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  1. Fast_Free_Shipping

    Coupon for account anniversary

    Hi all, i have read about a coupo0n for 30% in the premium store for when your account has its anniversary. My account is 1 year old today but i haven't recieved anything yet. Does anyone know if i will get it later, or at all? Thanks
  2. Fast_Free_Shipping

    What premium should i buy?

    It is mostly for credit grinding, not just for captains They are, in the armoury. Where te coupon is as well.
  3. Fast_Free_Shipping

    What premium should i buy?

    I wanted one of these because these look the most fun to me, i mainly want a premium for credit grinding. I do have the myoko and i do like the IJN DDs, but i dont like them as much as my dds. The russian dds are ok, im at the minsk. But again, i like my us dds more, so thats why im thinking about one of these.
  4. Fast_Free_Shipping

    What premium should i buy?

    Would sims be the best of the 3 to grind fXP? Or are they all about the same
  5. Fast_Free_Shipping

    What premium should i buy?

    Hello everybody , My account will turn 1 year old tomorrow so i should get a 30% off coupon. Im planning to use this on doubloons so i can combine this with the 25% off coupon in the amory, and I wanted to ask some advice about what ship to buy: Loyang, kidd or sims. I just unlocked the fletcher, and i love the benson (also my highest tier ship). I heard that the loyang is more simulair to the benson than the kidd, but the kidd looks like good fun as well. The sims also looks like a very fun ship to me (and ideal for crew training), but i need (a lot of) credits for the fletcher so a tier 7 might be a little less optimal. The downside of the loyang would be that i dont have a very high skilled captain for it (one with 8 skillpoints), but i also recently started grinding the PA DD line so it should make a good crew trainer. Wich one would you guys recommend? thanks in advance ! Edit: i added a poll.
  6. Fast_Free_Shipping

    T7 and T8 matchmaking

    Hello all, i have a question regarding MM. Is T8 mm better than T7 now? And is T7 mm still good/decent or are you bottom tier most of the time. I have been doing some testing myself but i heard that the new system works after 20 games or so. Thanks!
  7. Fast_Free_Shipping

    Kidd or Loyang?

    Thanks for the detailed advice!
  8. Fast_Free_Shipping

    Kidd or Loyang?

    You are right, i wont buy a tier 8 premium. Any recommendations for a tier 7 dd?
  9. Fast_Free_Shipping

    Kidd or Loyang?

    You guys are right, i almost reached tier 8 so i thought it would be a good moment to buy one. But i think i should wait till i have some more games in. So if i were to buy a tier 7 prem dd, wich one would you advice? Im currently grinding the USN DDs so im thinking about the sims, but im also hearing a lot of good things about the haida...
  10. Fast_Free_Shipping

    Kidd or Loyang?

    Hello everybody Im fairly new at the game and im looking to buy my first premium soon since we get the 25% off coupon tomorrow. I really like the USN DDs so these seem to be a good option, i just dont know wich one to buy. What would you guys advice? Thanks EDIT: Im holding off buying a tier 8 premium right now, would you guys recommend any tier 7 destroyer?