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  1. Saltface

    Who is the all-time Forum VIP?

    :o) See you around my friend
  2. Saltface

    Who is the all-time Forum VIP?

    February 20, 2019, I made a thread on the forum. I was a potato. The CV rework had just sat in. I asked to learn how to play DDs. First answer was from @Bear__Necessities. Then @ForlornSailor and @DFens_666 joined. @GarrusBrutus, @Mr_Tayto, @RAHJAILARI, @El2aZeR, @thiextar and @T0byJug gave their advice. @Ronchabale, @BrusilovX, @BLUB__BLUB and @invicta2012 had a say. @Procrastes eloquent as ever, joined. Since then I did learn how to play DDs. I think you all had something to do with it. Thank you all. I still remember the first PM comment I got from @159Hunter on a replay I posted asking for tips and pointers. "You did too little too late" I was also invited to join a clan with a PM on this Forum. I made it to Typhoon with NWP. I remember playing against the THESO boyz. Sinking @MrWastee and chatting with @HMS_Kilinowski. Thx gents it was fun. I made @lup3s rage quit one day in div. @Yosha_AtaIante tried to teach me how to play CVs. I failed him miserably. Now, sometimes, I torment @Profilus in division. I know I forgot many names. I m sorry, I m a grumpy old man. I do forget. All this on the forum. And I will always remember that on this forum I found out I am an Elitist. With most of you I still chat on Discord, with some of you I am in the same clan. Thank you all It saddens me that it is closing down. It was full of crap, but still, if you looked around you would find gems. I found many. I hope I gave some back.
  3. Saltface

    General Submarines related discussions

    Well my friend and teacher, discussions like this make the forum worth the time. Hello gents, @Yosha_AtaIante, I think that the game was lost no matter what move he would make. If he did the move for A, the sub (if her captain had a bit of brains) could stop pinging and just spot and let the Bourgogne just do the job. All, the other ships were good as dead. I tend to agree that A would have a remote (very very remote) chance for a dramatic finale. Kill the bourgogne, balance the caps and hope just hope that the red team would try to win hard. I cant see the score on your replay so I cant really tell. My opinion is that no matter how hard the red team tried to snatch defeat out of the mouth of victory they would fail. What we know is that the Ohio goes down 10 seconds after you start playing, so does the Kear. Two, less than useful BBs left on the green team, out of position, to face a slava, ibuki, ohio and the sub. Lets assume he went A. Lets also assume that he sunk the Bourgogne. Then what? If this hypothetical scenario that @Bear__Necessities would go to A cap, killed the Bourgogne took the cap, but he would be Last man Standing. The sub would (should) just stay out of harms way and just spot. It would be just a matter of time that Bear would go down.
  4. Boyz (and girlz if any) Why don't we stay on topic? I am afraid that this might turn nasty if we continue venturing in areas that are not strictly connected to the game. Just saying
  5. Saltface

    Jesus fkn Christ..

    uhmmm....did someone call me for some reason?
  6. Saltface

    Clans rigging battles.

