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  1. I am reading through this topic and... Terror grips me. I am a DD and recently a CA player. A newbie for sure... Only reached Kagero and Ibuki from IJN ships, sitting around Tiers IV-VI on other navies. And... CVs are a real problem in every game. Due to the nature of AA, they encourage teams into lemming trains and push for that disgusting sniping meta. And I understand players doing this, with the way it was almost impossible to play a DD recently. One Midway run can just pop you with zero risk to itself. And now you are telling me, there is a technique which makes the planes immune during the entire drop phase on both attacks, if done properly? All you have to do is just forgo one drop for the sake of this free immunity phase? That makes the only way other classes can defend themselves completely obsolete and irrelevant. CVs are already quite powerful in the right hands. What are we supposed to do? Now on topic... This is a lot of useful info, if I ever decide to play CVs. And for my current gameplay with other classes. Keep it coming!
  2. Lea_Flamma

    DDs (and others) after CV rework

    You could just pick a light cruiser and achive the same results more or less. While having superior AA and more consumables. Out of 274 battles, you survive 87. On a same note I can just throw AL Yukikaze and state, with my 58% winrate the ship is the way to go. Or Akatsuki with 62%... They are not. The only DDs that have some form of an answer to CVs right now are the British ones, with their short cooldown and duration smoke. You get airspotted, you smoke up. CV can waste time and wait for you or go to other targets. By the time he tries again, you have your smoke back. Right now the game is a massive DD hunt season. While before it was difficult to survive, now its almost impossible. Amount of radar ships is getting stupidly high. The fact terrain does not block radar is ridiculous. Amount of double CV games is overly high. And lastly a single squadron can delete you without any risk to its own planes, as your AA is seriously lacking in damage to pose a threat. I played an Ibuki game yesterday and enemy DD got blaped by a Midway within the first 2 minutes of the game with no counter play. Planes are too manouverable to avoid attacks, even in a DD. The only plus side I can think of, is that most DDs have an air detection radius too small for the planes to spot and be able to attack in the same fly by. You cannot use terrain to hide. You have to dodge all the incoming shells, because they will be coming and on top of that, your AA is not doing anything to prevent planes from attacking you. Each class can abuse line of sight to close in or stay hidden. BBs can abuse the WASD hacks to avoid torps and incoming fire. DDs can abuse low detection and smoke to avoid fire and set ambushes. CLs and CAs can abuse manouverability as well as terrain to rain fire on all the foolish enough to get in range. Then we have CVs who sit in the back, whistling and ignoring everyone's attempt at tactical gameplay, just farming free damage.
  3. Lea_Flamma

    DDs (and others) after CV rework

    So your answer to the current meta is utter lack of cooperation with whomever? Just because one of the DDs from the entire class does not care about being spotted? Sounds legit. I had quite a lot of success in Yukikaze tbh. 8km torps are painful, but the ship is great as a spotter for its tier, having but 5.4km detection range is amazing. Guns are poor, but torps hit for a lot. You are the point for your team. But capping has to be left for the Cruisers most of the time. DDs are just too damn squishy to risk them in such an obvious position.
  4. Lea_Flamma

