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  1. Afghanicus

    Good job with the new campaign, WG

    Don't hate me, I just think one thread per relevant section about the EXACT SAME topic is enough. But if you don't... carry on, don't mind me.
  2. Afghanicus

    Stop giving the bots vodka

    I noticed such issues in earlier updates. Glad WG managed to fix them and now the operations' rewards are nerfed for a reason. [/s]
  3. Afghanicus

    0.9.3 - General Feedback

    Total BS. Like players use the useless AA anyways. And now they use that childish excuse to NOT give us the free commander's re-spec which was always present during CBs. "Improvements" everywhere indeed. The ones in charge of such changes need a reality check, asap.
  4. Afghanicus

    Tier battle Random rework

    Well, you both played more than I did so I don't need to tell you about so many situations where theory just doesn't hold. You know very well that if you angle against BBs and you have a CV on your tail looking to land nice torps you can either angle against the torps and get hit by BBs or keep angled against those sniping BBs and eat all torps. Coming close is an option unless you have like 4 DDs waiting for just that. In that case you're spotted all the time, without seeing an enemy and you know there will be incoming torps in the next 10 seconds or so. But what do I know.. P.S. Spotting planes are completely irrelevant as the max. range I used (26.6km for Yamato for example) is without the spotting plane. No reference to the ranges with spotting planes were made in any of my posts. I also never used the word "constantly" or any other synonym which would reflect a constant problem I had. I just mentioned the issue I was facing recently. That's all.
  5. Something WG uses all the time. Especially when they want the player-base to focus on minor improvements (that should have been implemented years ago) instead of all other BS that was delivered in the same package.
  6. Afghanicus

    0.9.3 - The Strong-Willed Campaign

    Pretty much. The main difference is that in the campaigns you can do the same mission multiple times and in directives you can't. The rest of the changes such as the name, stars collection etc. are just cosmetic touches and nothing else IMHO. I believe most (if not ALL) campaigns for commanders have no time limit.
  7. Afghanicus

    The ROFLSTOMP Project

    So you think because you opened a thread you're entitled to close it as well? It would be interesting to see if that's the case because that would say a lot about moderation over here. I agree it's said that you're the only one posting your spreadsheets here which means absolutely nothing since anyone can fake any spreadsheet but somehow when you say something you think it has some weight but when so many players point out how the quality of games has dramatically decreased of the last month or so.. that has no weight at all and it's all whining and controversy for the sake of it. Sure, makes perfect sense. To you probably and nobody else.
  8. The worst thing about CVs at the moment is the useless AA which isn't as nearly as effective as it should be. Priority sector makes a slight difference but not nearly enough and defensive AA module is a total joke. Not that this is the only issue but I believe it's the first one that should be focused on.
  9. Afghanicus

    Is it possible to rent Premium CVs?

    So the guy has nearly 800 battles with CVs with a WR of 61.3% and you'd restrict him to play co-op battles only? Because he is not good enough? Because he has not enough experience in CVs? While some total tool with no understanding of the basics of the game can buy any T8 CV he/she wishes and take it to randoms? LOLWUT!? P.S. You gotta love when some players dig the stats from others, write publicly about those with a negative connotation... while having their stats hidden. Hypocrisy at it's highest.
  10. Afghanicus

    Tier battle Random rework

    While that's technically true, it doesn't always work out in real world. You can avoid getting citadels but with a BB you can't really dodge all the shells, most of the time. Especially if more ships are shooting at your at the same time. Additionally, if you have a CV down your tail it makes all that even more difficult. Luckily with T8 I was facing mostly T8 CVs which isn't as bad as facing T10s. Not that I didn't have those battles but they did seem to be more rare as opposed to T8 CVs.
  11. Afghanicus

    Warning European commanders in Crates

    Seems like you either get it as the first bundle or the last one I'm sure those are not the only ones but from the (relatively small) sample I have at the moment, that seems to be the case. One of my clan mates had the same - got both commanders from the first bundle. The ones that started digging through the bundles.. mostly gave up after a dozen or few dozens of opened bundles with no commanders.
  12. Afghanicus

    Tier battle Random rework

    You really feel uptiered when playing your T8 against T10s Lately I was grinding my Vladivostok and I have been uptiered most of the time. With my 18km range it wasn't easy facing Jean Barts, Yamatos, Montanas etc. with much higher range than mine. And it's not like they aren't effective at the long range either. So while they can snipe me from 20ish+ kms (up to 26.6km) I can only hope that some other ship will make a mistake and come close so I can actually do something in that battle because I can forget about those BBs completely as they all have significantly higher range than mine, mostly from 30% up to 50% higher to be precise). You just feel you have almost no influence in such games and you completely depend on your team as opposed when facing the same tier when you don't have such issues, especially not that much. Maybe this example is not the most 'average' one but some other T8 vs T10 example would be more acceptable but it's still a struggle, no matter which example you find.
  13. Afghanicus

    New Coal Ship TX French DD Marceau

    I've me a few in co-op this morning. Most of them were the first to die without taking more than half HP from the DD that killed them. Not sure what to make out of it.
  14. Afghanicus

    Is it possible to rent Premium CVs?

    Yeah, because they cannot just pay 30/40 euros and get any premium CV they wish. It was the same with Puerto Rico... "WG will never sell T10 ships" they said once upon the time. Players were sure it will never happen and it should never happen. Then PR came along and all of a sudden you could have a total noob paying up 200 euros and playing a T10 ship. So we can imagine all kind of noobs playing premium T8 CVs as well as premium T9/T10 ships just because they can pay for it, not because they put enough time and effort to get to that T8-T10 games.
  15. Afghanicus

    Warning European commanders in Crates

    By giving some players both commanders on the first bundle, you're making sure they will talk about it, share it online and give motivation to others to buy the bundles thinking if it's not on the first one it will probably come "soon". No need to say the real outcome of such attempts and the amount of doubloons spent in hopes that bundle will appear "soon". Luckily, I have no gambling problem and since my first bundle brings some flags... I'd be more than happy to ignore all 61 of those.