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  1. Saltface

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    Thank you both for the reply, However, I am familiar with the mechanics and I had a problem with "According to LWM the AA of DD hits 1/3 harder then that of BB...the numbers in port don't seem to give the right numbers in battle." And I was right. This was taken out of context. Well...in BoWs defense that post was not so well written. Rather ambiguous. Also I find that our friend @Beastofwar is culpable of an appeal to authority fallacy. Anyway, we can all do our own math (arithmetic actually) and see which ship has what. Also we need to put in the calculations the range of each aura and not just add them all up. e.g. from the table that was posted in the thread our friend BoW used as a source (in spoiler): Fubuki vs Hatsuharu Which one has the better AA? Fubuki comes in with 161 DPS vs 141 DPS of the Hatsu. But the Fubuki has all its DPS in the short range bubble while the Hatsu will have a long range bubble (an extra 3 Km). I am sure you will agree that rarely an aircraft will fly in the short range bubble of the Fubuki. Dive Bombers might (rather poor selection to attack a DD) but hey .....rockets wont. Anyway, neither the Fubuki nor the Hatsu are worth mentioning as AA monsters. Next in my critical thinking list is how much HP every aircraft has. So, if you get exposed in my bubble for so much time you will lose so many aircraft. Then the number gets some value. Anyway, imho, AA is not potent and good CV players will dodge flak and minimize time in AA auras so its essentially useless given the amount of aircraft on CVs. Do I like sailing the Halland? yes I do. Just to avoid bad CV players...they avoid Hallands LOL LOL LOL LOL I doubt that @_Warfarin_ would be intimidated LOL
  2. Saltface

    If Dasha Perova were a ship...

    Gentlemen, may I please remind you that Ms. Perova is a real human being, so I think it would be appreciated if your comments were respectful and nothing more than compliments to a fine lady.
  3. Saltface


    I know. And it was nice and detailed. But I made a pic and put down my thoughts along yours so our friend that made the post will have all facts in front of him and make his own call on what happened.
  4. Saltface


    We all know torps dont turn lol lol so I had to check this.... 13 torps are the first indicator that something else is in play... so we have an extra 3 to account for (Jervis has 2 X 5) The Oland launches 3 at a time Red is Jervis, 1 2 and 3 are the launch points of the three first ones....- Green is Oland @Admiral_idonno this is what happened mate. Have a look. @xxNihilanxx explained it very nicely
  5. Saltface


    there are 13 torps in that screenshot the Jarvis can launch 10 So torps are not turning....maybe, just maybe the Oland has something to do with this LOL LOL not to mention the bubble trails LOL they are straight have a look again mate
  6. Saltface

    Clan Battle CV boycott

  7. Saltface

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    well I could agree but ... a 9 can look like a 6 if looked at from the other side but...........it is still a 9. So I kinda disagree Facts and numbers are not a point of view.
  8. Saltface

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    Good morning, Like you for example that complains about elitistic statpadding divisionist cheaters? This is me bi___ing on you just to keep the tradition going. btw, just quit this mantra of yours, it really doesn't show you in the best light. End of fun part, lets get back to our debate. This is where is disagree. not with minority or small .... LOL You really disregard the qualitative parameters here. The players that frequent the forums, youtube, reddit or other dedicated web places for WoWs are the ones more involved in the game. These players are the ones that know the details, the ins and outs, the litle thingies that make a click. They know how to play the game better than the developers. We might not know the code but we sure know how the game works and how it is best played because we play it more and in a more organized fashion. Lets take a parallel example. In my country (Greece) sailing and boating is very popular. Well with so much sea LOL one could expect it. Most people have access to a boat. However, there is a small minority of unicum LOL sailors and coxswains. When they speak the others listen at least to what they have to say. Why? Because they are more involved in this activity and they might know better. Top Clans, Top Players, majority of people on Forums, Dedicated Web Sites about WoWs, Youtube, etc ALL voice concern about CVs. Top Clans are still top clans CV or no CV, same for Top Players. They still are Top. They dont have an issue with adapting or changing this or that. so I ll just repeat what my friend DFens said It is not an adaptation problem. The gameplay is becoming bad. And this is a big problem.
  9. @Migantium_Mashum Hey mate, there is an easy way to know if WG took the necessary action. Just look at the battles played per week section of alleged cheater's profile. If WG took action you will see said player NOT play battles for a week or two or even more. We are talking cheating here and the penalties are hefty. So a week or two being banned will show in the profile. see ya
  10. Saltface

    Turning Circle - why?

    Maybe there is a confusion between Turning Radius and Tactical diametre. Are we sure what the numbers indicate?
  11. Come on, we can disagree on many things...we can argue...but, do you really think that 300 battles are enough to understand the game, DD play, mechanics and go and be productive in T10? Be a sport and give me a straight answer mate.
  12. then you are not carrying enough !! *smiles @ you It is a different way of thinking. Maybe you should try it. It works. On a defeat that you was high in the score board...sit back and be critical of yourself. Could you have done something better? I think this method works. take breaks between battles...don't spam
  13. I did not say that. Actually I had trouble understanding what you wrote. You said it. I will not object if that's how you want to think about yourself. because you don't have the experience to be in T10 maybe? And this way you don't learn and you don't enjoy. yes you play your role. Badly. you will see your performance indicators go up. That's a good indication that you know a bit more than you did. But 2000 games could be a good start. your performance statistics indicate that you are at the lowest end of the player base. And because you have very few battles your WR doesn't matter. It is statistically insignificant. You are also not expected to be a good player now. You are expected to learn. You think you are in the middle. No you are not. You need to learn how to play first. Next step is to become a better player. YES Calling you a bad player is not an insult. Calling you bad names, swearing etc is bad and please make a screenshot and report this if it has happened. You are free to say whatever you like. This is a FREE FORUM. Free means you can say what you want (always obey the rules however). It does not mean that you are right or that we have to like and agree with what you say. You said your opinion, and, my opinion is that you are a player that has no experience in the game and most probably you have not understood the mechanics yet. This results in you being frustrated by the game. And you come here to complain. And once given a bit of good advice like, please stay out of T10 and go back to lower tiers, you try to talk about freedom to post, bullying and a good series of strawmen. I am not saying that with less than 300 battles you cannot speak. But I say you surely don't know or understand the game.
  14. I had a quick look at the last one. I will say a few "bad" things that I noticed. at the 18 minute mark, you let the Emerald go dark. You should keep her spotted for your BBs to finish her up. She was a problem all the game as she helped wax out your side. You then followed the Monte. There was nothing you could do to the Monte and you delayed in attacking the Wyoming.That cost a little more damage on your Orion and your Wyoming. On the 14 minute mark you let your flank go all without vision. You was at such a position that no red ship was visible. I also did not like your second kill coz you misplayed the smoke and that got you killed. But your team had already collapsed so ... Think about these things Hope it helped a bit
  15. Hello, Did you try to examine if they had a valid reason to say so? Could they be right and you didn't perform well in that game? Do you think that playing T10 after less than 300 battles is correct? Do you think you know the mechanics of the game well enough to handle the T10 environment? Do you think your performance is at a level that will allow you to be productive for your team in a high tier environment? Answer these questions. Not to me. To yourself. And have a critical look at how you are playing. If you want my advise, dont waste your energy trying to think what should be made more easy for you. Work a bit on learning the game and the mechanics. You will enjoy the game much more. If you want my advise, drop to T5 and start learning the game. The forum is here, we will all help you with questions replays hints and tips. But learn the game, If you want to complain about something you dont know or ask the game to be dumbed down so that its easy for you...go on Your choice