    DDs (and others) after CV rework

    I am very much happy with the CV rework and the way it was implemented. But... CVs have a counter to everything without much of a risk to their own ship. So far it was more or less in a massve oversimplification like this: DDs would counter BBs. CLs would counter DDs. CAs would counter CLs. BBs would counter CAs. CVs counter all of the above. While they are sitting on the other side of the map and always winning the war of attrition. Every HE Bomb, every Rocket has a chance to knock your AA mounts off. At the same time, planes magically appear on the CV. I get it, that its the same for shells and torpedoes on ships, and I think it is actually a good thing, but the rate or way it is handled is poorly executed. I would personally prefer to see a few changes, that might give other ships a fighting chance. 1. Make ship replenishment a global cooldown, not a plane type split like it is now. Have a CV always be able to lift X planes of whichever squadron. As it is right now, the CV player can lose an entire squadron of Rocket Planes, lift a full Torpedo ones and by the time he is back, Rockets are back again, even if he loses all Torpedo Planes all over again. He is not feeling the loss in his damage, just has to possibly swap targets, and even that not always. I had games where Midway would take my Mogami from full hp to 9k with the initial Rocket Plane squadron lift. And there was nothing I could do about it. For a ship to achive such, they have to put themselves into a return fire position. Regardless if they are detected when shooting or not, they are in range of at least part of the team. CV is not. 2. Short Range AA should target specific planes. There was a patch on Test Server, that changed the way AA worked, in such a way, that it would target specific planes over the entire squadron. While it is a nice idea, it is not perfectly fair for the CV player, as it would be a massive nerf to the Squadron Heal they have now. I think the Flak as well as Medium Range AA should still target the squadron. But the moment planes get into close range, the DPS should all focus on specific plane on the approach. That would ensure the Squadron Heal is still useful for more than one plane as well as provide some form of better defence to the other ships. 3. Limit the squadrons to two attack groups. Seriously, every CV player I see these days is dropping one attack squadron to not lose the planes to AA. They usually will do such till late into the game, when the ships are fully spread out around the map. It would help CV players maintain their plane resupply as well as offer other players a better chance at avoiding damage. 4. Def AA consumable should actually do something. Previously DefAA would increase the spread of attacking planes, which was a massive buff to any ship that could equip it. Right now it is a flat damage buff. It just feels extremely weak. There are moments, when I have a CV attacking and I have to use both DefAA and Fighter Plane to just survive, as the damage my AA is able to deliver later into the game is utterly not enough to provide any form of protection. That being said... 5. Fighter Plane consumable needs to change. And I don't know how. Right now it is lackluster. If you activate it when planes are on approach, you are too late, because before the fighters lift off, attack has already happened and any intelligent CV player will just ignore you and go for the next target. If you activate it when they are closing in, any intelligent CV player will just ignore you and go for the next target. The only use I found for it, is when you are alone and the CV has no other targets to demolish. I would rather see CV players having more Fighter Squadron consumables of their own and being able to stick them to a friendly ship instead of a spot on the map. Now I am not saying all of the above at once. But I would really love to see some semblance of counter play to CVs. It is somewhat frustrating, that you use all your consumable slots for protection against CVs and still get demolished by them due to lackluster AA design. When you pop Echolocation and run into torpedoes, it is only your fault, that you didn't react to them. If you pop radar and get ambushed by a DD, it is your fault, you did not react to her. But if you pop DefAA and CV still gets to you, drop you from 100% to 20% while taking losses it won't even remember about in a minute and all you can do is wiggle and pray to RNG, then something is wrong.
  5. Lea_Flamma

    Ibuki - what to make of it?

    * goes to hide under a rock * I was complaining myself at the 15km range of naked Ibuki... +10% would be 16.5km... I am a dumb duck xD On a side note... 19.1km lead to 168k damage, 6 kills and a loss, when enemy DD survived a rocket attack with 27hp and ticked to 1000 points.
  6. Lea_Flamma

    Ibuki - what to make of it?

    Installed the range mod and today managed to get the research upgrade to range. Could someone tell, what is the range with reload modification and the +10% to range? Right now I have 19.1 km and it's a tad overkill. But I am too poor to just swap mods and test. On a bright note, with the range mod I managed to hit a much higher AVG damage per game.
  7. Lea_Flamma

    Ibuki - what to make of it?

    AA still does not allow you to abuse the stealth to flank. And it just feels like this ship wants to force itself into a crossfire on enemy ships. You get utterly demolished even with DefAA and fighter consumable. I will try to do more of the HE shell lobbing. As for my island dakk dakk skills, as I mentioned... One of my favourite ships is the Atlanta. But I wish to try the other lines as well and I definietely want to grab the Zao, it just seems like something I would enjoy. The stealth and gun power is very nice. I am currently pushing IJN and RN cruisers, although yesterday returned to USN as well. IJN sits at Tier IX, RN at VI and USN at V. So yeah, lots of work ahead of me. It seems, like my biggest problem is not really knowing which spots on the map are good for me... Time to play a bit more.
  8. Lea_Flamma

    Ibuki - what to make of it?

