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  1. I just remembered, there are sometimes boxes in the daily mission chain. Are those new year boxes or christmas boxes? If not new year boxes, I will buy a Belle Époque container. Thanks for the tip, I had not noticed how cheap they were.
  2. As stated in the title, will Belle Époque containers be available in the arsenal later for coal? I did not get my collection completed and since I can't unlock the PEF (new player -> not enough countries unlocked to grind 4 mil credits), I can not do the PEF campaign that unlocks the new year containers that have the Belle Époque items. I got way too many doubles, so I either need 1 more item or 2 more doubles to complete the entire set.
  3. Zigiran


    This is my world of warship folder. It does not contain a WorldOfWarships.exe file.
  4. Zigiran


    How do you replay the replays with the steam version of the game? I can not find a " WorldOfWarships.exe "
  5. Zigiran

    Does the enjoyment improve?

    I would guess this would be mostly torpedoes, from either DD's or CV's. This is most likely from new players still figuring out how these things work. In one of my first CV games I accidently sunk a DD, the next game I hit a cruiser with 2 torps. I did learn my lesson and never torped a friendly again on my CV, but yeah, these things can happen in the lower tier. This is always a risk, but it might be that they crashed when the game started. DD's usually do their own thing (asuming they are capping, spotting and harrassing) and the BB's at tier 3/4 are still learning where they need to be, so yes, some will snipe from the rear, some will rush in. This will improve at higher tiers. But even then, some games go perfect, some fall apart within minutes and some games are exciting and tense untill the last minute / shots / points.
  6. Indeed. Just had a match in my october revolution where we had crappy spotting: I see a cruiser on the left side, I switch my turrets... wait for it... wait a bit more... almost the guns on target.... oh, he dissapears. Oh, look, a ship on the right side, turn the turrets.... turn... come on... almost there... oh, he is gone. Hey, the cruiser on the left side is spotted again... *sigh* There were questions in the chat if I was going to fight and shoot. I'm guessing that: a: I really need to play more BB's to learn how to sail these things b: maybe T5 is not the best place to learn this So yeah, lesson learned: do not buy a ship of a higher tier then you are familiar with. I'm going back to T3 BB's and learn how to use them. And that is also the reason I'm not going to buy the PEF: it will be a horrible experience for me, because I have no clue how to use a T6 BB, whether it is a good ship or not.
  7. Thanks for the tips, I did indeed forget about the steel reward. And I did not know about the mission chain that gives T6 ships with perma camo. However, I still decided not to buy the PEF to do this for 2 reasons: - the mission chain for the T6 ships does not seem very hard, but it does seem long. I'm not sure if I can complete it in time. - I just spent a few battles in my Okt revolution and now I remembered why I never played any BB line (besides the first 2 japanse BB's to unlock the CV)... Lord, why would anybody want to play a BB? It does not accelerate, it does not turn and it takes ages to reload. And I can't hit anything at 14 km range (although that last one is a learn2play issue I guess) I still will grind with the Okt revolution for the BB parts of the 2nd and 3th directive, but after that... I'm going back to my Kagero
  8. Thanks for the info. You are right, I should focus on having fun and this part does not seem fun (or possible). I decided I'm not going to continue on this 4th directive. I also noticed that the reward for the 4 mil credits missions is only credits, not a box with collection items. That feels a bit... odd. "Get a lot of credits and we give you some more". So I'm going to finish the BB parts of the 2nd and 3rd directive, hopefully finish the Belle Epoque collection (so far I got 15 dublicates) and then I'm done.
  9. Thanks for the info. Since I don't have those credit camo's or those flags (besides the zulu flags) and I don't have high tier premium ships (only got the okt revolution from coal), it basicly means: I need to buy the PEF or forget about this last directive? And I got 1 line above T5, but that is the japanse torpedo destroyers, I have the Kagero (T8). But that was not amazing to complete the 3th directive. Thank god you could do that fire starting mission in co-op mode, the kagero is not the best gun boat. Getting those 200 hits with secondaries and shooting down 100 planes is impossible on a kagero, kinda makes me feel I'm playing the wrong line for these events
  10. I have some questions about the "Imperial treasury" directive to get the P.E.Friedrich: earn 4 million credits with 6 different nations 1: Does it uses the credits earned with or without the service cost? 2: General tips I saw for earning credits, do all of these work for this and do you have more tips? Premium time Premium ship Zulu flag (+20% credits) India Bravo Terrathree (-10% post-battle service cost) <-- I guess this one depends on the answer of question 1 3: Some people already bought the PEF, what do they get as a reward for the directive? 6.800 doubloons? 4: Since I only have 4 nations with T5 ships (Japan, USA, USSR and Germany), any tips what would be the best way to get 2 more missions done?
  11. Zigiran

    Do reports get checked?

    I just had a battle where an opponent said he/she reported all our dd players (that would include me). When I asked why, the answer was: "because DD is a bad choice of ship, go try co-op". Assuming I really did get reported, what does this mean for me?
  12. Zigiran

    What are the different detection icons?

    Thanks! I understand now
  13. Zigiran

    What are the different detection icons?

    Thanks, I forgot about airplanes And how do these icons look? Ship: ! Airplane: ! airplane But radar, hydro and RPF?
  14. What are the different detection icons I see in the game? The ! is being seen by another ship But I also see a white or a yellow radar signal. Is there a different between them? Are the both radar? Or Hydro? Or radio location? Or....? A very confused DD captain, wondering why he keeps getting sunk....