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  1. Perekotypole


    so what's this topic about? Couldn't wait till tomorrow?
  2. Perekotypole

    Which T10 ships are underpowered?

    And buff Petropavlovsk, so she could keep up with buffed Midway
  3. Perekotypole

    Ships owned but never played?

    install mod from Aslain pack that shows ship winrate over the ship icon in port. Ships that you never played either show zero WR or 50%, I don't remember which one. Either way you'll see them all right away.
  4. Perekotypole

    AFKs in ranked

    they shouldn't care about your reasons and your circumstances. As I don't care. Wether it's power outage or unstable connection is same to me, that's an AFK player on my team. Same WG shouldn't differenciate. Their servers work fine 360 out of 365 days in a year, that's much better then any other game I played. For the other five days we get some small compensation. If they differenciating AFK reasons, there'll be people who abuse it just for fun. Just to see you cry with AFK teammates. Though I really like idea no purples in ranked.
  5. Flambass isn't the only streamer, others do better job at reviewing ships. And in general it's better to watch streams then chosen youtube videos.
  6. Perekotypole

    WR accurate?

    If I see somebody playing good and I later check his WR and it's 55%, I see someone playing bad, I check his WR and it's 48%. WR is quite accurate. Situations where unicums die in first 3 minutes happen, but are rare. Same with potatoes showing good performance, happens sometimes. But in general if you know someones WR you know what to expect of them, that's why it's most reliable parameter.
  7. Perekotypole

    Value of super testers

    In supertester program it sais you need good understanding of game mechanics and you don't have to be unicum. But it's hard to have good understanding and knowledge of game mechanics and not to be good player...
  8. Perekotypole

    +1 To Both Brawl and Big Hunt Modes

    Brawl was fun. Big hunt doesn't offer any worthwhile rewards for me. I already have Akizuki permacamo and I don't need other two, not gonna regrind them.
  9. Perekotypole

    Hidden change to MM? 6 BBs per side

    It depends when those games were played. Late night and early morning you can see all kinds of strange MM, like 9vs9, six-seven BBs per team, mismatched team compositions, like one team gets single DD while other gets two.
  10. Perekotypole

    scandal on turkish server

    Now we know who was yoloing all the time while all other high tier BBs are sniping...
  11. Perekotypole

    Aoba any good?

    Aoba is very good.
  12. Perekotypole

    italian tokens - Lepanto - V. Veneto

    Italian BBs part 1, in this event all random was completely removed. Everybody gets T7 ship + T8 permacamo for free, as long as mission chain is done. Anything extra will cost you money, a lot. Some ppl pay, so I don't see any problems.
  13. Perekotypole

    big hunt rewards underwhleming ?

    I played probably 100 battles in last such event, and such backstab happened to me only once. By a unicum player, non the less. One that certainly doesn't have to resort to underhanded methods to win, doing it for fun. And nothing extraordinary happened in other 99 battles. Let's say AFK players in my team in randoms happen in more then one of hunderd battles and are more annoying.
  14. Perekotypole

    T10 Population decreases

    T9 is probably most populated tier nowadays... Good for silver farming, grinding and regrinding lines, and not many Thunderers to deal with Also T10 isn't signature for skillbased gameplay anymore