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  1. CoffeeFueledCurmudgeon

    Submarine Testing

    Time Zone is open, still can't connect.
  2. CoffeeFueledCurmudgeon

    Submarine Testing

    Getting downvoted for not chasing the 8000hp kill all around the map, perm-spotted by both underwater target and the CV the entire time. The rest of the time you'll be getting downvoted for not capping under perma-radar as usual or not hanging your [edited]out to dry for border hugging BB's.
  3. CoffeeFueledCurmudgeon

    different ranked battles at a time

    You'll trigger the elitists with that kind of inclusivity, but it's a fair point. There's far too many potatoes rushing to T10 to participate with 38% WR and less than 400 battles. As a result I'm seeing streams, discord chats and other content reflecting the melting of half your team in the opening few minutes. This, in turn, seems to have a negative impact on the more cautious or tactically aware players who are either disheartened or enraged depending on ego levels. Ranked is a special kind of Masochism....
  4. CoffeeFueledCurmudgeon

    Autopilot , more buggier then ever

    Agree. Needed to pull back, should have been a clear turn in covered position, but the presence of other ships led my CV to charge into the oncoming enemy couldn't stop it either. Minimap showed the required turn, but ship was following some imaginary yolo line.
  5. CoffeeFueledCurmudgeon

    Can't Access Account Management

    Chrome didn't fix it for me. Edge Chromium Canary did.
  6. CoffeeFueledCurmudgeon

    Can't Access Account Management

    Yep, when I go to the drop down it takes me to that page. On three separate machines. I'm baffled.
  7. CoffeeFueledCurmudgeon

    Can't Access Account Management

    Clicking on the account management link only ever takes me to this page, I can't get into my account despite being signed in?
  8. CoffeeFueledCurmudgeon

    Strange players

    Problem is, CV's and Radar have made DD play cautious as hell, so the raging starts as soon as the DD's don't yolo a cap from the start. DD's won't go in because the CA's have all parked behind a safe rock some 13km from cap. BB's are fighting to be behind eachother on a charge to the flank. By which point the name calling starts. Then one of those BB's gets obliterated sailing broadside and blames the DD in chat.... descend into toxic hell from there. Notwithstanding the overwhelming number of bots shooting at the water, beaching, or sailing across the back of the map and back over the last few days....
  9. CoffeeFueledCurmudgeon

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    Server issues.
  10. CoffeeFueledCurmudgeon

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    Exactly, so it's likely Submarines will feature in the main gameplay, namely randoms.
  11. CoffeeFueledCurmudgeon

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    Again, exactly as before, it's very clear that the game is going to need two modes. Basic mode for a surface ship mini-game and Advanced/Full Mode for a game with Sub/CV and larger teams. Naturally, stats need to be split at this point, but you'll have Coop, Basic, Full and then obviously Scenario's and Ranked/Clan Gameplay etc Should suit everybody, WG needs to accept that the 'full experience' or 'hardcore mode' is not going to be for everyone, buit it's madness to think the primary game mode, or full game is going to be bereft of subs.
  12. CoffeeFueledCurmudgeon

    CV Rework Discussion

    Some changes.... but it's done, they're working on something else now. It has been reworked. Now it'll be subject to the same tweaks and adjustments that the Spreadsheet Balans Brigade apply to everything else. But, it's still done.
  13. CoffeeFueledCurmudgeon

    CV Rework Discussion

    See total focus on submarines and other cash grabbing events. They've moved on. Many have not it seems. Again, you don't need to prove confirmation bias, it simply exists, and my point regarding it existing in huge amounts in here stands. No point getting all forum troll about it champ.
  14. 24 ships per team is the way forward.
  15. CoffeeFueledCurmudgeon

    CV Rework Discussion

    Objective Facts: Rework is complete. Opinions are polarised. There's plenty of confirmation bias, you don't back up an assertion of confirmation bias with facts, stats and numbers, you live in the real world and read the train wreck of a thread once in a while. It's there, on both sides, to argue otherwise is just trolling.