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  1. Frakagain

    World of Warships Anniversary

    You get 1 day of premium time if you put in the code, just unlocking all the tiles dosen't get you anything you have to put in the code...
  2. Frakagain

    World of Warships Anniversary

    Unlock all 16 elements of the map: 1 day of Warships Premium Account is hidden in the bonus code on the map,
  3. Frakagain

    World of Warships is Back on HMS Belfast!

    Apparently code will work from 16/09/22 at 14:08 (not sure what time zone.)
  4. Frakagain

    World of Warships is Back on HMS Belfast!

    Mine as well, I think they have sent out the codes but not added them to the activation list. Organised as always...
  5. Frakagain

    Return of Puerto Rico

    What they could do is add some missions that can be completed in the PR that have lower requirements if you already have the ship, similar to the original grind having missions for the goritiza if you bought it first..
  6. Frakagain

    Update 0.11.1 - Bug reports

    Just had the same issue, uninstalling and reinstall all mods seems to have fixed it.
  7. Frakagain

    Public Test 0.11.1 - Bug reports

    As others have reported problem with Narai operation, game controls freeze in place and ship sails off, game messages and chat still works, when op finishes game can not render the port or close the game, have to use task manager to end process and reload.
  8. Frakagain

    Best Battle: Show Your Top Class!

    If they treated special modes like operations and did a weekly rotation (convoy, arms race, 1v1, 3v3 and asymmetrical) it would cover a patch cycle.
  9. Frakagain

    Holiday Lottery 2021 - Try your luck !

    I will try my Luck, thanks for doing this..
  10. Frakagain

    World of Warships Youtube Membership program!

    The 99p is made up of 83p charge and 16p VAT so the basic cost difference to the USA is 76p to 83p.
  11. Frakagain

    Black Friday 2021 ships datamined?

    Any bets on Black being added to the Xmas crates drop list.....
  12. Frakagain

    Public Test 0.10.9 - Bugs Report

    Similar to Biker_618 played several hours on the server yesterday (Sat the 18th) logged in again this morning and all mission progress is reset to zero, and all captains skill are reset, all ship upgrades are gone but the credits spent on the upgrades are still gone, basically a waste of time.
  13. Control + j turns off the HUD in battle. Try playing with it off.😀