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  1. ___ax___

    Looking for clan!

    well... as long as you dont let this guy play DDs, he is not too bad... :>
  2. ___ax___

    Looking for a Clan (English Please!)

    so... are you hiding your real account or are you trying to reroll with a new one? sounds kinda fishy, if you ask me :>
  3. ___ax___

    How It Works: Semi-Armor-Piercing Shells

    remember the days when BB AP used to deal tons of damage to dds? wanna bet those days will return sooner or later with BB SAP? then you will remember what u just posted and think "these were good times when italian cruiser had SAP..." :D
  4. ___ax___

    How It Works: Semi-Armor-Piercing Shells

    thats the first "how it works" that actually helped me... at least comments did... free xp it is then! (placeholder for emoji that i cant see)
  5. ___ax___

    Looking for a clan.

    hey @Hms_Artful, just out of curiosity: you played 90 battles in co-op, got T5 ship and now you are trying random games? because (thats just my personal opinion) you cant say you are fairly experienced if you have not played AGAINST other players...
  6. ___ax___

    Newcommer LF clan

    yeah... sorry to say that, but its not gonna happen. tried it already. people dont care how good of a player you might be - they only care that you dont have a T10 yet :)
  7. ___ax___

    What am I doing wrong ?

    well... i have similar stats on my own kongo, but im just a bit above average player. and i still have no clue how i managed to do this, cuz rng on that ship is just crazy... how is one supposed to play kongo? :|
  8. ___ax___

    What am I doing wrong ?

    or maybe he is one of the rare ones who actually use their brains and manages to do better than average noobs? :)
  9. ___ax___

    British Battleships

    Remember how we used to get ONLY ships in bundles with lots of useless stuff, just so the price would be higher? Im guessing those days are coming back...
  10. ___ax___

    enough of the new ships.. how about some more maps?

    come on, people - be reasonable. its not like WG can SELL maps to us... im guessing its the least profitable thing that wg can do... :D also, a GOOD map is impossible, since people would still find something to complain about, just like the most realistic of all maps - ocean (i like that map!) :>
  11. ___ax___

    What do you find anti fun?

    this. ^^^^
  12. ___ax___

    multiple signals

    thats not that difficult actually... when you get the game results, just go from "personal score" to the last tab "credits & xp". there are all of your economy stats.
  13. ___ax___

    multiple signals

    an example of what happens when you use multiple special signals
  14. ___ax___

    Server unavailable, disconnected midgame

    back in the game, played 2 games with no issues so far :>
  15. ___ax___

    Server unavailable, disconnected midgame

    Still cant log in. for like 3 hours now... :/