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  1. Smolensk. 16 guns shooting every 4 secs. Smoke. Torps. He melted me (Moskva, 60 WR and 1500PR) in less than 2 minutes (12-15 km away). Behind an island, and into the smoke. Practically invisible and not shootable. Another game, he begun to shoot at a Yamato mate, he drained him from full health to 12-15k health in 2 minutes or so. Same smoke+island combination. Another "bimbominkia" ship for those which farming is supreme satisfaction in the game. Are we sure programmers's senile grannies aren't involved ? P.S to have a clue, google "bimbominkia" to understand this ship.
  2. It's a "feature" newer french DDs introduce in the game? At least give me the opportunity to launch them post mortem...
  3. JokerFish

    French tokens: what ships must be played to take them ?

    This post is far more useful than your previous one. I'm not a CV player - as many users I find them badly ruined after last patches and "rework", so this way is a no-go for us (and God save us from the incoming submarines...) If some things are obvious for you after 25k battles, don't assume that everybody understand "on-the-fly" everything that WoW omitted to specify clearly in their kilometric press. Synthesis is not their forte. Do you have a parcel on their containers ? You're pushing them hard as they do, plus the RNG (Retarded Number Generation) that rule their "casual possibilities" to gain any ship/mission should be called NNG (Never Number Generation). And I don't see Directives anywhere in the game (I have the french tier 5 DD Jaguar, plus Jan Bart, Saint Louis and Henry IV). So, what I'm missing to see them ? And YES, if you played so much this game you CAN be very useful to those beginners with 4-5k games, instead of "The call for English" crusade. Although I'm pretty sure I'll never reach that 25% oh Hall of Fame, I'm not even a 43% WR moron that ruin other's fun just because "I want to participate because there's democracy". So, just to resume, French Tokens are gained if: 1. Play Mogador and Le Terrible and reach 15k XP (that is specified in the Combat Missions screen) 2. Buy containers and make programmers even tubby than they are actually :-) 3. Play Directives (but I don't see them anywhere, this is the big point) 4. ... something else that can be added ? C'mon, citadel me if you can... P.S. Look what potatoes I've met in ranked...
  4. JokerFish

    French tokens: what ships must be played to take them ?

    Give me a clue: how to obtain French tokens ? Only under "Combat Missions" I see that Mogador and Le Terrible gives you 200 French Tokens each by reaching 15.000 XP Should I conclude that only those two ships gives French Tokens ? I don't see any "Directives" for "Legion of Honor", neither anything that says how to enable them. Sorry for my english, and please, try to be more useful than that 25k battles useless BigMac (no more ketchup, please). Another case in the history where a Colonel could prove himself more valuable than an General...
  5. JokerFish

    French tokens: what ships must be played to take them ?

    Sorry, your Royal British Highness, not all of us studied perfect english at Oxford like you. And if you CAN'T ANSWER something useful, please, get backyard with your preferred Playboy number...
  6. Same confusional, vague, disgusting approach from (same) mediocre programmers... Can you make a two-lines clarification for them ? Something like: "To obtain <<THAT>> resource you have to play <<THOSE>> ships". "We give <<FEW>> away because you have to <<BUY>> (useless) containers". BTW, did you saw them at Gamescom ? Most of them are fat, oversized an clunky... They eat a lot (thanks to our money) but the output is less than decorous... Another thing: In the Armory, pointing the mouse over the icon of "Research Points" says precisely: "Earned after resetting a researched branch of ships". So, it's a simple phrase that says exactly this (nothing more, nothing less): EARNED AFTER RESETTING (you will get them after you will reset) A RESEARCHED BRANCH OF SHIPS (it's difficult to be more clear, a whole branch of ships researched from the beginning tier 1 to the last tier, tier 10). So, that means I will get those "Research Points" AFTER I will click on "RESET" button under the ships column in the Tech Tree. IT DOESN'T SPECIFY YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ELSE (pray god, help a mediocre programmer to become a better one, give less food to those bongo-like programmers, go diving in chill water). IT SAYS YOU WILL GET <<THIS>> AFTER DOING <<THAT>>. Sadly, that's not the case: you have to GRIND AGAIN (!!!) that useless - at least for you, nobody reset a ship that he's playing usually/daily - branch of ships to get those "Research Points. Again, my nickname doesn't even remotely gives a clue about how MEDIOCRE those bunch of ex-soviet bulky Matrioskas are...
  7. JokerFish

    New "Storm condition" totally suck

    Man, you must smoke some weird stuff to say Well done WG...
  8. Let me guess... Trying to do some decent image editing and failed miserably ? P.S. The poster you've (badly) injected in that photo is the old one, that one with still the "week" on the 5th row. Plase upgrade to the last version, Picasso...
  9. I read somewhere on forum same thing about those players with hidden states. So, please, stop copy-paste other's words and CONTRIBUTE WITH SOMETHING THAT PROVES YOU ARE NOT A BOT. And you know what they have in common (with you) ? They are bad bots.
  10. "Everybody happy" ? Are you kidding me ? A lot of those EVERYBODY complaints about idiot MM and things didn't change during the last two years. I have a "work" in the world that can prevent that: put somewhere in the game the option "Do not even remotely bother with me for different tiers MM" and a lot of "everybody" will thank you and realize "Man, they have a brain!"
  11. If you like that image so much, why you don't stamp a giant version and hang it above your bed ? It could be your inspiration in moments of solitude at late night... And if WE HAVE THIS THREAD EVERY HOUR in the last two years, how do you qualify programmers (and WoW's software house) approach to customers ? To the people who FEED THEM, to be honest and realistic ?
  12. Well, due to the fact that in the last two years this complaint is probably THE MOST RECURRENT and they did NOTHING to accomplish to users request - and for sure there were a lot of polite and "clean" complaints about this more-than-obvious sign of unprepared programming skill, maybe it's time to change the approach and do something to hit their wallet. Cash it's a thing that most people are very sensible about. And with all those PAID containers in game (think about laws in Europe, dude) I think they'll not reach version 1.0 of World of Warships. Just be warned. Ignored complaints turn back like boomerangs.
  13. Just played another "snow storm" game. Had another impossible games like that in the past. What I have to say: 1. ZERO FUN 2. due to 1., no "mental" engagement in those battles. Never won. 3. ZERO FUN 4. due to 1. and 3., just canceled some shopping on their site (interested in a tier VIII Premium ship and some other Christmas offers) 5. ZERO FUN 6. due to 1. 3. and 5. I consider making some screen videos and posting them on online platforms (mainly Youtube) showing how this mediocre company steals moneys from users. There is their advertising on many sites, let's see if some punch in their fat wallet wouldn't make them to lean an ear toward users and not only toward cash.
  14. JokerFish

    matchmaking still sucks

    "You don't like it you leave!" Is this the programmer's approach to the users/players/PAYING guys that just look for some fun online ? If yes, I have a counterpart that sounds like that : "You are not able to listen user's feedback, you leave programming !" There are a lot of jobs out there, like harvesting garlic for the community... It's healthy, it's a bless for your heart and nobody will ask you to "balance" it with lower tier onions, potatoes and tomatoes... Look at this MM, and try to localize the "intruder"...