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  1. Perekotypole

    How on earth do I Baltimore?!?

    dunno how it works, but usually I focus on chasing DDs around entire game, in Balti and in Buffalo. Works pretty well for me, wirate 60% in both ships, way above my average. At start move to the cap but don't shoot unless it's juicy cruiser broadside or DD. If spotted, press radar, 9.9km concealment on Baltimore is amazing. Then hug island and shoot only front guns. Usually your presence alone is enough to scare DDs away from cap. If enemy DDs abandon cap and move to another one, I follow them. It's safe to island hop in Balti, cause if something can spot you, you can radar it and scare away or kill it. Just don't chase targets in open water, gonna get you killed instead. Don't try to duel HE cruisers with HE, any HE spammer gonna outdamage you. Shoot them if you can hit citadel, go dark when they angle. For me it's usually two salvos on target and I stop shooting, unless target is low HP. Baltimore is ambush predator. So, priority targets are DDs, and broadside cruisers. Only then battleships, Baltimore doesn't have range nor is it good firestarter. Buffalo has worse concealment, but HE salvo damage is bonkers, 10k if you catch DD broadside. I rush caps and try to ambush DDs, it may get me smacked as well, but trading 15k own HP for 10k DD HP is good trade, he'll be crippled for rest of the match. Same as with Baltimore, you wanna try to have as much impact in one or two salvos as possible and go dark. Basically if you start shooting, you already should be ducking into cover. For example enemy DD or Mino smokes on cap, get out from behind island so you can shoot, start reversing, press radar and open fire. Two salvos and you are already back behind island. Two salvos from Buffalo is plenty to ruin day for DD, and it's usually not enough time for enemy team to do lots of damage to you in 10-13 seconds that you are exposed.
  2. Perekotypole

    Clans Suffering

    stalin - DM - somers meta just got replaced with stalin - haku - venezia meta....
  3. if you have money, then I would recommend to grind one line to tier 8-9, just to test waters, and return to tier 6. Buy some premium ship on tier 5 or 6. Premium ships have lower post battle service cost, thus you'll make more silver. Tier 7 isn't good right now, very often uptiered by 2+. I personally learned to play in T-61, german premium tier 6 DD. For cruisers t5 Exeter and t6 London are good. Thing is, grind time for one line is quite short. At start there were 10 lines in game and grind was long. But now there are almost 30 lines in game, and grind got much shorter. You can grind to tier 10 way faster then you need to learn to play. Cruisers are easiest to learn. DDs require extensive knowledge of other ships, their radar and hydro ranges, concealment and firepower of other DDs compared to yours. Battleships require good understanding of positioning.
  4. Base XP is actually very good index, cause nobody's complaining. Aka tested by millions of players and everybody's happy. On other hand silver reward calculation is often criticized, cause it's based on raw damage dealt in match.
  5. you can easily grind ten lines to tier 6-7. Don't go playing higher tiers until you learn basics and have at least 1000 games played, it gonna be frustrating for you, and it's gonna be frustrating for everybody on your team. And you gonna make less silver, cause winrate gonna be low, your damage per game gonna be low, and post battle service for high tier ships costs more. Less silver income in more expensive ships.
  6. Perekotypole

    Ranked: proposed rework

    Here... problem identified wrong. Players with higher winrate in randoms rank out faster. In fact winrate in randoms correlate with number of battles one needs to rank out very well. Last season I checked stats on 50 players and out of those fifty there were only two with suspiciuos numbers, that didn't fit in correlation, like WR 49% in randoms but ranked out in 110 battles. That one was either very lucky or decent smolensk player. So out of those 50 players all but two ranked out with their skill. All you suggest is replace star preservation grind with different grind. Maybe it'll be faster for everybody, maybe slower. But you still not gonna rank out faster then players with higher WR then yours. Also, luck is a skill too, and you have to learn to manage your luck. Don't play when you are tired, sleepy. Don't do: "I'll just play one game before going to sleep. Oh man it's a loss... can't finish day with a loss, another game". This is how you ruin your luck and get loss streaks. Don't yolo when your team is down two ships, "oh it's hopeless, I gotta do something", often situation can be reversed. Cause those who die early are likely noobs, but there may be still a strong player in your team, who can carry. But if you yolo, you just ruin your luck of being on same team. And sometimes it's just plain bad luck day. Just stop playing when it's not going well. "Last five games were losses, next one has to be a win"... - it doesn't work like that. Learn to manage your luck properly.
  7. Perekotypole

