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  1. Saltface

    British Premiums Reviewed - the bias is real

    Loved it. Like others said I wish I could upvote twice
  2. Saltface

    I get it now! It all makes sense!

    This happens when you press that button
  3. Well, if you don't sink a fellow forumite who will you sink? And I know what you can do if left unchecked LOL you and that lil crap of a ship you play LOL (grins) LOL Till next time
  4. @lovelacebeer cheers mate
  5. Saltface

    Cunningham Tokens progression so far?

    26/02/2020 - 8:10 am CET -> 814 Thats an accurate answer LOL LOL LOL
  6. Saltface

    Petition to Keep Narai

    uhmm...this is tin foil hat par excellence. Operations have nothing to do with Directives. At least not the current ones. WG have stated that they are putting no resources in OP DEV and Narai was a credit and XP printer. The above are facts. So, Narai go removed.
  7. Saltface

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Why don't you stay in T3? You only get -1/+1 Matchmaking. You only have 124 randoms, you don't even know how the game is played. Even if you are Top Tier you would lose to two tiers down ships that know what they are doing. You are denying yourself the learning process of the game. You will not learn if you get blapped in 5 minutes in every battle. You are very new and you have the chance to learn the game correctly. Do not repeat the mistake many of us did and rush the tiers. I did it and regretted it. Go slow, step by step. Stay in low tiers until you win more than you lose. then go a STEP higher. And do the same. At the end you will be a good player. Your game, your choice.
  8. True...but what is funny is the amazing perception :Commanders have LOL. The moment you launch they try to take evasive action. Should we report them for cheating? LOL LOL LOL Will try it out and report back Will single shot the first torp and see what evasion (turn in or out) bot makes. Then I ll shoot the rest.
  9. You have and thank you. My tests are not conclusive .... a few randoms today...but, results do show that what you say is most probably true. As if they don't detect your torps. No torp avoidance. (as if they do not process detection data but only launch data) If you launch them while having target selected...they react the second you launch. test ship: Leander
  10. My first observations show that there might be truth in this statement. Thumbs up mate
  11. Saltface

    Current CBs meta

    If you know how to play it. She is a tough toy. Uhmmm...you know how to make it work. Read above !! This
  12. Saltface

    BB main had a meltdown with the game and after a

    AA tracers don't work in smoke. They are scattered all over the smoke area and they visualize mid air. This is a recent (somewhat change) a few patches ago. It's not the tracers that give your position away. It is the experience of the CV player to "feel" where you are.
  13. Saltface

    BB main had a meltdown with the game and after a

    1. Early Match -CV's will actually try (not fervently) to locate DDs- Turn off your AA. <--- If I forgot to tell you...turn off your AA. Avoid being spotted at all cost. Don't go where the CV is going. Don't go directly to a cap. (you can always cap later if you are alive, if you are dead the cap will flip and all your valiant and brave sacrifice is dog poop) You can contest caps by just being there, no one stays in a cap while spotted by you and being shot at by your team mates. You should Spot - and Torp Spam - If you find the enemy DD try to get it killed. Pick your fights, don't let the fights pick you. The value of a DD in a team increases with the progress of time. 2. Mid Match -Most CV's will not try to actively locate DDs- Avoid the CV planes path. CVs are damage hunters (it's the nature of the class, they are in a damage race with the opponent CV). In other words don't be where the planes are going to fly to go strike your teammates. Don't be isolated. If the red team feels you as a thorn on their flanks they will ping the map, turn their guns and ask the CV to spot you. If you see TB or Bombers most probably the CV is not actively seeking you out. Still, avoid detection. Either smoke up (before you get spotted), no decent CV player will stay to wait for your smoke to dissipate (see note about damage race). From within smoke you may turn your AA on but I doubt the usefulness - well if CV had dropped fighters you might get some. If you get spotted try as hard as possible to relocate. Avoid being where they would expect you to be. Mid Match you can do damage with torps and guns (well not so much with the IJN torp boats you play till now). Guns should be used for targets of opportunity not as a damage farming exercise. If your flank is folding try to delay the red team from advancing (torp spamming). If your flank is doing well and pushing, screen for torps and spot. The value of your DD in game has increased. 3. Late Match -CVs will prioritize the DD depending on the threat it poses to the CV itself rather than the threat it poses to the red team- Now a DD is of extreme value. You can win your team the match. Set up torp runs. Deny caps. Get caps. SPOT. Help kill anything your team mates are focus firing on. Gun down anything of very low health. Now that the teams have thinned out you have more or less a free reign on the playing field. If spotted by a CV make the CV lose time trying to hit you. The more the CV hunts you the less it damages your team mates (their AA defenses have thinned down due to wear and tear). Flip the caps, take on BBs and kill them with torp runs (you can even rush them depending on the situation), harass Cruisers or spot them and have them killed and if a red DD is still in the game go find it and get it killed. General Notes - AA should be turned off during the game. Don't turn it on; - Don't smoke up and blind your team; If you provide a smoke screen for your team mates do the spotting; - Don't smoke up and stay in your smoke - you are a torpedo magnet; - a DD is a support ship not a capital ship - Act like one; - Don't die - Did I mention don't die? The value of the DD is immense if still in the game. Just being there is an asset to your team. - A DD's purpose in the game is to WIN not farm damage. - If you have the opportunity to go for their CV better avoid it unless it will guarantee the game for your team. Never try to find it and kill it. Did I mention never try and find and kill a CV? The above is not a primer. They are basic thoughts that I have put down, but I guess they only give a broad picture of how a DD should be played. Have in mind that every situation has its own course of action. Experience will give you that. DDs are a hard class to play. But I love them. Be well and enjoy the game.
  14. I agree with all you wrote. However, I would like to point out that you should respect yourself more than you respect the others. You carry the mindless fools around game after game not for the fools' sake. But for your own sake.