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  2. DRAZEN_10

    Hayate Destroyer

    Im ñor requesting p2W a tier X premium must be significantly better that a normal one.....common sense, that's because is a premium one
  3. DRAZEN_10

    Hayate Destroyer

    Speaking about winrate is a nonsense, the same that speak about 12vs12....🙄🙄 I almost use this Hayate at Ranked battles and I have it since two days ago, and the winrate depend a lot of your team mates.So the winrate with this ship is not representative of real numbers compared with my other DDs....but in any case I can asure you that a Smaland kills any Hayate that you want at three shoots without detonation, and an Harugumo too,
  4. DRAZEN_10

    Hayate Destroyer

    Do you work at Wargaming?
  5. DRAZEN_10

    Hayate Destroyer

    apart from that, Hayate does indeed give you better results than most of your other Tier X DD.... Tell me which one is worst....ii think that German Elvin could be even worst than Hayate...but with 150mm caliber can sink an Hayate easy... but in any case this question must be answered by some one from Wargaming team. try it in a 1vs1 against Smaland another 2 million free xp ship, it kill you in three shoots. I don't need to practice that ship has really poor performance, try it against a Marceau or a Smaland you will be dead dead previous that you say good bye, I have Marceau too. Why you are dead? Because that really stupid big shells arc at Hayate they hit you two or three times previous than your first shoot arrives to them. But in any case I want an official answer ftom Wargaming
  6. DRAZEN_10

    Hayate Destroyer

    Hi good morning. I just bought Hayate destroyer, two days ago and the overall felling is that I was deceived by Wargaming. Two millions of free exp?? Any researcheable destroyer tier X is almost better.... So the obvious ship to compare is Smaland, another 2 millions free exp destroyer, Hayate is a piece of cake. I expend more than 180€ to buy doubloons to exchange ships exp. by free exp to buy it. After several claims to the customer service, after stupid nonsense answers, like We can't do nothing you use the ship already...🙄😲 i broke it maybe??😄 or I scratched it? I only want my free xp back and that they remove that annoying ship from my ships pool. Or that Wargaming improve the ship a lot, if you can buy a ship with real money, this is that case, the ship must be much much better than common ones. Why that stupid arc when you fire main guns, too big turning arc with very poor maximum speed, why I have to choose between smoke and fast torp reload, why that slow main guns reload include with captain skills and ship modifications, Daring is much better and the same caliber for example. Who can help me? I want my free exp back or that they exchange Hayate by a Smaland or that they made and overall ship stats improvement. Thank you