    Gotta "love" how WG treat new players

    I don't get kill every game in tier 8-10 italian cruiser. Maybe once in two-three games, but in some games I get 3-4 kills, so it averages to 1,2. And when I get kill it's not that often within first 10 minutes, when those +10% range actually matter. This ability is very situational and I don't rely on it.
  8. Perekotypole

    Gotta "love" how WG treat new players

    noob not gonna be able to trigger special abilities anyway, maybe once in 5 matches, and even then it may not matter, those abilities are situational. For example additional heal is of no use to noob who's getting dev striked all the time. By the time you have enough experience in game you'll have enough coal as well to buy captain.
  9. we say: to fight a man with the gun get a gun yourself. Sadly, sinop can be countered only with other sinop. 7v7 on such small maps with lots of islands is very good for sinop. You would think islands favor cruisers, but they provide plenty of cover for sinop to hide and evade torps. In many situations gneissenau can counter sinop as well. And obviously jervis with his single launch torps, can devastate sinop that is nose in parked next to island.
  10. Perekotypole

    What to buy with coal?

    buy Marceau, so I could have more feedback on it
  11. Perekotypole

    Submarines - first impressions

    last remaining sub in enemy team killed two our subs somehow, then our bot BB, and I was helplesly watching it all in La Gal, borderhugging so she doesn't get solo warrior before time runs out...
  12. Perekotypole

    Ranked and How to improve it !

    without ability to save the star there's no reason to play ranked in first place, unless you enjoy this format, 7v7 in same tier, no CV in this season. This may be appealing to some players by itself, but 90% will quit after reaching their skill limit. At 50% winrate you gonna be stuck at rank 10 forewer, no motivation to keep playing, 52% winrate gonna give you very slow progression, so those players gonna drop out a bit later. And then better players gonna have to play vs other better players and their winrate gonna drop as well, only that they'll progress farther by that point. And with lower number of players MM gonna take forewer, especially on higher ranks. I bet you didn't even try to think, why star saving mechanics was introduced in a first place. About farming damage from distance, there are only two ships that can do it, Nelson and King George, and those two are on every recommendation list from all famous streamers, as counter to Sinop. People listen to those recommendations and play them. Nothing can be done if people follow bad advices....
  13. Perekotypole

    What Battleships line do you guys reccomend me?

    for a new player under 500 games, stay at tier 6 and try different BBs.
  14. Perekotypole

    Would you charge in when enemy dds inside cap?

    depends on BB, gneiss and scharn can easily push into cap vs single DD, cause they are as fast as DDs, can easily avoid torps. Any BB can push DD out of cap, once you see torpedoes, just go nose in to DD and he'll have to abandon cap. And he'll not be able to torp you again cause you'll catch up to him if DD tries to turn around to torp, most DDs on tier 7 have small window of stealth torping, between 6 and 8km. If you go full speed nose in to DD, he'll have no room to maneuver. Only exception are british DDs with single launch torpedoes, gotta be exceptionally careful when pushing into those. Also you don't push around the corners or when DD is on your flank. And in general eating one torpedo on nose is small price to pay for taking cap, or getting flank shots on cruisers.
  15. Perekotypole

    Economy in WoWs

    at your skill and experience you should be playing tier 6 at most, and you'll earn enough silver. The higher you go, the lower your income gonna be, mainly cause your damage per game gonna be lower and winrate too. Submarine battles with +25% silver bonus on tier 6 would be right for you, not too hard and bonus money.