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  1. WynnZeroOne

    CV Rework Discussion

    Not played since the 24/03 owing to a PC explosion, can't believe 2 CV's per game is still a thing. I'm eager to play, but the hysteria on the forums makes me think some time playing something else would be more fun, regardless of having a year of premium.
  2. Might as well have nukes then while we're at it. After all, you can see and shoot at a target 20km away if one of your DD's is within 16km of it, so it's not as if we're aiming for any semblance of realism. (Yes, I firmly believe the spotting mechanics are pish)
  3. WynnZeroOne

    0.8.0 Mac - Game Finally Ruined. BUG!

    Not as if they are going to focus on the 8.7% market share Mac holds of the global PC market as of March 19. Half of that market share is tablet-esque consumption users rather than contributors or creators and some 45% of the machines out there are the likes of Macbook Air that pack no punch, or macbooks with zero ventilation for cooling per gaming. As suggested, get windows running on something.
  4. WynnZeroOne

    too much planes and radar against DD.....

    It's not mandatory, you can stop paying and it will be fine.
  5. WynnZeroOne

    Random Battle is the primary game mode, but why?

    On that note, there's a raft (no pun intended) of elitist who constantly moan about potato's who perhaps deserve to purely face equally skilled players... So, perhaps super-unicums coould only ever face super-unicums. Is that what you're suggesting?
  6. WynnZeroOne

    CVs and gaming enjoyment in WoWs: 2nd Survey

    Bundling the neutrals in with the negatives.... lol. I might have slightly more fun (as a DD main) in battles without CV's, but that's only because WG made us the sole focus of CV's and broke the entire meta. A vote in that column is hardly a negative damnation of the game though. A vote built specifically for the CV-hating bandwagon jumpers as a vehicle to wax wroth is hardly indicative of the player base overall sentiment.
  7. WynnZeroOne

    Why WR and skill are generally correlated

    How are we defining skill? Surely it's not just damage or kills, neither is an adequate measure. Might stay awake a few hours and watch this unfold....
  8. I play for fun, but at the same time prefer to win. That said, there's a point early in every game where it's clear that we are either going to win, or - per lemmings and other twatwittery - we are pointedly going to lose. In the event of the former I play selflessly to aid the team, if the latter is apparent I frankly set out to farm as much damage as possible to mitigate the frustration and futility. It might not be right, but once the game is heading to a loss, I might as well carve something out from an economy perspective.
  9. WynnZeroOne

    Exeter - Last stage

    Indeed. Corsair will RMA, but I'll sell that off on eBay, I've been looking at an EVGA funnily enough. Took me ages to get that 100k in fires with a DD for a start, had almost completed the 100 shell hits with a combo of Acasta and Leander.
  10. WynnZeroOne

    Exeter - Last stage

    10yr RMA from Corsair, but terrible timing. It's the fourth time this Corsair RMX 650 Modular has been replaced, which is odd because Scan 3SX use them in the majority of their builds and they are very reliable. My other components test out fine when I've sent my custom build in for repair, I've changed surge protectors, sockets, houses (not deliberately) and every 9-12 months it goes bang. Considering they use these on builds with much heavier demands than my 3yr old build they are pretty certain I'm just unlucky. Choices now, not that they'll help with Exeter, are buy new PSU and fit that, send in for full repair and testing out of warranty, or just treat myself to a new machine. This one runs WoWS, Civ6, CoH1&2 and all the Total War's on full settings with just a EVGA GTX970 and an intel 6600K, but it's probably due an upgrade end of this year anyway. Looks like the couple of hours squeezed in each day to grind Exeter is going to have to be abandoned and then a purchase when the price drops. Gutted. Not even as if you can switch off your premium when not playing for a week either.
  11. WynnZeroOne

    Exeter - Last stage

    My PSU just blew up.... with four days to go to pay day. Kill me already. So close to Exeter too.
  12. Hehe... I had to get my 100000 fire damage in my T6 Icarus..... that hurt. I can understand why people might feel aggrieved, I've just completed my 20 torps mission, but found it easier to get there by playing the match before me than focusing on getting the torp hits. Wins are wins after all.
  13. Yup, just mistakes in translation perhaps? It's unfortunate for those who assume everything announced ever is set in stone,, but hardly worth hysterics, it is what it is. 7 achievements in randoms is easy, give or take potato teams on either side.
  14. WynnZeroOne

    Please add Submarines to counter CV`s

    Best they leave any major change and months of subsequent tweaking for a couple of years and focus on gameplay as has been demonstrated during the CV rework. CV players are divided, surface players are divided, the feedback is so heavily biased it's practically useless. Larger teams in CoOp and Randoms would be nice, perhaps an extra 4 ships in each for now, submarines will just divide the player base even more and when they come there'll be a horrific backlash when people realise they are slow, fragile and won't actually be a means to just score damage whilst hiding. Besides, nobody will enter caps if there's a sub in there, including DD's, so capping becomes a submarine cat and mouse game while the surface ships pinwheel in blobs to avoid subs and CV's more than ever.
  15. WynnZeroOne

    Scottish Naval Force (SNF)

    Nor did they build much of it.