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  1. Zigiran

    Clan Battles: Salamander Season

    WG, could you please translate this part, because I'm pretty sure this is not English.... @Seraphice
  2. Zigiran

    Which Streamers/Tubers Float Your Boat?

    - Thegrumpybeard - Tigersden - GrumblesTheDwarf - Jamdearest - Major_Plays_ - TCFreer I'm to old to keep up with a streamer that has thousands of viewers chatting....
  3. Which captain would you prefer for YueYang and for Jinan? Sa Zhenbing or Dà Róng? Dà Róng gives more hp. Sa Zhenbing gives longer consumables duration (that you might not spec into) + unique talents (that do not work in CB's, but then again, both ships are not really meta for CB's)
  4. I still have no recieved my X years since my first battle email. Is this still in progress or do I need to open a ticket?
  5. Ah, ok, I missed that. Thanks for the link!
  6. There are suddenly Richelieu's sailing around that look like rentals. Where are these coming from? I did not read anything about it in any news article / dev blog.
  7. Dear WG, Would it be possible to allow us to do the battle pass missions in clan battles? Because there are people who have a job during the day, so if we play clan battles during the evening, we would like to be able to complete our battle pass missions as well. Thanks!
  8. Since todays update Modstation no longer can find the Steam client of WoWs. But a few hours after people reported the bug they announced an update to fix this bug: "We'll fix the bug by removing Steam client support" REALLY?
  9. Zigiran

    [ALL] ModStation

    You are just going to drop Steam clients? So everybody who uses Steam to play WoWs can not longer use Modstation?
  10. Zigiran

    [ALL] ModStation

    Same problem here. Mod station is not able to find the game client. Also using Steam to play the game.
  11. Limitations were announced earlier: https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/372 New Clan Battles Season In Update 0.11.10, Clan Battles season “Octopus” will begin. The battles will take place in a 7 vs. 7 format on Tier X ships, with no aircraft carriers or submarines. The season will start off with the following restrictions — a team can have no more than 2 battleships, as well as a total of no more than 3 Marceau and Kleber combined. More restrictions may be introduced and existing ones changed during the season.
  12. Season 17: dates and maps were announced 37 days before it started Season 18: dates and maps were announced 20 days before it started Season 19: dates and maps were announced 9 days before it started Season 20 will be announced after it starts? Also: In blog 372 the season was named "Octopus" In blog 384 the season is now named "Barracuda" Which name is wrong?
  13. Found part of my answer on the KOTS Dicord:
  14. As far as I know, CB's always start within the first full week after a patch goes live. So if 0.11.10 goes live on 2 / 3 november, that would mean that the CB season starts on the 7th, so the first battle would be on the 9th. Ofcourse it is possible that WG does it different this time, but it would be nice if there would be any info about it.
  15. So people expect that the next CB season will start in 11 days.... probably. We have no official dates yet. We do not have the list of maps yet. WG, when will you give us that information? Season 17: dates and maps were announced 37 days before it started Season 18: dates and maps were announced 20 days before it started Season 19: 11 days to go, no info.