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  1. TitaN_DM

    Spending coal

    They both play really different and can hardly be compared. What BB lines did you enjoy most until now? The Thunderer is more of a Sniper/HE spammer ( The AP is super good, don't spam HE ;) ). The accuracy on it is actually very good, nothing BB wise can really compare to it. The shell velocity is quite okay aswell, not bad like the USA guns. If your aim is on point, you will enjoy it very much. Don't get me wrong, you can push in it. But only like mid to late game. The rudder shift is also stupidly good, which makes kiting/weaving and dodging torps easy. I personally went for full rudder shift build. A lot of cruisers don't even come close to the rudder shift it has then. It's heal is also very nice. The Georgia is more of a in your face kind of ship. It can be fun with a secondary build. However normal 'tank' build works best. It's stupidly fast aswell which is fun and can be very surprising. The guns are okayish, but you only have 6 of them and they have the usual american shell characteristics, which I don't like much personally. Both are totally different, and it's hard to say which one beats the other. I enjoy both and do well in both but in my opinion the Thunderer is the superior ship. So think about what playstyle you like most and pick one. I'm sure you'd enjoy both.
  2. TitaN_DM

    Motion blur after last update.

    Fortunately that hasn't happened to me. I still get the 144 fps i usually get. The game looks so bad now though. I hate everything that has to do with blur and always turn it off instantly. For some reason the game is very blurry for me now and I haven't found any setting or line of code in the config that changes it. Hopefully someone will come up with a fix soon.
  3. TitaN_DM

    Motion blur after last update.

    Hi all. I seem to be having a lot of motion blur since the last update and haven't found any setting I can reduce this with. Anyone else have the same problem and may have found a fix? Thanks.
  4. TitaN_DM

    Game stuck in 'Logging in' screen since update 9.3.

    They were indeed the cause. Thanks Wizard =)
  5. Good to hear Cpack =) enjoy your new rig.
  6. I'm using G-Sync, if you cap it to 141 it shouldn't go over 144fps. If you put it on 144, the FPS goes over 144. Usually to 147 fps. However WOWS still does go over 144fps for me for some reason, even after capping it to 141 in the config aswell as in rivatuner. No idea why, can't seem to fix it.
  7. TitaN_DM

    Game stuck in 'Logging in' screen since update 9.3.

    Thanks for answering. Yes I do. I'm using the Aslain modpack. Will look into that tonight, I just found it really weird that it worked the first time I started playing, mods and all.
  8. Hi all, Unfortunately my game is stuck in the 'Logging in' screen. This happened today. The strange thing is, the very first time i started playing, everything worked fine. ( I played 3 battles without any problems ). However when trying to get back on the game after a little break it would not load anymore, it now keeps loading in the 'logging in' screen. The strange thing is that when I'm in the loading screen, after a minute or so I hear the sound when it usually loads into port. So the game does load me into port, i also hear division invite and message sounds, however it does not show me anything else than 'logging in'. I tried repearing the game ( I play through steam ) and reinstalling. Both did not work unfortunately. Anyone else experiencing the same issues and might have a fix for this? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi, First of all, for it to be temperature related you would be having problems with other games aswell. Is that the case? The game also isn't that taxing on hardware, my temps barely change while playing this, so I doubt your problem is temperature related. You can try to change some settings in the config file. Find your game folder and go to bin -> most recent folder ( 7 digits ). -> res -> right click the Engine_config and edit it with Notepad++ or whatever you use. I've copied my own config below. In your own folder please edit the following command lines like the ones I have. Don't forget to save the default values in a different folder in case you want to revert back for some reason. This improved my fps a bit and my stuttering a lot. It also caps your FPS to 144 instead of the default 75. <cacheEffects>true</cacheEffects> <gammaCorrectionOutside>1.0</gammaCorrectionOutside> <gammaCorrectionInside>1.0</gammaCorrectionInside> <gammaCorrectionSpeed>0.2</gammaCorrectionSpeed> <tripleBuffering>false</tripleBuffering> <maxFrameRate>141</maxFrameRate> <enableTextureStreaming>true</enableTextureStreaming> <textureStreamingMode>2</textureStreamingMode> <useAsyncRenderThread>true</useAsyncRenderThread> </renderer> <animation> <streamCacheSizeKB>16384</streamCacheSizeKB> Good luck and let me know if it worked.
  10. TitaN_DM

    could not load game resources

    Hi, Did you try reinstalling the game completely? Be sure to delete everything wows related from your desktop folders. So there are no traces of anything left before reinstalling. This fixed the problem for me.
  11. TitaN_DM

    Visual and Audio Enhancements

    You broke something (again) audio wise with this update. My engine sounds are awful, like a constant wooooshhh sound. Also my gun sounds don't work at all. Please fix.
  12. TitaN_DM

    Sound issues after patch 0.8.5

    Yea the sound issues with this patch are real. Hopefully next one will fix it.
  13. TitaN_DM

    Sound issues after patch 0.8.5

    Already checked that but thanks. Wows is also the only game I have this problem with. Bf5 and csgo for example are fine.
  14. TitaN_DM

    Crashing after last update.

    Heya wolf, Thank you for thinking with me and sorry for my late reply. I installed the WG version aswell and unfortunately it's still crashing for me. However not as frequent as before. So i have the same problem on both clients which is really weird. With reinstalling i've also gotten a new problem to add to it which makes the game experience even worse. All of the ingame sounds apart from music are now muffled, as in if i'm underwater. The overall volume is also 10 times lower as before. I have now tried literally everything i can on my end which makes me think that this update doesn't work that well for me for some reason. Probably the only thing i can do is wait for the next update.
  15. TitaN_DM

    Sound issues after patch 0.8.5

    Hmm wasn't aware of that. Really annoying that it happened after I reinstalled and even more annoying that I have to wait for the next update. Really takes away from the enjoyment of the game, can literally barely hear anything.