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  1. tinvek

    I love the new port :D

    i was about to post this, a nice simple clear view in a modern museum environment would be great. also how about an option to hide all the ship details and options, ship carousel etc to allow us to get clear screen shots to use as wall paper ? i.e. the same as when you are using the mouse to turn the view BTW if you spin the view so you're looking at the port bow, the lighting is a lot better. still not found the secret but i'm hoping that if i spend long enough watching that half open door, Dasha will walk past as she gets out of the shower looking for a towel
  2. tinvek

    Mouse that COULD automatically double-click legal?

    it would be of negligible benefit in WoWS purely because of how little the double click is used. it's certainly less than for a FPS game when the ability to simulate multiple mouse clicks with a single button might enable a single fire weapon to effectively become fully automatic, of course decent developers can use the game mechanics to stop it by simply implementing a reload time between shots but i remember when i got my first mouse with a scroll wheel and discovered i could auto fire pistols etc in COD 4, i felt bad about using it at first but there were so many hacks in the game that allowed people to do that anyway that in the end i used it
  3. same here, almost bought it a week ago but a small voice at the back of my head was saying wait. for once i listened logically speaking, as long as you're disciplined enough to only consider ships you actually want, either to play or collect, you should go for the dearest one available to maximise the 25% saving
  4. tinvek

    Torp bug

    was the island getting revenge for this ?
  5. tinvek

    How do you actually play a Battleship?

    How do i play a battleship ? Badly, Very Badly
  6. obviously from the same stock as the gun crew on HMS hood that fired one last shot after she'd exploded
  7. tinvek

    Smolensk Have to force me to Delete the Game

    oh come on, don't you know the OP is forced to play tier X to maintain his credibility as someone who knows when it's time to delete ?
  8. tinvek

    When in doubt, blame BBs

    i was just watching my son play in tier III co op and possibly saw the worst BB player ever, he was in a wyoming and after abandoning their CV which was being chased by the bot wyoming, he spent the last 5 min of the game at less than 7Km from a bot hermes and failed to sink it, yes in 5 min he failed to do to a bot hermes, what the bot wyoming could do to a human hermes in less than 2min from a greater distance
  9. tinvek

    Tier IX DD Friesland = 1,000,000 FreeXP

    i can relate to how they feel, being Welsh i'm forever having to explain to (mostly ) Australian and American online friends that I AM NOT ENGLISH i usually point them to this
  10. tinvek

    Homing torpedoes for subs confirmed

    now that is a good idea, to transmit info they should at least be at periscope depth, and the same should apply to spotting info from their team mates, once a sub is below periscope depth, the only live info it's mini map should show is what it can spot itself
  11. tinvek

    Teaser Pics of new Submarines from Global models

    wow, that brings back memories of building Gato class Airfix models in the 70's
  12. so buy the Kidd and get a container that may contain the Kidd, why bother even listing the Kidd as possible content when it will automatically be replaced with another ship ?
  13. tinvek

    New teased Pan Europian DD Friesland, tier IX

    just seen her in co just seen her in a co op game, was that you ?
  14. just seen a friesland in a co op game
  15. So far i've not gone for the expensive offers but the Perth and the Okhotnik have been worth the money , the OKhotnik especially is an absolute scream to play in co op and i'm looking forward to seeing if i can make it work for me in random