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  1. Bindolaf_Werebane

    Five days

    After months of not playing and not reading the forums I peeked in and... oh boy. What an unfortunate state the game seems to be in! That's why I say this: five days. That's how long it took for me to not miss the game anymore after I stopped. The first couple of days were rough, then a couple more were ok and I haven't looked back since. Be well all, be safe and remember. There are fifty ways to leave your lover. O7
  2. Bindolaf_Werebane


    Just a quick note. I realized I have played almost every day for three months or so. While I have some fun (obviously), the game is more frustrating than rewarding. Matchmaking is rigged to be an emotional roller coaster, ranked has been designed to make you play crap games for steel, loot box mechanics have become "more transparent" (with hidden mechanics still). I haven't spent a dime on the game, which is good. I decided this is the right time to leave. In the middle of loot-box bonanza. I will not be doing the dockyard, I will not be getting Repulse, I will not be getting the Santa Boxes that are upcoming, I will not get the (probably) Santa Boxes from Prime, I will let the rest of my month or so of free premium expire. I realized, exactly now is the time to leave, when FOMO would be highest. So, fare well (for now?) and take care of yourselves. Try to not succumb to the casino practices too much. Spend some time on other hobbies you like, spend some money on other games, or other things. Enjoy Christmas with your families. Bindolaf
  3. Bindolaf_Werebane

    Santa Crates, what did you get?

    Yep, just flags.
  4. Bindolaf_Werebane

    Special commanders: worth the 175k coal ?

    I am getting all coal commanders before ships. Their usefulness has skyrocketed since the commander rework. I have Kuznetsov (use him on Kremlin and on Chkalov for lols, Smolensk has its own commander). I have Cunningham, use him only on Daring, where he rules. I don't have any British premiums. Thunderer, but I don't care for that ship, never play it. I have Sansonetti, great for Venezia. I have Auberjonois (I know...) and use him on Mogador (don't have any premiums). Yamamoto is on Mogami. Halsey is on Des Moines and FDR, which got him to 21 right quick. Next I am getting Lütjens for a Hindenburg lighthouse build. I do have some German premiums (GK incoming). Last will be Swirski. Even for such few ships, I find them useful.
  5. Bindolaf_Werebane

    OMG losing the will to live - FdG 2.0

    Just use free XP. I did the first time and will do so a second time. It's a currency I get for playing ships I actually like, I don't mind spending it to skip utter lemons like FdG.
  6. Bindolaf_Werebane

    Santa Crates, what did you get?

    Wow. I almost believed you. Good one. Buy crates, everyone!!
  7. Bindolaf_Werebane

    USS Black will be nerfed before being available for coal.

    So why does everyone want it and asks every five minutes? Why are people not lining up to buy, I don't know, Fenyang? Black. Is. OP. Maybe it's no longer OPAF, small difference, though.
  8. Bindolaf_Werebane

    Holiday Lottery 2021 - Try your luck !

    I explicitly wish to participate in the lottery. I appreciate the people doing this and everyone who donates. There is no better FU to trolls who try to poison this initiative than participating and keeping it alive. Big thanks.
  9. Bindolaf_Werebane

    Kremlin: No Gun Fire Control System

    Why would anyone make a BBs range 28(!) Km?
  10. Bindolaf_Werebane

    Kremlin: No Gun Fire Control System

    The thing is that Kremlin is useless at 20 km. Its strength - and contribution to the team - is the tanking part. Now you're right, that does not mean yoloing in. But staying at 20 km for the first 10 minutes makes Kremlin utterly useless.
  11. Bindolaf_Werebane

    Zieten is Garbage

    I... kinda like how it looks... am I a freak?
  12. Bindolaf_Werebane

    Kremlin: No Gun Fire Control System

    @The_Angry_Admirallisten. It's ok to post something along the lines of "huh, so most people can make this thing work eh? I'll give it another shot, thanks everyone". Otherwise why ask for opinions?
  13. Bindolaf_Werebane

    Bearn imminent?

    It's not practical. At best it's an annoyance. I had to go bomb someone else - oh no!! Or I would just fly some rocket planes into the interceptors, cancel them and go back with bombers. *shrug*
  14. Bindolaf_Werebane

    Kremlin: No Gun Fire Control System

    Look. I am a very mediocre player and I rarely have problems with the Kremlin. She shatters most shells. Sure, if you are facing 3 Thunderers and 2 Smolensks you will burn. Such is life. Otherwise, it's a monster of a battleship, armored, low in the water, with no superstructure to speak of and with guns that pack a punch. Edit: I beg of you. The last thing we need is a sniping Kremlin.
  15. Bindolaf_Werebane

    Thoughts on Dockyard and Ger BCs?

    I will try the line starting with Moltke (of course I did not bother with early access), we'll see how it goes. I am in the mood for a BB line, since I skipped the newer US and ITA lines. I am not going to bother with the dockyard.