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  1. bratisla_boy

    Azur+Hololive Collab with WoWs

    Odin and Mainz rock. Champagne is more meh to my taste ... Guess I'll root more for Iron Blood ^^
  2. bratisla_boy

    XP nerf in operations (or a bug?)

    One rocket went off its course because someone omits the minus sign in a line of code. That means they fiddled with the code lines managing XP gains, but that may well mean there was a brainfart moment ....
  3. bratisla_boy

    so thats part of my algorithm now....

    I ask then for a Jean-Luc Mélenchon voice-over for the Republique BB A classic one.
  4. bratisla_boy

    so thats part of my algorithm now....

    Which is a damn shame in my humble opinion #Marinecomments
  5. >be a french Alsace >see a Des Memes nose in >sad french low caliber noise with 32 mm deck everywhere on top >spoodbeest the hell out of the current position (with a Sinop, however ... ooooh my)
  6. on top of aforementioned advices : take a cup of tea, tone down the visual effects, shrug. "HE spam" is the main way of harm of cruisers, so tampering with it though nerfs/buffs will significantly alter their viability. As a BB you won't avoid HE spam unless you are a backline sniper, the main idea is to control it to get things done. And by control it I mean if a cruiser opens up on you but your position is too good to abandon, let them get some damage on you while you open broadsides. I know, I play enough BBs to see your pain, but I play enough CA to understand what happens on the other side. ... Basically I have shares in both markets, so to speak #capitalismmeme
  7. bratisla_boy

    Best stat tracking site?

    thanks for giving me yet another reason to check compulsively my phone Exactly what I was looking for ! (to go from terrible to simply bad)
  8. bratisla_boy

    WTH happend to Fuso?

    I must be the only masochist that has begun BBs with french ones. I finally arrived at Republique, at last I will not have to sweat cubic meters in order to take into account the cruiser nose armor, the angle, the dispersion, the speed, the WASD capacity, RNGesus. (at high tiers of course, mid tier the cruiser armor is too fin) High tier cruisers know that their nose is french resistant. French BBs know that everytime they try to position for broadsides it's a gamble. Switching to HE is perfectly valid for them. Not criticizing you - hell when I switched to SinOP it was heaven, and I can't for the love of anything nice understand the North Calorina shooting HE (I met some). Just pointing out some exceptions :) ... In fact every BB driver should be forced to play french BBs, to get good habits.
  9. bratisla_boy

    WTH happend to Fuso?

    General rule in discussion : the person making the less likely claim has a higher burden of proof. Otherwise we will never get out of flat earthers or hollow earthers. So, if you happen to have some evidence of RNG discrepancy, feel free to share. However, I recall having read somewhere bots in scenarios have a higher chance of fire. Don't take my word on it.
  10. bratisla_boy

    Low-Tier Gems: Ships up to TIV

    I see that Clemson is not that quoted in this thread. As if people were reluctant to say they play it. I wonder why For me, it was the Myogi (not that bad, good introduction to Kongo), the Kaiser of course. And the Wyowing. I did a Kraken+1 with this ship, in total zero [edited] given let's drive center to the enemy base and torpedobeat everything. That was glorious.
  11. bratisla_boy

    enemy bot runs away in coop games

    We told you to ask your crew to clean themselves once in a while ... see now ?
  12. bratisla_boy

    Hall of Fame - Vos plus belles parties (même perdues)

    La prochaine série de missions implique de faire 180 coups à la secondaire, ou 30 coups à la secondaire en Scharnhorst. Uniquement en random et ranked. En une bataille. Je vous laisse imaginer le nombre de Scharnhorst yolo que l'on va voir. Préparez le popcorn.
  13. bratisla_boy

    Graf Spee (T6)

    et une excellente menace pour ceux qui se méfient. J'ai vu une fois un Massa qui ne voulait pas se mettre en portée de ses secondaires à cause de ça - il n'avait pas tort, sauf que du coup je l'ai farmé à l'AP Par contre pour dépasser les 50k de dommages sans torpillles pfouu faut mouiller un peu son maillot.
  14. bratisla_boy

    Hall of Fame - Vos plus belles parties (même perdues)

    ce qui ne veut pas dire qu'il ne faut pas que je fasse de mon mieux. Je veux dire, faire des parties à 50k en Alsace comme j'ai pu faire trop souvent est inacceptable. Le but à atteindre est d'être utile à l'équipe et de pouvoir se dire "j'ai rendu la partie intéressante". C'est pourquoi le Bismarck, le Chapa et l'Ibuki ont dû transpirer pour m'arracher la cap
  15. bratisla_boy

    Hall of Fame - Vos plus belles parties (même perdues)

    150k en Alsace, 1,9 millions tankes, toujours défaite - même en support à fond du friesland qui a fait ce qui a pu. Je suis en paix. Je sais que je vais avoir un wr pourri sur l'Alsace, quels que soient mes efforts. Je peux donc farmer tranquillou pour le Republique, sans plus me soucier de ce que je fais mal avec ce navire. J'ai atteint l'état zen.