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  1. Zigiran

    Stuck in select username screen

    I'm (finally) into the game!
  2. Zigiran

    Unable log in via Steam acc

    Odd thing is that I can log in my Path of Exile account with no problems through steam. Yet so far a lot of WoWs-steam players (or all of them?) can not log in. Are you sure the problem is with Steam?
  3. Zigiran

    Unable log in via Steam acc

    Same problem here. Was hoping to get some games this morning. But Steam said "no"
  4. Zigiran

    Game thinks I'm a new player

    When I start up WoWs, it shows me the screen where I can pick a name for a new account. Very nice, but I very much would like it if WoWs would just load this account. I play the steam version. Does anybody know how to solve this? Rebooting pc: no effect Restarting the game for the Nth time: no effect
  5. Zigiran

    Important message for the community

    A good, well writen article! Like many said here: this sounds all good, so I hope you keep this up and make this all come true. But yeah, good start!
  6. Zigiran

    A Look Through Time: Dutch Cruisers

    The mission started 2 weeks ago?
  7. Zigiran

    WG code for "We f***** up"

    WG: we think double CV is a good thing in 7 v 7 CB's. WG: Everybody is smoking... lets limit that! Next week: all smoke cruisers are banned! Week after that: DD's are now smoking the cruisers... all DD's are banned! Week after that: we decided to remove the CV limit in CB;s
  8. Zigiran

    Mouse's Criticsm of the CC Program

    I know at least 1 CC who left and might end up in financial problems because of this. But this person choose to do so out of personal believes.
  9. Charede is also out...
  10. Zigiran

    What's with the GRONINGEN?

    Groningen and Friesland are not premium ships, they are special ships. Special ships have always been subject to the "may be changed if needed" Premium ships were not subject to the "may be changed if needed" rule, however these days WG is avoiding that by including the new "can be changed if needed" tag to new premium ships.
  11. Does anybody else find it hilarious that submersed subs can run fast enough that it is a very long chase in a DD to catch up with them so you can finally nuke them with your dept charges? Even more funnier in a cruiser: plenty of subs can run faster then some cruisers.
  12. Zigiran

    Subs in co-op - experiences

    - Watched a T10 sub (german) take on a T9 BB (FDG) bot. After 5 minutes or so the FDG lost 60% hp, the sub ran out of dive capacity, surfaced and was destroyed by the BB. - My Massachutes (with no ASW) got torped by a bot sub. A slight tab on the D key made sure the torps missed. - Human sub players struggle to get higher base xp then bot cruisers. - Played Smolensk, realised I had dept charges, turned on hydro, spotted a sub 2.5 km away from me, turned towards the sub... then you realise the sub is doing almost 30 knots. Took me minutes to chase the sub while not being able to do anything against it. - "Dive capacity drains faster while detected" -> barely noticable, detected submersed subs can stay at max dept for minutes while being imune to most weapons - Bot subs go in random directions. Combine this with submersed subs being almost impossible to find (detection range with hydro is tiny, it does not show up with RPF or radar), co-op games can suddenly last 15 minutes because people have to search the entire map to find a bot sub.... Conclusion: - Subs seem useless with almost no impact on the game - Co-op is not the place anymore to farm some quick missions (farm ribbons and such)
  13. Zigiran

    The Fourth Brawl

    @YabbaCoe Why do the Brawl news articles have the tag "Clan"? Both this article (4th brawl) and the previous one ( https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/clans/brawls-3-in-0106/ ) have the "Clan" tag.
  14. Zigiran

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.7

    Nvm, I read things wrong
  15. Next CB will be 7 v 7 with double CV. Let us do the math here: - Ryujo: 8 planes per squadron - Kijkduin: 6 planes per squadron So with 2 Ryujo's and 5 Kijkduin's (Kijkduinen?) we are having 46 planes in the air (not counting fighters or spotter planes). For 1 side. If both sides wield the same lineup, we are having 92 planes in the air. So the questions are: 1: Do we get aircraft collisions? 2: When do we get airtraffic controllers to make sure all the planes go were they need to go (and to prevent aircraft collisions)?