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  1. Zigiran

    Give Karma an actual purpose

    I see a problem with this: In a recent game I torped some smoke in my DD and catched 2 enemy DD's in them: dev strike, first blood, double strike, 3 minutes into the game. Oh, and 2 reports. If playing good / getting lucky (did not expect to catch a 2nd dd in that smoke) means I get reported and I loose karma, then I'm not sure if there should be benefits to karma. On the other hand: giving a benefit to karma would effectively remove CV's from the game, since playing those is a guaranteed loss in karma it seems?
  2. Zigiran

    Hawking captain build?

    I just got the hawking and I'm wondering a bit about the captain build: 1: PT 2: I guess either AR or LS? Since the guns seem to turn decent so you do not need EM? 3: Survivial expert! Just kidding, DE ofcourse 4: CE After that: AR / LS (whatever I did not take first) IFHE? And... ? The idea is to have the captain move up in the line next patch, so it is a build for Hawkings + the rest of the line.
  3. Zigiran

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    Thank you WG for allowing me to get some nice premium ships. Also, please ignore the old grandpa's complaining that "back in the old days...". Although, I do have to say, you guys sound hilarious. Everybody who was not there 4 years ago gets a chance to get these ships (very nice) and all you can do is complain "I already have these ships" How entitled are you people? Oh no, an event where you do not get new ships but all the new people do... how horrible for you old people. Did you expect that the playerbase would stay the same for 4 years? Some people leave, some people join. In 4 years, yeah, that means a lot of new players who do not have the ARP ships.
  4. Zigiran

    A small psychological insight for you WG

    I think people need to rethink their mindset. For me this event is about getting easy tokens that reward me with coal, cammo's and flags. And you know what I'm getting: I'm playing some games, have some fun and as a bonus: I get some bundles with coal, cammo's and flags. I'm perfectly happy with this event. The directives are easy and I get some rewards for it! And who knows, maybe I get lucky and get a ship, but if not, I'm planning to grind them next patch anyway, since they seem like fun. You and many other people in this thread see this event as a way to get ships. And it seems to me you people are not having fun and you are angry. You can decide which mindset you like best. But I'll stick to mine: have fun, receive some free stuff, be happy!
  5. Zigiran

    Lunar New Year: Last Chance!

    They are very consistent with apolocontainers: they always arive a few days after the incident. So I expect them tomorrow or sunday. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/sales-and-events/lunar-new-year-2020/ Win a battle playing a Tier V–X ship, and you'll get a commemorative flag honoring the Year of the White Metal Rat, as well as three Wargaming containers. Each of them includes 1 day of Premium Account, 3x Papa Papa signals, and 3x Juliet Charlie signals.
  6. Zigiran


    Actually, karma does 1 thing (and that is the reason I do kinda care about my karma): With higher karma you get more compliments per day! And since I run out of compliments every day, I really would like to get myself more karma, so I can compliment more people.
  7. Zigiran

    XP modifiers - Math question

    Thanks for the answers! This is what I was looking for
  8. I have a question about captain xp calculations. But to start off, this is the assumption I have about xp, please let me know if I got this wrong: Assumption: As far as I know, this is how xp interacts with eachother: Base xp: this is based on your ingame performance (damage, capping,etc), nothing else Ship xp: the "normal" xp you use to unlock ships: this is base xp * xp modifiers Captain xp: this is ship xp * captain xp modifiers The question: Do normal xp modifiers have the same effect as captain xp modifiers when it comes to calculating captain xp? For example: Let's take 2 cammo's: Cammo 1 gives + 200% xp Cammo 2 gives + 100% xp and +100% captain xp When it comes to ship xp, cammo 1 gives more xp then cammo 2. Simple. But when it comes to captain xp, do cammo 1 and cammo 2 give the same amount of captain xp?
  9. Zigiran

    The Beginning is a Very Delicate Time

    If I were a new player today and I would have had some fun in the game in T1 and T2, shooting at ships, sailing happily around. And then you go to T3 and you get 10 matches where you get bombed every match, you never even see the opposing enemy surface ships and your AA is doing nothing at the places (asuming you even have AA on your T3 ship). Yeah, I would leave too. T3 ships are just CV food these days. I'm very happy that I have the free XP to skip T3 and T4.
  10. Zigiran

    British Cruisers Part 1 Random bundles

    If you disagree with statements like "playing a game" and "having fun", it does make me wonder why you do play the game? No disrespect intended. I personally look forward to grind the with the UK heavy cruisers. And I don't mind starting at T5, because I enjoy playing T5 and up. Would it be nice to get a ship with premium cammo from this event: sure. Will I be fine if I get none and have the get the entire line from the start: sure. And I will still get flags/cammo's/stuff from this event, so I'm happy about that.
  11. Zigiran

    British Cruisers Part 1 Random bundles

    They should rename the patch then: Update 0.9.0 Sinking British Cruisers There, I solved it
  12. Zigiran

    Fires are insane

    Play your Massa in co-ops. Might be boring, but it brings in a steady amount of credits. You don't need to equip premium consumables there (you can if you want) and you don't really need flags.
  13. Zigiran

    open all container button

    So he can save them untill the weekend (or has a day off from work/school/whatever) and use the most of those 24 hours of premium time?
  14. Zigiran

    Whats happening to DD players today ??

    The problem with the game is that if you had yolo'd and gotten a dev strike on a BB (and probably died after that) you would have gotten more xp. Your team might not have won, but as you explained: this is how the game is designed right now. And you even forgot one thing: in option b you are probably yolo'ing, causing you to die faster, allowing you to go to the next game faster. So those 1000 games with option b take less time for more xp total.
  15. Zigiran

    Whats happening to DD players today ??

    I would want that somebody with 3 caps and over 200k spotting damage comes in the top 3 of team. It means he was a big reason why the team won, it would be nice if WG would reward that with more base xp. Might even help DD's stop farming damage but instead focusing on helping win