    Lucky I guess? Picking when to shoot and when not to? I found Mogami to be much more survivable than Ibuki. But then again... I find Yukikaze to be an excellent DD... With just a 1.9 km AA range... 8km torps on tier VIII and no Torpedo Reload Booster... Yeah I am strange. I will try the range mod, not sure what I slotted on it. But defenitely don't have 19km range... That would make the ship much more better. I find the engagement ranges of aprox 17km the most common in the current games. Just lots of long range shell throwing.
  9. Lea_Flamma

    Ibuki - what to make of it?

    Hey there, fellow players! I come to you in times of dire need. I upgraded my Mogami into an Ibuki. And hoooo boy is it a problem. I struggle to do things in this ship. Like... At all. I am not sure what the problem is. Mogami was quite decent, in the way it could throw shells at ships while kiting away and let some torpedos at them at the same time. Somehow when I try the same playstyle on Ibuki, I get blaped with an AP volley from a BB that east almost my entire HP every time. This ship eats citadels like they are lottery tokens. On the other hand, 15km range forces you to get into the range of half of the enemy fleet. I do not know if I just had bad luck with maps or what, but the ship seems like a massive downgrade from Mogami. AA is lacking compared to the previous tier. Given that I am running naked on it now, so it will probably change with the hull upgrade. HE spam is problematic, as lemming trains usualy stay way out of your range or force you to shoot from open water. Kiting is problematic, as you eat AP citadels even when angled. Ship is an automatic magnet for attention, every time I get spotted, no matter what other ships are nearby and no matter my angling, the detection jumps to 5+. Just what is this ship supposed to do? Going with the lemming train seems like the obvious, but most of the time you get blapped by BBs AP due to CV spotting you. Going solo is not an option, as any ship solo gets utterly destroyed by CVs. Sticking close to DDs might be an idea, byt again CVs will wreck you up, as a DD does not offer much in regards to overlapping AA bubbles. I just fail to find a role for the ship in the current meta. It might be because I am running without upgrades. But the ship feels extremely weak. PS. For reference, I am not against squishy ships. Atlanta is one of my favourite T7 Cruisers. And I am having a blast on the Tier VI RN Cruiser I forgot the name of... Leander? It is just that Atlanta and Leander have clear roles for itself. Ibuki seems like a HE spammer that lacks range to compete in the current CV+Snipefest meta.
  10. Lea_Flamma

    DDs (and others) after CV rework

    I don't hate on the CV rework. I think it is a good change in the right direction. What I dislike, is the fact DefAA no longer provides the increase in bombs/torps/rockets dispersion for the planes. That the CVs have a much easier time aiming their drops. I honestly think the aiming assistance for planes should be similar to the one ships have. Just an overall idea, where your drops will be centered around, not the actually affected area. Ships have no way to influence the dispersion of their shells, I don't see why CVs should be given that option so easily. I am quite interested to see, how the AA rework will influence CV gameplay, as I am not too sure it will go live. Although I do believe it is a step towards solving the issue. What I would like to see, is Long and Mid-Range AA focusing squadron but Short-Range going for specific planes, focusing those on drop approach over the other. Also to make the DefAA reduce the accuracy of the drops. As for my gameplay style... As a DD the first 5-10 minutes of the match is mostly hugging a blob of BBs and CAs, till it's safer to push on my own. The game feels overall pushing towards the sniping lemming train meta, where ships that are staying behind to defend a flank are getting utterly butchered by constant spot, lackluster AA and HE spam. Right now you are either succumbing to the border railroad or you die. The only ship I had success playing remotely solo, is Atlanta. Mostly because she is usually facing Tier VI CVs who get utterly destroyed by her AA.