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    Some ideas about CV's vision

    In the past few days, there was some news that the aircraft carrier's vision may be changed, which indicates that the developer has finally realized that the aircraft carrier's vision problem needs to be revised. At present, the problem of the aircraft carrier is mainly that the visual ability and the stable Attack ability bring strong Preemptive ability, and it is difficult to balance the attack ability of the self-spoting and attacking ability. the developer's idea is to nerf the aircraft carrier's visual ability. However, this change has deprived the aircraft carrier of its visual ability, and it can not fundamentally solve the self-spoting and attacking problem. My idea is that after the change, the aircraft carrier can't spot the ships that closing the anti-aircraft guns when normal conditions, and adding a high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft consumables, and it is the same mechanism with the current fighter but can't be attacked by anti-aircraft guns and fighters. And it can spot enemy ships for duration , so that the aircraft's spotting ability will be strategic, but it also avoids the problem of the aircraft carrier's endless spotting for one ship. At the same time, in order to avoid the situation that the high-AA ship such as Worcester and Des Moines just need press "T" to delete the aircraft, the anti-aircraft gun is added to start delay. During the starting time of the anti-aircraft guns, the ships can be spotted, but the anti-aircraft gun will not full fire until it warm-up completed. During that duration, the firepower of the anti-aircraft gun gradually reached the maximum level, and the better fire control radar, the faster the anti-aircraft firepower prepared. And the way of commander skills and modification can be more, the aircraft carrier can increase the duration of the reconnaissance aircraft and increase the spotting range. Second-line aircraft carriers can also strengthen reconnaissance fighters, for example, reconnaissance planes have a longer duration, or which can be summoned in multiple places. And the commander can also have skills to reduce the preapare time of the anti-aircraft gun.