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  1. Sympathy4TheDevil

    Please allow me to introduce myself....

    I don't play Coops either, obviously had to the first few battles with the new account.
  2. Sympathy4TheDevil

    Please allow me to introduce myself....

    My NA account, so I beg to differ...and don't ask about the Donskoi WR, I played great in it, just could not get the wins... :(
  3. Sympathy4TheDevil

    Please allow me to introduce myself....

    Actually came up with it while listening to the Tiamat version of the song - much, much darker and more fitting.
  4. Sympathy4TheDevil

    Free Chapayev - Where to go from here?

    Chappy is awesome and tier 9 and 10 are even better. Grind it out, spam HE and don't get in too close. Play the Moskva bow on and you can do damage for days.
  5. Sympathy4TheDevil

    Any Scottish clans?

    American living in the EU currently just started playing on here but not new to WoWs, family hales from Clan MacLaren originally, would be cool to join up with some Kin.
  6. Sympathy4TheDevil

    Please allow me to introduce myself....

    Well, you got me there. Well done! Does it help if I say I had been drinking whiskey when I posted this? ;)
  7. Sympathy4TheDevil

    Please allow me to introduce myself....

    As I said, from the US, was playing on NA server. Not new to this game.
  8. Sympathy4TheDevil

    Hello there ladies and gents Are you ready to rock???

    I was surprised I did not think of it either, just happened to be listening to a cover of the song when I was creating an account and VOILA!!!
  9. Just moved back to Deutschland, been back in USA so have been playing on there for the last few years. I am a pretty decent player (Top 10 clans on US), experienced in CW, like to kick [edited]and take names and pew pew pew. Will be looking for a clan here in the near future after getting some battles under my belt. Mature, team player, fun-loving, [edited]-kicking, super-unicum, Russian-biased, bad-[edited]. Hale from Clan Maclellan, so would love to find a Scottish clan if possible, do tend to get a bit feisty...
  10. Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste. I've been around for a long, long year, stole many a man's soul to waste, and I was 'round when Jesus Christ had his moment of doubt and pain, made damn sure that Pilate washed his hands and sealed his fate...you get the picture. Have been on the US server now in the EU. See ya around, prepare to die if you are on the red team. Clans, after a few weeks, get ready - Super Unicum on the way.