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  1. HentaiSquirrel

    Fun With Flags

    ok... necroing this thread. meant to post this update a while ago but either forgot or wasn't online or sth. anyway... These days, returned to wows after an almost 1.5 year leave of abscence while following recent events I mostly hoist a combo of or one of these three flags (which I have renamed internally ;-> ) "The cake is a lie" ('Portal' [game] for reference) "eL We eM - whoot!" (Raising a flag for solidarity in the comunity. \m/ Not a rat - but another species of smallish light colored rodent :-} ) "Argh...to hell! Foxtrott uniform charlie kilo 'em all, baestaerds, the lot o' em!" * (Grab anything available for free! Looting back boxes and whatnot - not paying a cent until morale improves. [And haven't done so in > 500 days in spite of whale instincts.]). *[except, maybe, the art department ;-> ] Good hunting everyone! [Edith said there were typos]
  2. HentaiSquirrel

    0.9.6 - General Feedback

    Cool. How? : ) i.e. that's what i used to do. But since this update the launcher starts whatever .exe under /World_of_Warships_Eu i try. [e.g. "C:\Games\World_of_Warships_Eu\bin\2666186\bin64\WorldOfWarships64.exe --apptype=high"]. I'd be greateful for a hint : ) Oh, and while i'm here ... P.S. And then i tried to watch a replay while offline...
  3. HentaiSquirrel

    0.9.6 - General Feedback

    Can anyone explain the benefit of the 'new' launcher, aka WGC? Imo it's utter garbage. - It takes longer to load the launcher (WGC) and then the client than before, when the client could be launched directly. - Even though the launcher is logged in on the server sometimes the client isn't. - The launcher re-launches itself - again and again! Even after manually quitting it is started again by the client (?) in the background. Why do I need the friggin' launcher when the client is running? - At least it's immediately noticeable when the launcher (no i won't newspeak 'wgc' for a crappy launcher) starts during battle - because the frame rate drops by 25%. (sic!). In conclusion re. the launcher: I don't need it, except for updating the client, it seemingly serves no other purpose than to push the 'news' (i.e. advertising) once more in my face, even though the content doesn't differ from newsletter, website or the in-game news tab and it significantly diminishes the game's performance. Make it go away!!!!! Cheers \m/
  4. HentaiSquirrel

    Offtopical Disco

    No link to utubes today for this is the better version of the song: totally unrelated to any current news headlines, at all .. [Version from the Austrian one track only CD re-release, 2000].
  5. HentaiSquirrel

    Results: Armistice in Europe

    Happy VE Day. ¡No pasarán! Hasta siempre! ✌
  6. As much as i agree on most of your post this isn‘t a valid argument. A single data point (1 user) does not allow for valid and reliable conclusions. : ) On mobile rn so looking up stats websites would be tedious, but there‘s more/less representative data out there. cheers ...et santé \m/
  7. HentaiSquirrel

    9.3.1 very crashy

    While I don‘t experience as much crashes ad the OP, the frequency has notably increased for me too. Albeit, on my machine it‘s [mostly] not the WGC that‘s causing it, since I have been avoiding it for a while now - increasingly bugged indeed, ime. Although this prbly isn‘t popular w/ the devs and not helping w/ debugging... but since I‘m in this for gaming and not for dev support: using the wgc for updating the client(s) only, launching the game exe directly and quitting the client(s) by disconnecting from the server* and then killing the process (/process tree) w/ e.g. the task manager has significantly decreased the occurrence of hangs and crashes. Overall I agree w/ the OP: notably more crashes since the last patch. *) because trying to be nice to network admins/devs
  8. ...where was this post when I did the noob thing and bought a Torpitz at <250 battles?!? XD [From experience: dont ;-> get past Bayern successfully - at least! ] Nothing else to add, well done o7 cheers ...et santé 変体squirrel
  9. HentaiSquirrel

    Naval Legends Cinemarathon

    Oh... you meant that you are under the impression you are being [drastically and vehemently copulated (with)]? Since most thesaurus editors suffer from the same disease the forum software does, i.e. moralistic aphasia, that thwarts a/or omitts words everyone uses and recognizes anyway, even when st*r sp*ngl*d ... (pun intended)... Please allow me to point you to an old [doubleplusungood poo-word he uses to describe himself] sage who will elucidate the term. -> [link to yt, yeah i know XD... BUT: audio only and 151 seconds of timeless, priceless wisdom worth any second spent] You are not alone. 100% ack. Nothing to add. Sry, déformation professionnelle triggered. That's not entirely wrong, just as correct as "the sky is blue because the air is blue and there's 100 km of it above you - so there you see it but not on ground level"... which isn't entirely wrong either, makes it understandable for someone not familiar w/ concepts like Rayleigh scattering, refraction, diffraction, etc. -- But I'll settle for "that's what many marketeers believe to be true". Trying to avoid a three page neuroscience rant -> -> all you need to know: once you have become aware of this vector ('method to influence"), as w/ many others, it loses it's efficacy. Entirely if you you occasionally remember to remember yourself of the fact i just stated. Now you probably will ;-> [Curious? Search for de-/stereotyping.That's a related effect/technique, but ime easier to grasp for most. I consider remembering and posting things these as mental hygiene ;-> ...like dental mental floss to keep away the rot. ;D ...and yes, i do seminars + workshops ;;;D]. Happy hunting, cheers! ... + santé!
  10. Hi everyone. Can anyone please tell me / post a link to a description how to disable the ‘recent visitors block’ in the players’ forum profile page? Thx. o7 p.s. posting from mobile, hence the broken font sizes. Sry f that.
  11. HentaiSquirrel

    WGC & 1 Day of Premium Account! What Could Be Better?

