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    T9 IJN Azuma

    @Lord_Solidus - This made me laugh. Its too funny some of you are so convinced Wargaming would go out of their way to make bot accounts to sell a ship. @ollonborre - You are correct, I am just on a different regional server, NA to be precise. I posted the same topic in the NA forums but got nothing but a lot of similar trollish comments such as the typical, "Don't" or "Didn't buy that trash" or the ever useful "Why bother?", that provided no useful information. The internet never ceases to shows folks will hate anything to be part of "the group" and give no real justification for it. I posted on the EU channel here in hopes someone else might provide useful info; but again, the whole "bot account" conspiracy did give me a good laugh, so I at least go that so far. Anyways, I would agree that it is indeed less fun than Alaska or Kronshtadt at the time of release. I've played a lot of Russian cruisers, so i'm use to the whole, "show a broadside = you explode" concept, but the Azuma does this showing the front or stern too, but only to battleships from what I've found. If you play smartly and conservatively around them, it handles fine, similar to ibuki and mogami, but if a BB has a good shot on you at all, you explode. With that in mind, I don't "push" until most of the BBs are destroyed, or they have no chance of hitting me. The Azuma was touted as the "zao" version of a super cruiser, but with its poor reload time, and given that they nerfed the fire chance and accuracy to give it hydro (WHY!?) I don't find spamming HE in it at all useful... I end up throwing nothing but AP around with it, and it does that well with the 310mm guns. Yet, there are better options (Alaska, kronshtadt). So I'm kinda confused why WG took the design route they did with Azuma... I can live with what the Azuma currently is..., but what puzzles me the most is, "how do you even spec your captain for this ship?" I know Flamu did a skill build, but I feel its only alright. I have tried Little White Mouse's secondary build, in randoms, just for a laugh and it surprisingly is useful! No joke. However...only useful against DDs and Cruisers with zero battleships around to blap you. As funny as this build is, its definitely NOT the best. So again, how do you spec your captain on it? Just the same as the Zao or the Alaska? Edited: According to the Forum Rules, red text is reserved for staff and moderators. Please refrain from using red text in future posts. Kind Regards, Arty_McFly
  2. Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds

    T9 IJN Azuma

    Hey All, So after checking out a lot of threads and reviews on the IJN Azuma, I decided to pull the trigger and get it. I have to say that despite all the negative press surrounding it, its a rather fun super cruiser to play when it isn't paired up against a 1v1 with a enemy battleship...let alone +2 BBs... Obviously this ship, unlike the Alaska or Kronstadt, cannot tank or bounce enemy battleship shells which seem to be the biggest weakness of it so it requires a long range or "evasion" style of play. I just took Flamu's last captain build as a starting point, but I noticed he didn't have a "revamped" newer released version. That said, I was curious what other Azuma captains are taking for skills and upgrades on this ship?