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  1. Saltface

    Are we now sick of this

    @WilhelmII Increase the size of your minimap and make a few basic ranges visible. In the minimap settings you can make the water transparent. It will help you understand what is going on. look at the following
  2. Saltface

    Matchmaking Monitor

    Information is the resource of this age... and...I keep my cool just fine. And if you get infuriated with a game, dude, you really got to check that... LOL Oh! and I don't believe that ignorance is bliss.
  3. Saltface

    Matchmaking Monitor

    with friends like you I don't need enemies
  4. Saltface

    Matchmaking Monitor

    if it wasn't for the NDA I would tell you about the missiles I have instead of torpedoes on my DDs. If I could say, I would say that instead of torps I launch either missiles or homing torps from my Benham. If only LOL
  5. Saltface

    Matchmaking Monitor

    looks like your info is correct mate. Maybe my ship mate did not run the latest version THX
  6. Saltface

    Matchmaking Monitor

    I dont know that, and this is the first time I see this thingy....
  7. Saltface

    Matchmaking Monitor

    I was in div and my div mate also ran MMMonitor...his profile is public but he saw the ancjor next to my name Idid not see the anchor next to his name
  8. Saltface

    Matchmaking Monitor

    what is this symbol like the wargaming logoi next to my name in MMMonitor?
  9. @Bindolaf_Werebane - A pleasure to play with you my friend ... very good game you did there
  10. Saltface

    Bad manners in game chat

    EDIT: will play a few ranked for punishment
  11. Saltface

    How would you define "carry".

    @Prophecy82 mega throw... I blame the red Halland. Why on earth - with no DD on your side - he had to lose concealment? If he picked you out with torps (not stupid bow on torps) they would most probably win. If you had sunk they would most probably save the Shiki. That is 200 points. You would not have taken the cap. MHO
  12. Saltface

    How would you define "carry".

    It is a team game. By definition all contribute to victory. Even by a small margin. However, there are those exceptional games that one or two players contribute significantly more to victory. This is where our discussion starts. And you must see the game to be sure if ones game was a carry. In my humble opinion, it is a carry if you were instrumental to victory. If you hadn't done what you did it would be a loss. I do not believe that achievements big scores etc. can define accurately a carry. End screens can be misleading. Let me illustrate with examples. Game 1 According to some definitions posted above it would be a carry. A Kraken, First Blood, High Caliber. Oh my. This dude killed 5 out of 7 reds. What a performance! Well, not according to me. The game would have been won all the same even if I did half of what I did. Someone else on my team would have done it. Replay in the spoiler. Game 2 This one is a carry. Score is high, but I come only second in the end. However, If I did not do what I did ... it would be a loss. Well, maybe...you never know. Replay in the spoiler. To conclude. You have to watch the game.
  13. Saltface

    Place your bet.

    Never....in hope that old players will leave the game and new players will think it is a feature of the game
  14. Saltface

    This is beyond ridiculous and not even fun

    @Jaki_AJK Hello there, I might not be the best player but I do know my math. What you are describing is RANDOM. If it was 50/50 in 50 plus games it would be suspiciously not random. Humans are generally really bad at understanding randomness and probability. Even when events are randomly distributed, you’ll often get far more streaks of the same result than you might expect. Flip a coin 100 times, for example, and there’s an 85% chance you’ll get ten heads in a row at some point. And last but not least: The game is MUCH MORE FUN in division with friends.