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  1. Wie ist das Gutmütig? Also xp technisch kann ich verstehen. Aber silber? Habe ich hier etwa schlecht gespielt und muss bestraft werden?
  2. artic_99

    T5 Leichter Kreuzer "Emerald"

    Ich bin das übrigens nicht...^^
  3. artic_99

    CV Rework Discussion

    Also a cap on one cv per game and pls only 3 dd's per game...and maybe 4 bbs? :P
  4. artic_99

    CV Rework Discussion

    Still T4 needs nerfs.... Aswell as some cvs needs buff (especially T8 British zeppi and saipan.) enterprise and kaga should be nerfed (well never going to happen.) aa is now harsh to newbies but barley touches pros... It can stay that way but it can be very frustrating if one plays vs a great cv player.. But that's okay in my opionion.better than noobproofed aa in 8.6 :P a middle way would have been great tho. But never going to happen.
  5. artic_99

    Most fun ships per tier, sept 2019?

    What about Lenin? It's is invincible if up front and you have all 3 turrets in the front and it looks like a whaling ship and has a great name. What more you could want?
  6. artic_99

    Tier 4 CV sealclubbing has to STOP!

    I would not complain on neither of those suggestions. But the matchmaker would have trouble to create enough games for bb players....
  7. artic_99

    Tier 4 CV sealclubbing has to STOP!

    Then dd's to 3... Gosh they ruin so many games due to bad players on one side means instant loss for that side if the opponent is halfway competent. They even have a bigger impact on win loss as cv has if they are competent and its epicenter or the domination game mode. It's so annoying. OH crap quoted the wrong post .... Sorry.
  8. artic_99

    CV Rework Discussion

    LOL cvs are not that bad. :) but hey they are op if a bad player can get good games huh?
  9. artic_99

    CV Rework Discussion

  10. artic_99

    CV Rework Discussion

    Epicenter is special in the first place. You faced radar and cv the most terrifiying threads for a dd are you okay??? Actually rocket planes are so strong Cuz everyone can make them work. I would go as far as taking them out in favor of another bomb wing but with ap bombs for Americans and he bombs for japs. For the national flaouver they should be not as good as the other bomb wing. :)
  11. artic_99

    CV Rework Discussion

    The issue is that the playerbase smokes to much weed:P wait no then they wouldn't give a f*** :)
  12. artic_99

    CV Rework Discussion

    There is a simple way to prevent this.... Smoke (weed) :D
  13. artic_99

    CV Rework Discussion

  14. artic_99


    Well and I love the standard battles... You just need to be patient and then you have great battles.
  15. artic_99


    Sure but why keep it then? It sucks massivly especially in a CV. At least reduce the points massivly so the game lasts longer than 10 min.