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  1. Zigiran

    Returning sailor here

    Well, if you would buy a T9 DD, then yes, people expect stuff from you. If you start playing at T2 with DD's... no, nobody expects anything at T2. So just start a DD line and learn it. Biggest lesson you need to learn is this: don't die. Seriously, if you learn how to stay alive for more then 5 minutes, you will be doing fine in most DD's.
  2. Zigiran

    How to Perth?

    Thanks for the info I did spot something pink on the ship, very small, could be a Koala? If so, I counted 11 of them.
  3. Hmmm, that is the part that is putting me off: I can't use my Murmansk captain on the KK... So I would need to get a new captain for it. Going to be a while before I can get that to 19
  4. Considering I like playing with the Omaha (and Marblehead / Murmansk), would Krasny Krym provide me with similair gameplay? Guns all around the ship, HE spamming, dodging BB shells at long range, dying the moment something hits me
  5. Last weekend we could get the Texas for free and now we can spent money to buy.... wait for it... the Texas? Did somebody at WG think about that?
  6. I'm playing this game through steam and I can not figure out how to get the replay to work. 1: I go to the replay map 2: I select a replay and click it with the right mouse button 3: in the list of programs I can open it with, I select... This is where I get lost. I got to the WoW folder, then to "bin" Here I select the folder "1631917" (no clue how these folder name are created). I then go to "bin64" Here I select "WorldOfWarships64" to open the replay. This will open the game, it goes to a loading screen saying "Synchronizing".... and that is all it does. It never starts the game. Things I have tried: - Try a different folder in "bin": game does not load or shows a crash message - Rename "steam_api64.dll" (tip I found somewhere): game does not open, it shows a crash message. I'm at a loss on how to get this working...
  7. Zigiran

    How to Perth?

    Thanks for the captains build! Am I correct with the upgrades for slot 2 and 3? And what should I take in slot 1?
  8. That is "Last stand" on row 2, not "Preventative Maintenance". A tip here: it is not a race to reach tier 10. At this rate you will reach tier 10 with less then 500 battles played. This is not advisable. I would suggest you play some other lines. Mostly: play some DD's. Learn how they work, that will allow you to better counter play them in your cruisers and BB's. And get some other lines to tier 5 or 6, this will give you an idea how those lines play. There is no rush to reach tier 10. As you can see, I'm getting close to 2000 battles and so far I got only 1 tier 10. My second best line is at tier 8.
  9. Zigiran

    Torpedo hitting a turret?

    I noticed after a game in my shima that I had finished a campaign mission to take out turrets. Which was odd, since I didn't fire my guns in that match. Looking at the details, it turns out my single torp that hit the enemy Salem took out a turret and an AA gun.... How is this possible?
  10. A couple of general tips when buying a premium ship: 1: Premium ships are often not better then tech tree ships (just a bit or a lot different), so do not expected to get an overpowered ship when you spent some money. 2: Don't buy higher tiers then you have in tech tree ships. If you have only played untill tier 5 and you buy a tier 9 ship... not going to end well. 3: Don't buy a class you are not familiar with. Starting to play DD's by buying a T7 DD is not going to end well. 4: Read LittleWhiteMouse's reviews for some hints before buying anything (some parts might be a bit outdated though): https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/117549-mouses-new-summary-of-premium-ships/ 5: Check some youtube video's about the premium you are considering to buy to see how it plays.
  11. Zigiran

    How to Perth?

    I bought the Perth yesterday and I have been looking for some guides about it, but it all seems to be guides from 2016. And they are very outdated (5 rows of captain skills?) So, can anybody help me building my Perth? Consumables: I think the spotter plane > the fighter plane, since you want the extra range (12.8 km basic range)? Upgrades: 1: Improved spotter plane or main armament mod 1? 2: I guess the hydro mod? 3: Smoke mod 4: Stearing mod Captain build: I'm guessing something like: PT AR (or EM?) SI CE After that I'm not sure... I guess DE and LS?
  12. Zigiran

    Thinking of rebuilding some DDs...

    I went back to playing DD's since... I guess 0.8.4? So far, I'm doing fine in my Shima and in my smokeless Kagero. Just don't yolo into the cap at the start of the game, wait for the first flight to pass and after that, in my experience, most CV's focus on farming cruisers / BB's and don't really spot for DD's. They will only attack if: 1: they fly over you and spot you 2: if you try to solo hunt down the CV Note: this is based as a JP torpedo DD. I have not much experience in other DD's
  13. Zigiran

    Better Alpha Strike Upgrade for disgruntled FILI Player

    People have an issue with the fact that you seemed to be focused on getting kills (in your first 2 posts in this topic). If you just started with "I'm playing the Fiji but the damage does seem low, do you have advice for a better ship" that would have started an entire different conversation then the current one. Actually, that is not correct With AR on my captain, my firepower will increase if you let me live with 50 hp
  14. Zigiran

    Clan brawls was brilliant

    Very much enjoyed it! I also vote for having this more often.
  15. Zigiran

    why t6 carriers play against t8?

    Make no mistake: those 2 kills might have been extremely usefull for your team. It could have been the difference between a red battleship dying or it getting away with a sliver of health, heal up and then return to kill some of your cruisers. So killing ships with a sliver of health when they managed to get out of sight of your team's surface ships, is very good and helpfull. If it is fun or not, well, that is something else and I'm not sure if we can decide that for you. Also, somebody else mentioned: the UK RN CV's have the slowest planes and thus stay the longest in the AA. Which is bad since the latest patch. You might consider another carrier line to go for at the moment.