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  1. Palubarac

    Armada: London

    Oh, you said 'AND'. That's ok then. I was paying almost as much for a pint only (no takeaway) in Sidney but it UK was significantly cheaper... But I'm getting off topic here so I'll leave at that. Or to get back to topic... You either freeXP to T8 or you buy London and get the doubloons back when you finish all directives. Those 10 tokens a day (the sooner you get one of those, the better) definitely means a lot. For me it means I can go on vacation tomorrow for a week and still get the captain and doubloons back... For others it means they don't need to grind as much and can enjoy playing relaxed, still knowing they will get all rewards, including the main ones (RN captain + London)... Yeah, it's not a hard decision despite London not being anything special really.
  2. Palubarac

    Armada: London

    Out of all this I have to say.... your pint is quite expensive. Cheers.
  3. Palubarac

    0.9.1 - General Feedback

    Which once again proves that removing one operation (the most popular one) for issues affecting ALL operations is a complete nonsense that WG cannot explain.
  4. Palubarac

    0.9.1 PTS - General Feedback

    I'm not saying it's not nice, it most certainly is. I'm just talking about something else here (which I already explained more than once). Oh well, I'll just wait for the response from @YabbaCoe @Crysantos @MrConway @Sehales or someone else, probably after the weekend.
  5. Palubarac

    0.9.1 PTS - General Feedback

    I'm not sure if I was not clear enough in my previous post or you didn't read it carefully. I know what the prize was (100 'Royal tokens') but I didn't know what those 100 tokens are for, I didn't know what's the main reward or how much tokens I need for that main reward or any other reward for that matter. So I simply did not know the value or the use of those 100 'Royal Tokens' and at the time it made no difference if the reward was 1 'Royal Token' or 10,000 'Royal Tokens' as any additional information was missing and therefore there was no context to those 100 'Royal Tokens'. Is it clearer now?
  6. Palubarac

    0.9.1 PTS - General Feedback

    @YabbaCoe Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that no details about the British tokens and the rewards were given for the duration (or prior to) of the PTS. What do I mean? While we were on the PTS I believe we had no idea what those 100 tokens mean. We didn't know the rewards, how many tokens we will be able to win etc. Don't you think it would make sense and be fair for the players to at least give them some details regarding the tokens they will be given for doing certain tasks in the PTS? For example, I was so disappointed with your 'British tokens' and getting no ships at all (despite opening all random bundles possible) that I didn't want to bother with the PTS, especially not reaching Rank 1 in Ranked. If I knew that by reaching reaching Rank 1 in Ranked, I'd be getting 10% of the required tokens for the RN Captain... I'd probably reconsider.
  7. Did WG tweak some of the ops that were brought back now? I have a feeling Aegis is different than it was last time I've played it (last rotation). I experienced a more difficult gameplay with a lot more torps than before.
  8. Palubarac


    What about ALL T1, ALL T2 and ALL T3 in ALL matches? WUT!?
  9. Palubarac

    0.9.1 - General Feedback

    As far as I can see that upgrade affects the dispersion of SECONDARY battery shells, not main gun shells. (and it reduced dispersion, not the other way around anyways) I mean it does change the 'dispersion' value when I change it but now I'm a bit confused TBH.
  10. Palubarac

    0.9.1 - General Feedback

    Can you post a screenshot showing you 305m max. dispression? It's the old 271m for me over here...
  11. Palubarac

    0.9.1 - General Feedback

    @YabbaCoe I had issues more than once since the update... The UI non-responsive... when I left-click on something I can see the UI registering the click but there is no reply from the server to excuse the command. For example even trying to exit the game in such state (clicking on the 'settings' icon in the top left corner) doesn't work. I can see the 'settings' icon being clicked but no setting are being opened. I have to "end task" by force. That's the only way to exit the game, restart it and hope it won't happen again. I was also trying to open a daily container and when I click on "collect container", the button is being pressed but no container is being delivered. No matter how many times I press the button, nothing happens (except seeing the button being pressed). Then when I press 'Esc' (or click on it) then it asks me which container I want to collect. Something is messed up. Not good.
  12. Palubarac

    How I play Aigle in Aegis

    Anyone playing it again? I played it last time (a month ago?) and I was completing it almost every time with 5/5 even with a team of potatoes... Last night I played ONCE and we got pounded, especially with an insane amount of torpedoes from all cruisers. TBH I've never experienced that many torps in this operation before. Is it just me or they tweaked this operation a bit? Can someone check/confirm? Tnx.
  13. Palubarac

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    More luck than skill... Still a Kraken so I'm not complaining...
  14. Palubarac

    Armada: London

    Another crippled premium ship just because you can get it for free.
  15. Palubarac

    Getting overrun, or overrunning the other team....

    @Taliesn (to avoid quoting and making a post longer than it has to be) This has absolutely nothing to do with 'rigged MM' or any 'thin foil' theories. I'm just sharing my experience based on my Random battles in the last week or so... I can't be even bothered to check how many there were (this can be checked.. I know.. I just don't think it's relevant and I don't care about those stats ppl are so obsessed nowadays) but out of a couple dozens of battles... that's the experience I had. I think there was one battle only where it was interesting and close til the very end. The rest were decided in the first 5 minutes and the majority of those were one team completely zeroing the other. Another thing I've noticed in regards to the MM is when I was grinding the Russian CL line (again, last week or two). With Chapayev I was in battles with T10s most of the time. Once I got Donskoi, I was mostly matched with T8s and even T7s. Again, no 'rigged MM' or anything like that (in that would be the case I wouldn't mention being high tier with Donskoi in the majority of my battles) but it's just an experience I've had. I might be able to look at some logs and show this off but is it really necessary? You can believe it or not, I don't really care. After all, it's my personal experience, not necessarily the experience of other players. I suspect that I just had really bad luck and that's it. And obviously the MM which doesn't take into consideration the skill of the players. I'm not saying it should or proposing anything... I'm just saying if skill was one of the parameters in the MM, I probably wouldn't have the experience I had in the last week or two playing random battles and seeing one team wiping the other within the first half of the battle (often even sooner than that). That's it. My experience. My thoughts. Take it or ignore it.