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  1. Still looking, rooster is soon full though
  2. Want to play in typhoon? there is room for you!
  3. Hello hello :) Im looking for a clan playing CB. I main DD, I can do BB's and CA to some extent too. My stats are: https://wows-numbers.com/player/558101066,DJUiCER/? 56 % in DDs and climbing. I also have 60 % solo in Neustrashimy. PR is not fantastic but the recent one is 1265 for the last 21 days and 1382 last 7. Current ranked is 54% overall with 55% in DDs. Ships I have at T9 is Neustrashimy, Kitakaze, Georgia, Jean Bart, Alaska, Riga. At 10 I have Småland, Halland, Grozovoi, Kremlin, Republiqe and Petropavlovsk. I speak english at a decent level and can communicate well. Feel free to contact me if it sounds interesting. If prefer a clan at a similar skill as mine (maybe storm or typhoon). A nice and friendly clan is a big plus :)