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  1. Saltface

    Yoshino or Salem?

  2. Saltface

    bots invasion

  3. How can you even consider letting the Fletcher go?
  4. Saltface

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I kinda liked the Save Commander Jenkins thingy. Now I have two of these "speshul" thingies with Crash Tester. And a good Kamikaze game
  5. Saltface

    bots invasion

    It could be coincidental that it is the KM cruiser line. The person that wrote the bot software just did the software by chance just for the KM line. And he didn't bother to make a new software for the others. Anyway, I think they are less now.
  6. Saltface

    MM with Minotaur and Seattle

    Warship Tier Nation Battles Win Rate PR Average Damage Avg. frags Kamikaze 5 Japan 822 55.96% 1 078 34 000 1.08 Wait a bit LOL I ll keep you posted
  7. Saltface

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Now, why is this an achievement Mr. Saltface? It took you 121 battles you filthy noob to rank out. And Saltface humbly answered: It was a testament to tenacity and perseverance. And self control not to smash my PC. I wanted to quit so many times. I just couldn't give up. I was only hoping I would not beat the 188 matches I saw in a post by @Caljostro I reached Rank 3 in a flash. And then...the elevator between Rank 2-2 stars to Rank 3 - 0 stars and back at it again. I saw everything. DDs refusing to cap, cruisers hiding behind a rock in such a way that they can not shoot at anything to defend their DD or Cap. Only long range farming to save stars. Battleships ramming each other for the big XP. Fiji that were staying out of the game until late and then out for farming. Belfast that were using radar when nothing in range. Name it I saw it. Of course I saw some very good players. I remember a Gneisenau on a lost match that was playing in an amazing way against 4 opponents. He almost won the game alone. He didn't but it was one of the VERY well deserved saved stars. And a Z that just carried us all in an elegant manner. One move after the other was of surgical precision. A fest for my eyes (and my spectacles). What was very interesting was the development meta. After a few battles the match would evolve in a very predictable manner. You knew where you would find ships. Who would be behind which rock. I took the Akatsuki and ranked out by not doing what everybody else was doing. I even saved 3 or 4 stars with the Akatsuki. Anyway, I just hope I won't go through this again.
  8. Saltface

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    SWEET REVENGE A short story from my Ranked Adventure After a miserable couple of days playing WoWs, I am tilting, and a most frustrating effort to Rank out, I pick up the Akatsuki. You know, time to stop the experiments and get a ship that you know how to play with. I dress her with all the premiums and all her signals, I move my Kamikaze 19 pt captain on her and I am ready for the first match. A Sims is playing with me. Not even 2 minutes in the game as I approach the central ring moving full speed to the East my screen goes nuts with red torp signs. Damn they are coming from South. The enemy is North. The Sims has laid his mines. I break to port at once and for a split hair I avoid being torped but now I am in the middle of the central ring and everybody has locked on me and try to shoot me. I break to starboard and smoke up to save what can be saved. As a breath out not detected I write in chat to the Sims who is smoked up and shooting. No reply, no sorry, not a kind word, only ranting about the BBs being stupid. And I die. And I lose once again one star. That Sims had ruined my game. But RNGesus brings "balans". As I click Battle On I see on the red team that Sims. Oh my, oh My. My heart starts beating. This one I will enjoy. He did exactly the same thing. Like a robot. Rushed down the middle line. Laid his mines. Smoked up and started shooting not moving in his smoke. Guess who killed him. In his smoke with torps and guns. And I admit I was cheap. But I loved every second. And I got me a star.
  9. Saltface

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    You know I don't complain. Not for MM, for bad teammates for CVs, what have you. But, this team in ranked was so bad that I saved a star IN A DESTROYER. Saving a star in a Gadja is a miracle.
  10. Saltface

    What cosmetic changes would you pay for in the game?

    Anything to turn the LOOKS of ships more realistic. But the mod is free to remove camos.
  11. Saltface

    Yolo mode...

    Damn you're right. DD tear farming zone reactivated. EDIT: Classic case of gorilla that plays basket ball.
  12. Saltface

    Yolo mode...

    While I see Destroyers, Cruisers and Battleships in the formations I failed to see the CVs. Furthermore, the other alternative team placement proposals have the CVs shown. (check original thread by Tanatoy) So, it could be that the DD tears farm area will remain in your dreams.
  13. Saltface

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I can only report progress Today was Harugumo day
  14. Saltface

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    In the Harugumo from all ships !! I rushed a Shima in his smoke, he was trying to decap my cap - what insolence, and after having spent all his torps he chased me to ram me. I don't know if it is the ramming bug but the replay is worth it. 20190711_194120_PJSD210-Harugumo_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay
  15. Saltface

    New BB emblem proposals