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  1. LeopardC

    The Balance About DD(destroyer)

    Such as , build the new system to check their efficiency, more teaching video for each counties DDs for example, how to fight with enemy DDs, how to offer view for teammates, because the smoke it is important, but only DD, and british CA have that , so the smoke sometime can change the situation. No one want to see that they DD have ability to fight enemy DD, but they hide . Or they use smoke in the wrong place just for them to fire, but you lose view. I think you have a lot of experience that , enemy DD all alive (or just die one)and they play well, but yours DD all die , so you will have a lot of pressure , because you need to consider the torpedo. so the duty for DD is , the main source of torpedo, support the smoke and view, dislodge enemy DD(except CV).
  2. LeopardC

    The Balance About DD(destroyer)

    BB have better protection, and them are hard to die, they can hold a lot of damage. but DD is different, only a few DD can repair themselies. DD also can get view, so sometime, if BB die, we still can win. if we DD all die, we will lose view
  3. LeopardC

    The Balance About DD(destroyer)

    just let them play more lower tier DD, until they have enough experience. because ,you know , in tier X,or VIII, DD reallly important,
  4. LeopardC

    The Balance About DD(destroyer)

    The DD always die as quickly as they can, but they are the most important part of the game, lose DD equal lose game. Why we not limit the people who play DD? Most of time, if our DD is stupid, we will lose , with high percentage,. We should limit people play DD until they have good skills and know what they should do