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  1. WynnZeroOne

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    Exactly, so it's likely Submarines will feature in the main gameplay, namely randoms.
  2. WynnZeroOne

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    Again, exactly as before, it's very clear that the game is going to need two modes. Basic mode for a surface ship mini-game and Advanced/Full Mode for a game with Sub/CV and larger teams. Naturally, stats need to be split at this point, but you'll have Coop, Basic, Full and then obviously Scenario's and Ranked/Clan Gameplay etc Should suit everybody, WG needs to accept that the 'full experience' or 'hardcore mode' is not going to be for everyone, buit it's madness to think the primary game mode, or full game is going to be bereft of subs.
  3. WynnZeroOne

    CV Rework Discussion

    Some changes.... but it's done, they're working on something else now. It has been reworked. Now it'll be subject to the same tweaks and adjustments that the Spreadsheet Balans Brigade apply to everything else. But, it's still done.
  4. WynnZeroOne

    CV Rework Discussion

    See total focus on submarines and other cash grabbing events. They've moved on. Many have not it seems. Again, you don't need to prove confirmation bias, it simply exists, and my point regarding it existing in huge amounts in here stands. No point getting all forum troll about it champ.
  5. 24 ships per team is the way forward.
  6. WynnZeroOne

    CV Rework Discussion

    Objective Facts: Rework is complete. Opinions are polarised. There's plenty of confirmation bias, you don't back up an assertion of confirmation bias with facts, stats and numbers, you live in the real world and read the train wreck of a thread once in a while. It's there, on both sides, to argue otherwise is just trolling.
  7. WynnZeroOne

    CV Rework Discussion

    This is true. But forum anonymity brings out a more adversarial and toxic edge than most would dare take face to face.
  8. WynnZeroOne

    Coal Disparity in Ships Available

    But I thought 6-8 were statpadding?
  9. WynnZeroOne

    CV Rework Discussion

    Yeah, it's called confirmation bias and the thread is rank with it. Entirely polarised and pointless from a WG perspective. Which is likely why it was unpinned. Notwithstanding it's being bumped for the sake of toxicity and sulkiness on an hourly basis by the same people who cannae get on with their lives or play something else. It's a strange form of narcissistic sadomasochism
  10. WynnZeroOne

    CV Rework Discussion

    But you're supposed to sell EVERY ship as soon as you upgrade and must never train captains at lower tiers for the 100+ ships you can collect as WG encourages you too. Nothing worse than watching someone bring a 3pt captain to a T6/7/8 game.... but if the deign to train a captain at T4 or perhaps grind a new line several tiers below their other lines it's statpadding. Apparently I'm a reroll too, cos I'm half decent in a small number of ships. By those calculations, 40-50% of the playerbase must be a reroll, cos my stats aren't unicum or anything. I'd just ignore. This community is toxic as **** at best. Every game today there are people badmouthing in chat, I've seen the C word enough times to wonder why an auto chat ban doesn't kick in on using it.
  11. WynnZeroOne

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    Torp isn't supposed to hit the bulge, it's supposed to break the ships back by detonating underneath the keel. Something that WG have yet to model effectively by differentiating torpedo choices. Too busy making T10 premiums that devalue everything below T9
  12. WynnZeroOne

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    I don't think many of us plan on participating in sub-hunting.... If I wanted a monkey-button I'd get an AA cruiser with DFAA, not circling around a sub under a hail of fire permaspotted and unable to target the enemy manually.
  13. WynnZeroOne

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    Subs should kill off that sitting behind an island nonsense for good.
  14. She did well in the last T6 ranked sprint as I recall
  15. WynnZeroOne

    WOWs - Motivation for New Players

    Flamu clowning around in elitist boredom isn't exactly proof of anything. He's almost as whiny as Chase now.