 7 minutes. Just one big suicide fest in which my team was dead before I even got a third strike off. Because of that, I've gotten into the habit of recklessly slamming my planes into everything as fast as I can before the game inevitably meets its abrupt end, only to occasionally be surprised by the fact that the game has gone past minute 8 with only half my team dead, and I could have done a bit more had I not been so careless with plane reserves. Meanwhile I'm always getting pretty good games in my Kaga, my Graf Zeppelin, my Saipan, and my Ryujo, the latter three of which are not considered OP by anyone whose neurons are working.
  13. You_Overextended

    Limit "Light Cruiser" DD's please

    Responding to the OP (btw hey Redcap! always nice to see you here!), it's a lot more to do with who is playing the destroyer than the destroyer's properties. Yes, Khaba in its best configuration (i.e., SGM3, no concealment) has 9.7 km concealment and is outspotted even by some cruisers. But generally I haven't had problems pushing caps in it. At the very beginning of the game, I treat the caps like lava, but only because my turning circle and rudder shift are not conducive to getting into close-range encounters with DDs. That, however, doesn't mean that I have a problem being *spotted*. Generally, I *want* to draw the enemy's fire and torps from about 11-12 km away at the start. This helps discourage pushes. Khaba can be very cumbersome to play especially when it doesn't have another more cap-friendly DD to support, but I've been caught in many situations where I was the only DD and still managed to score some pretty damn good games while getting 1 or 2 caps. In those situations I will not go wide but instead get myself spotted on purpose to trigger that "it's a DD, run away!" instinct that gives my team room to breathe. Then I communicate with teammates to ask for things like radar and hydro as needed, usually spotting the DD that's spotting me and we get rid of it pretty quick. Generally, I'd prefer to have a half-decent Khaba in my team than some suicider DD that will die within 4-5 minutes.
  14. You_Overextended

    Noob actions

    That choice of words at the end was brilliant. You get a follow from me :P
  15. You_Overextended

    Noob actions

    CV isn't doing anything particularly useful when popping a fighter over a ship just before enemy CV does an attack. At best, it's just annoying. At worst, it's a wasted consumable. For the most part, I pop my fighters within spotting range of the enemy so my team can get some early shots on them, or pop them over an enemy destroyer who will now have to waste a smoke to stay unspotted or shoot down the planes quickly. If I really need to protect someone, I make a quick decision about where they're sailing and pop fighters about 3 km in front of the ship, in the direction it's likely to stay headed. And this allows the ship to benefit fully from my fighter support. Oftentimes I'll do this if that ship has strayed a bit exposed and the enemy CV has taken a "liking" to him.