    Impressive out of 101 posts in this thread (102 including this one) Pete has authored, been mentioned/quoted or indirectly referenced to in 59 posts (60 with this one) 60% of this thread is about Pete. Amazing. The fourth page is 23/25 posts about pete (not even a debate with pete but about him) What is funny is that we all know who is Pete and how he uses his keyboard. Boyz (and girls if any)...Why?
  7. In my opinion there is a certain degree of merit to the OP's statement. In a game based on the principle of paper-scissors-rock, if one of the three dominates the MM, most probably we will not have a balanced match. As a Benham (e.g.) player I would like 11 Yamato and my Benham, as a Yamato player I would like my Yamato and 11 cruisers. Wishful thinking but not contributing to a balanced game. Too many of any class in a game does not contribute to a balanced game. (One can recall meme CB setups with lots of Kleber) However, one must also look at the statistics. And here is where the OP is wrong (IMHO). We do have lopsided games. For example 2 CVs or 5DDs or any other combination. But how many out of the multitude of battles are like this? Heck, we even had (I have played in one) 1 CV and 1 DD vs 1 CV and 1 DD. A random game like a brawl. But, is this common? I don't think so. And this is where the OP is wrong. In conclusion, while the principle that class participation should be balanced in the MM is correct, I don't think the exceptions to the rule should dictate an action.
  8. @159Hunter I must add D. trolling a friend
  9. Just a technical note: Poland had their national day celebrated. They only had one ship in game. BTW I fully support the celebration of national days. It is a nice opportunity to read up a bit of history, and to be honest the media made by WG is top quality. (unlike some aspects of the gameplay LOL) The Averof media was excellent. So was the historical note on Velos. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/armistice-day-and-pl-independence-2022/ in the spoiler I have the flags of the Hellenic Navy. The one you show is the Hellenic Navy Jack. A square flag with a white cross on a blue field. A golden crown was added in the centre during the periods of monarchy (1833–1924 and 1935–1973). The jack is flown on the bow of a ship and the ensign is flown on the stern of a ship when anchored or moored. Once underway, the ensign is flown from the main mast. So, for game, use given the period of the game, the HRN Flag should be used. (shown in second spoiler) @Aethervoxx You must be really silly to downvote as bad a post that shows the colors of a nation. Or deranged. Or C. all of the above. Hellenic Navy Flags Royal Hellenic Navy Flags
  10. Saltface

    Units of distance/speed

    This An unlikely source for this is found in: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Torpedoes#:~:text=2.5km %2F (62 knots * 2.6) ≈ 15.5 seconds I quote Reaction Time Torpedo reaction times, i.e. the time it takes for the torpedo to travel across its Detectability Range, can be computed assuming a stationary target. It follows that moving towards the torpedo will reduce the reaction time, while moving away will increase the reaction time. The torpedo's Detectability Range is shown when hovering the mouse over the Torpedo Tubes heading in the port's ship specifications. To compute the reaction time, the Detectability Range must be divided by the torpedo's speed. Because the torpedo's speed is shown in knots, the value must be converted to meters per second; however, since in-game units do not correspond directly to real-world units, a unique conversion factor must be applied to convert the torpedo's speed in knots to meters-per-second. Following considerable amounts of testing by numerous users, a conversion factor of 2.6 was arrived at and has been derived with relatively precise accuracy. Note that the 2.6 figure converts knots to meters-per-second, rather than kilometers-per-second. For the (unitless) formula to work correctly, we must take that into account by multiplying the answer by 1000. Thus, the formula is: Drange / (Vtorp * 2.6) * 1000 = Treaction Alternatively, one could use a conversion factor of 0.0026 rather than multiplying the result by 1000: Drange / (Vtorp * .0026) = Treaction As an example, the reaction time of an incoming Japanese Type F3 torpedo, acquired beginning with Yugumo, would be: 1.9km / (76 knots * 2.6) ≈ 9.6 seconds Whereas the reaction time for an incoming Japanese Type 93 torpedo — found aboard stock Shimakaze — would be: 2.5km / (62 knots * 2.6) ≈ 15.5 seconds Note the above figures were calculated with data from Update 0.5.7.
  11. Saltface

    Battle not ending straight away.

    Hypothetical Scenario You are the last player on your team. You have 178 HP. You win on points. After the Victory banner pops up you get shot at and lose your last drops of HP and sink. You have a victory while all of your team is sunk. Funny innit? Don't get me wrong. It is kinda nice to have the extra few seconds. But, lets see the first crying post in the forum about a scenario like the one above.
  12. NOPE Todays battles (after one month of no games) Torpedoes work just fine.... For how long? I don't know
  13. Saltface

    The WoWs Karma Memorial

    I will record this one - after 4 and half years I broke the 100 mark one of today's games - LOL - after one month of no games at all
  14. Saltface

    The WoWs Karma Memorial

    true @lup3s I also think you get only -1