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  1. hmm not exactly a great idea i got destroyed in a cruiser once whilst unspotted in less than a minute purely because an enemy yamato pressed his left mouse button by mistake, one salvo and thanks to RNG, the gods of virtual war and anything else you can blame, i was done, the guy even apologised on chat to me saying he hadn't aimed or anything, just accidentally sent his shells to where his crosshairs happened to be resting more seriously all this would do is encourage everyone to hang back for 2 minutes, then rush in and die, so what then? penalise anyone that dies in the first 5 mins ? you may as well say how about penalising a BB that hasn't managed to hit anything before 3 of it's own team have been sunk or if they miss with every single shot in the first 10 minutes because they are so far away from their targets ?
  2. tinvek

    Friendly fire

    another famous real world episode Transcribed (with minor edits) from the German wiki: At thirty-three minutes to midnight, the Mogami fired six torpedoes in the direction of the (Northampton-class heavy cruiser) USS Houston. This volley was later described as one of the most effective of the Pacific War, as five of the six torpedoes found a target. Unfortunately, they missed the Houston and ran on towards Bantam Bay, where the Japanese had their invasion fleet at anchor. A few minutes later, five heavy explosions lit up the night. The transporters Horai Maru, Sakura Maru, Tatsuno Maru and Ryujo Maru all sank in the shallow waters of the bay (the latter two were later raised by the Japanese). Additionally, the Japanese minesweeper W2 was hit and sunk.
  3. hmm punish low scorers, that'll really make destroyers happy about detonation, so they hang back to avoid getting hit, the the OP will complain about "poor players" in destroyers not spotting and costing his team the game. worse what about the totally random crap that can happen, i got detonated once by an enemy's totally random shell within the first minute whilst being completely unspotted, and when i say random i mean random, i commented in chat and he admitted that he'd pressed his left mouse button by accident !!! even worse, what if you get team Killed before you can do anything? are you saying you should be punished because someone else either screwed up or was being an arse ?
  4. so today's daily crates my son got another 10 token crate so that's 20 out of 2 i got 300, so 315 out of 2
  5. tinvek

    What I am doing wrong ?

    they belong to you so you're responsible for them as jingles is fond of saying " just as there's no such thing as a friendly hand grenade once it's thrown, so there's no such thing as a friendly torpedo once it's launched" they're like a badly trained dog, you can't control them once you let them loose so make sure it's safe to do so, everyone's done it on occasion but if you're repeatedly hitting friendly ships with your torps, you really need to re think when you launch them. just because you have torps that can be stealth fired doesn't mean you have to launch them,
  6. same here, i missed by a hundred or so because of real world issues, if the cost to make it up had been more realistic, i'd have happily spent it just for the historic value but the price was way too high for what is, for most purposes, just another captain that's skipped the early grind. re the original question, the first daily container was 15 tokens, my son got 10 with his
  7. tinvek

    Warning European commanders in Crates

    the straits are deceiving, Nelson referred to them as "one of the most treacherous stretches of sea in the world."[
  8. strong contender for post of the year / decade / century / millennium
  9. just the hawkins, not sure how many bundles but i've completed the four directives so someone can work it out if they want and add a couple extra for tokens form other sources also got the Albemarblehead from a royal bundle, i normally wouldn't have bought it but it was in the first bundle so i knew it was there with no risk and the doubloon cost is the same as perma camo anyway
  10. tinvek

    legal and ethics?

    don't forget 55 BC and 1066 and as someone from wales i'd add 1277
  11. tinvek

    Friendly Fire- why still present in game?

    this, i've lost count of how many firing opportunities i've rejected because of the danger to allies, i'm not perfect and still make the odd mistake ( i got very lucky in co op yesterday when the match finished about 2 seconds before i put 3 torps into an team mate) but i try to plan the torps "escape route" and " back stop" before firing
  12. tinvek

    British Cruisers Part 1 Random bundles

    i bought 1 doubloon bundle as i could see it was for the tier 8 ship, after completing the first directive i bought token bundles and landed the tier 5 in the third one
  13. i took a chance, got tier VIII
  14. tinvek

    99% construction of Puerto Rico

    the "top up" to complete should have been worked out as a simple percentage of the full cost, eg if you're 99% complete the finishing cost should just be 540 doubloons. not ideal i know but it would be reasonably decent way to allow people to finish by reflecting how close they got rather than not differentiating between those that only just got past phase V and those that almost completed phase VI