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  1. Zigiran

    Ranked Battles: the Seventeenth Season

    So all people will care about is doing max damage? Expect games full of HE spamming ships. Who cares that the enemy will heal all the damage, you are getting huge damage numbers. No thanks. Also: this system is already here, in the form of "save-a-star". Look how many people farm damage just to save a star when their team might loose. They don't play to win, they play to save a star.
  2. Zigiran

    Hit the Tier VI Milestone in 10 Simple Steps

    WarGaming, you can equip 21 flags these days...
  3. Zigiran

    Results of Clan Season IX: Warrior's Path

    Actually, I thought the article started out very good: - They said that at the lower leagues there was a lot of different ships being used, which is what WG wanted - They also said that at the top leagues things fell apart and that things need to be changed That sums up season 9 pretty well I would guess. The rest of the article (possible fixed + season 10 at T6): people have opinions about that, but the first part of the dev blog: spot on in my opinion.
  4. Zigiran

    Results of Clan Season IX: Warrior's Path

    T6 BB's pushing a flank? That would require you to increase the game time from 20 minutes to 60 minutes. Starting in the center and the moving to a flank at 21 knots... just getting to a flank will take 20 minutes?
  5. Zigiran

    Results of Clan Season IX: Warrior's Path

    You say you need to fix CV's in CB... and then announce next CB will include CV's?
  6. While I expect this is true, it is not made very clear in the article: It says "the first 8 phases". @MrConway@Crysantos: Could you clarify this? If you buy the starter pack, you only need to complete 12 shipbuilding phases (4 directives, according to the article) to get the Odin?
  7. You get a free premium ship + a ton of stuff and your reaction is: I want more!
  8. If you don't use money you get - Graf Spee - 7,500 coal - 4 days premium time - 15 cammo's - 10.000 free xp - 20 special signals - 5 containers Sounds pretty good to me? And they do need money to keep the servers running, WG is not a charity.
  9. This looks good so far: - Prices are very clear up front, very clear what you need to spent to get Odin. - Good communication about the stages and the rewards - 3 weeks to complete the last directive, giving you some extra time in case you missed 1 or 2 weeks somewhere due to holidays. It still depends on how insane the directives are, but so far: very well writen artice! You learned from the PR feedback.
  10. I asked on 15 jan the question about LU going to the RB and people not having acces to the RB and this is what @MrConway answered:
  11. Ok, let me rephrase it: players with less then 5 TX lines had acces to getting LU when getting new TX ship. This is no longer the case. Players with less then 5 lines complete can no longer get LU. This is a change that I think is bad (mostly because I am one of those players with less then 5 TX lines). And yes, I do know that the LU are supposed to be sidegrades, but some are very usefull (and some are not). As for the RB being for long term players: sure! Go ahead, put stuff like the Ohio in it, that is fine with me. I am fully aware that I will never get the Ohio/Colbert/other RB ships and that is fine. But I do no agree that the LU's should be there behind a "get 5 TX lines" wall. And WG did say when they announced that the LU were moving to the RB that they would look into the fact that players who do not have the RB unlocked would get some way to get LU's. So since I have not heard anything about that so far, I'm giving them an idea on how to solve it (while earning them money and not ruining the skill lvl at high tiers).
  12. @Crysantos Are these improvements aimed at people not having acces to the Research Bureau yet? Because you took the legendary modules away from us. We could get them before and now we no longer have acces to them. This depends on your starting situation: do you have 5 TX lines or not. Because right now a new player reaching his first TX ship, has to grind 5 more lines (4 to unlock the RB, then 1 more as a reset) to get the first legendary module. I rather get 40k base xp on that first ship, much easier. I don't mind the idea of resetting a line and using free xp to get some quick RB points. But I do think it is a horrible idea to suggest to people that they should free xp some random lines to unlock the Research Bureau. We have enough people at the high tiers with no clue how to play their ship. I did get the legendary missions (and completed them) for my first 2 TX ships. But I can not get a legendary module for my third ship. This is plain wrong. I do not see an option to buy special signals. I can only buy the normal economic signals. Where can you buy the special signals?
  13. Just want to point out: I did grind out the legendary modules on my first 2 lines. And I would not mind doing the old style missions for my next ship. Because that made sense: You want the legendary module for the Gearing? The play the Gearing... a lot. And that is what I did. As a casual player. No problem.
  14. So you want me to free xp 2 more lines to unlock TX ships from lines that I have never played? I don't think that is what this game needs, more people at top tiers with ships they have no clue how to play. I prefer to grind my lines slowly so I can learn the ships.
  15. @MrConway@Crysantos When it was announced that legendary modules where moved to the Research Bureau, you also said that you would remember those without acces to the Research Bureau. So far, I heard or seen nothing about that. So, easy solution: put them in the premium store please, so I can just buy them. Thanks!