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  1. Bindolaf_Werebane

    Your "Famous Last Words"

    A game like WoWs is only as good as its community. You people have been cooky, funny, informative, infuriating, supportive. We are all different and we didn't all always get along, but that is part of what makes a community a community. We enjoyed the same game and, in the end, liked each other. We were reminded not long ago, that this is a game and life sometimes confronts us with much higher waves and deadlier storms than the question if submarines suck (they do). If someone felt hurt by a post or action of mine, I apologize. If someone was helped, I am glad. Play what you love, be wary of predatory practices and, in the end, don't lose sight of each other's humanity. Be safe. O7
  2. Bindolaf_Werebane

    Whats Really Happening...

    Funny, but probably true.
  3. Bindolaf_Werebane

    wowsforum.com ...

    I quit a couple of months ago. I finished AC Odyssey (which is crap) and am getting back into Dark Souls 2 (which is more DS, but worse than the first installment). I play more Pen and Paper with friends (DM 2 groups now and play in one) and I started Divinity: Original Sin 2 together with Ms Bindolaf. Not all that time used to go to WoWs, but some. Don't miss it, it got pretty boring near the end. Glad I've never spent a single cent on the game (that does not mean I criticize people who did). Enjoy your backlog!
  4. Bindolaf_Werebane

    Lucky me...

  5. Bindolaf_Werebane

    Farewell Fourmites.

    People are looking for clan. Not clap.
  6. Bindolaf_Werebane

    WoWs Forum shutdown (on July 28th) !?!?!?

    On the one hand I must believe that WG are not idiots. They must know where the markets are that they need to tap. On the other hand, I don't know many cetaceans under 30-35. A young audience might be more enthusiastic about a cool pew-pew game, but I don't know many teens who can spend 130 euros on a ship (though I know a few adults who shouldn't). WG must know something we don't.
  7. Bindolaf_Werebane

    WoWs Forum shutdown (on July 28th) !?!?!?

    Sorry, Seraphice, I know you're doing your job, but Discord is a joke and Discord "forum" even more so. We all know why this move to Discord makes sense, but there is no way to otherwise legitimize it. Fair seas to you too, but won't be seeing you.
  8. Bindolaf_Werebane

    Farewell Fourmites.

    Same here, see you in October. O7
  9. Bindolaf_Werebane

    Farewell Fourmites.

    Yea. They just deleted a humorous and really innocuous post by @helmut_kohl WG really have their panties in a wad.
  10. Bindolaf_Werebane


  11. Bindolaf_Werebane

    Farewell Fourmites.

    It's 100% to control the discussion. Discord is for people with a 3 second attention span and a 5 second memory.
  12. Bindolaf_Werebane

    Farewell Fourmites.

    Well crap. Ironically this sucks more than the game shutting down. Say what you will, but this forum has been fun. It had it all. Knowledgeable players and know-it-alls. Drama queens (guilty) and faux coolios ("unlucky"). Rebels and WG shills. Old farts and young firecrackers. And more. I will miss DEEP_SHARKS and I will miss honorable and kind people like Karasu and venerable people like Saltface and Bear and Dfens and I will even miss grumpy farts like Petey and trolls like Sunleader. Obviously I can't list all of you. I was more an observer than a poster, certainly not a great player. I trolled a little bit and tried to help a little bit, but I enjoyed my time with you. Discord is crap and I never touch it. Be well, be safe whatever you do. Have fun! O7
  13. Bindolaf_Werebane

    Blacklist broken in last patch?

    I used to use it for 2 reasons. 1. Shutting someone up. 2. When I felt particularly troll-y, I'd fire up FDR or Chkalov and click battle. Then I'd focus someone from my blacklist (near the end I had someone in almost every game). Was fun. Sometimes I'd even un-blacklist them to collect salt.
  14. Bindolaf_Werebane

    Blacklist broken in last patch?

    Oh no! This would have been bad for me, since my blacklist must be thousands of names long.
  15. Bindolaf_Werebane

    Update 12.5, a positive feedback

    Ok, I'm glad you came out on top.