    Two questions on topic that came to mind: 1) atm i launch the game via shortcut to e.g. ‚C:\whateverfolder\World_of_Warships_Eu\WorldOfWarships.exe‘ -> [rmb>properties>general /description: Client Runner]. Is this the launcher we are talking about? 2) Will it remain possible to launch the game client directly [‚C:\whateverfolder\World_of_Warships_Eu\bin64\WorldOfWarships64.exe‘]? ...🤔 Bonus question/s: Why is there (still) a folder named bin32 w/ a 32bit client inside on my 64bit machine running the 64bit client under a 64bit OS? Or, less rhetoric: do i need that folder or anything inside it to run the 64bit client at all, or can i liberate the ~170MB it occupies? [On an afterthought... Let me re-edit that for disambiguity: Do I need (i.e. require, sine qua non) the contents of the bin32 folder to launch the client, log in, and play the game?] cheers (et santé!)
  12. HentaiSquirrel

    WGC & 1 Day of Premium Account! What Could Be Better?

    Them who live by the spreadsheet shall be remembered by the spreadsheet - as a nondescript figure, lost by a glitch. Aum Bah! =^.^=
  13. HentaiSquirrel

    WGC & 1 Day of Premium Account! What Could Be Better?

    ... 2 days of premium account? Threeeeee days of premium account! ;D ... 500 Doubloons? Half a pint of stout? Finding the other sock of your favorite pair after having long given up, trying to cope with the loss?
  14. HentaiSquirrel

    WGC & 1 Day of Premium Account! What Could Be Better?

    ....so the whole 'hot news' is entirely redundant. New intern? "Let's let him/her post in the news section for her/his CV..."? ;-> Totally hyped now, how many reminders we'll see during the next 4 weeks - because who the fu will remember this next week? ;;D Yes! Thank you! 100% ack! Although I understand the 'why' of WGC (just another variant of a launcher, btw): other than for updating the clients WGC stays off. Any superfluous launcher does! Bloated indeed... 1 Launcher (Teh WGC), 1 ModStation, 4 clients: EU, SEA, PT, that other test server i deleted because the crappy WGC keeps blocking resources and bandwidth updating everything although i repeatedly clicked on either 'pause update' a/or 'abort update'. And the client(s) start and shut down faster for me when WGC is not running. (Back to killing the proc tree for shut down anyway). Why not use dev resources rationally and build 1 client for the live servers. The notable differences are negligable, imo. [Or, in words 'decision makers' understand: optimise expenses -> rationalise process chains -> sanitise code base -> consolidate assets -> get bonus! );-> ] Cheers = ) ...et santé ; )
  15. HentaiSquirrel

    Premium Shop: Colors of Victory

    Exactly my point. Moreover, first nerfing 'semi-premiums' (Smolensk, Colbert), and 'losing' Bayard's USP (unique selling point, i.e. the feature that makes made her worth buying at all in the first place) ... what's next? Won't speculate whether this pattern establishes intentionally, due to negligence, or 'just potential for competence' (cf. Hanlon's Razor)... ... but if this goes unnoticed and with less than a medium sized kak-storm it's not unlikely that nerfing and re-tiering premiums will be the norm within a few patches from now. Re. tech tree ships idc, with WoWs being in/a (perpetual?) beta, so it's permament WiP, naturally. Totally fine w/ that, even liked most adjustments so far. Re. premiums only obtainable for resources, that i consider a grey area. But then, getting them meant a considerable investment of time in game - or, if one is so inclined, actual fiat money for gold to free XP, etc... (doesn't apply to all resource ships, ik). Re. 'genuine' premium ships, i.e. bought with money - that's a business transaction. Which is based upon a) the written agreement [i.e. eula, advertisements/announcements, etc.] and, most essential, b) trust. If e.g. a pub keeps changing the ingredients and amount of drink in a 'pint' of your preferred beverage at whim, this renders all promises beyond the mere legalities meaningless, i.e. worthless. Idk how you feel about it, but i'd find another pub, run by a trustworthy patron - even if the chips are a bit soggier, but at least always the same degree of wobble w/o the patron bullshitting around all day about his great F+C. At least i know what i'll get.* *[In professional life, the metaphoric former is the one i will avoid as consequently as possible. Clients as well as contractors. Trustworthiness -no 'degree of...' - either one is or is not- makes all the difference between reliable vs. dubious. At least in my experience that doesn't essentially differ across cultures or nation states, regardless whether business is done in e.g. Europe, the near East, Asia, or Russia. And re. personal life... who would want a 'friend' of whom you can never be sure, if they're lying through their teeth]. p.s. I admit to occasionally spending an amount per month on gaming, 'hobbies', or more refined hedonic treats than some people earn for a living. Once upon a time a considerable slice of that cake went into WoWs... and still would, but... well, anyone who played WoWs over the last 1...2 ... years prbly won't need elucidation. So i'll spare you and me the (extra) rant ;-> Cheers o7