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  1. R3DR1D1NGH0OD

    The gameplay is absolute [edited].

    You are going to make WG sell those in the premium shop. They will market taking a break too sooner or later with all these topics popping up. Monetize it all.
  2. R3DR1D1NGH0OD

    can you have a marker if you are chat banned

    A mark would make the chatbanned a target for ridicule as the team killing system already does.
  3. R3DR1D1NGH0OD

    The gameplay is absolute [edited].

    I think with that amount of negative emotions the game is creating for you it might be wise to take a break and not make yourself look immature.
  4. R3DR1D1NGH0OD

    [edited] Player Base

    This is just a game after all. It's meant to be played and to have fun while doing so and fun is a very subjective thing. For some that means logging in after work for two or three games uncaring about their performance.
  5. R3DR1D1NGH0OD

    Next coal ship, and also about Massachusetts

    The Pommern would be the most excellent if choices.
  6. R3DR1D1NGH0OD

    winrate - absurd and no logic in it

    You seem to be very easy to provoke. Why don't you just leave discussions that aren't going in your favor instead of starting to insult everyone around you? You are dragging yourself into this by the way.
  7. R3DR1D1NGH0OD

    Nothing Changes what is wrong with people?

    It's the same as developing your pieces in chess while the opposite player just moves the king back and forth after castle.
  8. R3DR1D1NGH0OD

    Nothing Changes what is wrong with people?

    The urge after causing the sinking of an enemy ship.... with its parts wheezing through the air due to the explosion... those big.. thick, black citadel ribbons.. the urge is there.
  9. R3DR1D1NGH0OD

    Nothing Changes what is wrong with people?

    It's time to take a break if you don't have fun anymore. The point of playing is to have fun. Stop playing for today because no one will care about you being upset. They will continue playing the way they do as they always have.
  10. R3DR1D1NGH0OD

    winrate - absurd and no logic in it

    Does it matter? Why don't you just play? Just go into the game and shoot ships. Make them blow up. Rip their citadel apart. Stop looking at numbers and look at explosions.
  11. R3DR1D1NGH0OD

    Wargaming, Your Game Is In Terrible State

    A fairytale? But he is right you know. The game can never meet all individual players preferences.
  12. R3DR1D1NGH0OD

    Der LETZTE Post gewinnt

    Ich hoffe doch.
  13. R3DR1D1NGH0OD

    Wu King Kong says what?

    The ugly monkey head on the bow of the ship would effectively fool me enough to aim for it. But ripping this atrocious looking design apart would still be a pleasure right next to outright sinking this ship.
  14. R3DR1D1NGH0OD

    Here it is... New voice with ARP collaboration

    Pixels can't be set on fire. Cartoon caricature in newspapers, the kind of thing he was used to back in the day however can. He might miss those times when a lighter solved these kind of problems. And then I might overestimate his age and he might not know what I'm talking about.
  15. I really really REALLY LOVE IT. Shooting at everyone, fighting everyone, interrupting them, annoying them, killing them, getting killed, declining all divisions. KILL ALL, ROB THEIR POINTS AND TAKE IT ALL.