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  1. Hello everybody, We're at SPI are looking for players interested in clan battles. We are a medium sized clan well established in Storm league, however we hit typhoon before, and we want to get back there. We have the commanders and most of the players for that, however, are currently lacking the numbers to pick a proper Alpha team out of. We are not crazy about stats when people are trying to join, since some of the gems we found in the past had rather mediocre stats when they joined. What we roughly require: ~A win rate of at least 50% ~At least one T10 ship that is not a Battleship ~Be active enough to show up at least once a week on discord. However, more activity is very welcome. Besides Clanbattles, we hang around every evening to play together in divisions and having fun together. We offer a friendly, very international, active Community. We usually recruit 18+ people only, but we are willing to make exceptions there if we get to know you and think you fit into our group. If you are interested, contact me on Discord “Das Curmel #0501” (preferred) or leave me a message here. Have a great Day! Fluffy
  2. Fluffy_of_Doom

    Winners – Recruiting Station Camouflage Contest

    Oh, I am so dump. Note to self: Don't only remember dates, also remember time of deadline
  3. Fluffy_of_Doom

    Winners – Recruiting Station Camouflage Contest

    So, finaly, my entry: Sci Fi Color Camo Computer Color Camo RGB Texture Black #000000 Green #066848 #000000 Green #18c600 Gold #99710c #ff0000
  4. Fluffy_of_Doom

    Winners – Recruiting Station Camouflage Contest

    So, last time I didn't had enough time to refine my ideas far enough to create something worth submitting, but this time the first attemps already look promising. To very different things this time. once something using more classic colors with a playful pattern, and one time a la "Sci-Fi never dies". With the second one I am not sure if I should go for the logo or without it. Without it seems to look out of place, with it seems a bit off. If the green and black is a bid too bright, a more classic colorscheme might also do well.
  5. Fluffy_of_Doom

    Camouflage Design Contest – King of the Sea

    First af all: Finally, a Camo Competition that I do not miss. I think I wil be going with something classy with a crown and with some "natural" greys or blues, since I'm not a fan of ships more colorful than my christmas tree. First scetches, this is not a submission, obviously still needs some work in the details and I am not sure if the use of letters is within the rules. PS: The crashtest ship looks cool, Smeggo ;)