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  1. Saltface

    So this happened...

  2. Saltface

    So this happened...

    if you post the replay file here I will have the game up on youtube without commentary in a couple of hours and post it on this thread. This is a game I really want to see
  3. Saltface

    lets talk about the auction.

    Silver for coal is a good option. Silver is easy to get. Coal for RB points is not so good value for money LOL. 200K coal (the value of a T10 ship in coal) = 20K RB = 1/3 of a RB ship. Not a good deal. I only bid 50 mil for 100K coal. Even that is too much given that 50 mil is the price of a T10(+) but I have so I don't really care.
  4. @Humorpalanta @Chaos_Umbra one green one red The best ranked game
  5. Saltface

    Saltface on YouTube

  6. Saltface

    Saltface on YouTube

  7. Saltface

    Saltface on YouTube

  8. Saltface

    Saltface on YouTube

  9. Saltface

    why it is hard to damage ohio ?

    Watch this it will show you exactly where to shoot @BlueMerry One Salvo - 46600 HP damage - 3 cits + 2 overpens @ 13 Km distance
  10. Saltface

    ridiculous MM

    I run MMM when I play. Call me toxic if you want. I don't give a sh1t. My observations are the following: MM is random. You get (over a significant amount of battles - duhhh this is how statistics work) an equal amount of battles that all the good players are on your team and an equal amount of battles that all the good players are on the red team. Most battles are more or less equal (1 to 2 % dif on average winrates but this has absolutely no significance. Taking average winrates into account just shows you don't know the game or statistics). What is sad is that most of the players in the game are in the red. (Most of the time) We are only one or two players with green or blue (let alone purple) on each team. I have played many battles that my team should have lost (according to MMM) but we won. And many battles that we should have won but we lost. However, I saw no-one complain on the forum if their team is supergood and the red team is superbad, they take the win and the XP and go in the achievements thread and post the results. Glory ! The following are what I consider to be true statements: 1. MM is not rigged. It is random and what you observe is proof that it is random. (streaks, imbalances etc.) 2. Players (most of them) do not know how to play the game. 3. Players that use MMM (most of them) do not know how to read a table with statistics. Result: they pick one that has lots of blue and purple on the other side and come to the forum to post the one millionth thread of "Bad MM - Rigged - Outrage" Reality check: If you do not know how to read a statistics table or how to play the game uninstall MMM. It does not help you. If you end up in a bad team, do your best and enjoy the game. You might lose. So what? If you want to be able to have a bit better odds play in division. This way you can make sure that at least 3 players on your team will be good. In this case you carry and have no right to complain. Regards Salt
  11. Saltface

    What farming DD

    Hi there @Alchemist79 Lots of good advise has been given about what DD you should pick. It all comes down to personal style so I will just add on what has been said. As a DD player myself I will say that Shimakaze is one fine ship if she is played correctly. (don't let her stats mislead you) On your way to the Shima you will find the Yugumo. She is also a fine ship. This solves your "I like torpedoes" thingy. The Cossack is an amazing ship. RN DDs are a fine line to grind. Frightening (LOL) and Jutland are amazing ships. Daring is not a bad choice. Now if you want to print credits learn how to farm operations (not Newport). You will need a T6 and a T7 Cruiser for that. T7 best farmer is the Fiji for Narai. You can train your captains and print some good credit. In Whale and Aegis you can use the Leander (so you grind up to fiji easy).
  12. Saltface

    New code

    worked THX