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  1. HentaiSquirrel

    Suggestions thread

    And another one... Regarding friendly fire / team damage i generally agree with 'your torps - you're pink'! Or to quote a certain WoWs celebrity "If Mr. Torpedo has left the launcher, he is not your friend anymore. When Mr. Torpedo has left the launcher he is nobody's friend" ;). I do agree that it's totally justified to penalize team damage, even if i'm the one who got pink and even if i thought it was safe at the time dropping the torps. But in some, admittedly rare cases i don't think a harsh penalty is justified. Example: A Duca D'Aosta launches all her 6 torps into an objective 10 km away. The nearest allied ship is 4 km away from that objective, 8 km away from the Duca D'Aosta and heading away from the objective, perpendicular to the torps' trajectory. The Duca's captain announces the torps in battle chat. Without the torpedo acceleration skill the torps move at the stunning speed of 51 kt and will reach the objective within 4 minutes. (All numbers rounded). During that time the allied ship does a 180° turn, ignores the 2nd message in chat "watcha *ship name*! torps going into C!" and manages to catch not only one torp from the first, but also one from the second volley 30 seconds later. (Perfectly doable if the ally's average speed was > 32 kt and the ally has enough HP to survive the first hit... Oh làlà... c'est vite! Bonsoir monsieur boost moteur ;-> ). Result: team damage done twice - pink for 6 matches. I do not intend to open up the can of worms of debating whose fault it was... let's say both parties had their part in this. On the other hand i can empathise /w the D'Aosta for feeling punished harder than deserved. Suggestion: If torps are in the water for more than 3 (?) minutes the team damage penalty is reduced by 50%. Maybe just a brain fart of mine, but here it is ; ) (Btw.... kudos to the captain that I *cough* witnessed *cough* recently getting hit in a ... umh... similar... way: that's some trick i couldn't reproduce in a hurry XD )
  2. HentaiSquirrel

    Exeter Missions

    Mostly i end a session with all compliments and 0 - 3 reports spent. The latter i hand out for obviously malicious or unsporting behavior only. And i agree... typing 'sry', 'thx' or 'np' costs a second and can make all the difference ;)
  3. HentaiSquirrel

    Suggestions thread

    Suggestion: when entering the queue have an assured period of 3 - 5 seconds during which one can abort and get to the port. Reason: sometimes i realize that i forgot something (camo, premium consumable, signals) the moment i hit the 'battle' button. Even when immediately hammering the esc key i mostly am matched and put into battle right away. A 3 second interval would be great to correct such errors and isn't long enough to be an actual annoyance.
  4. HentaiSquirrel

    Please add Submarines to counter CV`s

    Wire guided 70 kt torpedoes of course
  5. HentaiSquirrel

    Exeter Missions

    Second first: i agree /w Cambera_1 on this: What's driving me up the wall sometimes these days is the sheer flood of me-me-me-first (mostly) Acasta and Icarus players* in CoOp who rush a cap, smoke up blocking vision for everyone behind them and then just sitting there waiting to drop all their torps at the first thing hard spotted - often enough not even hitting the proverbial inside of a barn door - or to do their pew pew for the friggin' 1000 mb hits. I'm really looking forward to everyone finally getting their bloody Exeter sry for the short rant. Had to let it out somewhere. Good luck /w the mission though! edit: * i'm adding a lot of Fiji players for last night who give a damn about anything but harvesting kills. (Of course not all of them :-) like to sail her myself, great ship). --> In comparison the Fly! Strike! Win! missions are far more diverse and don't reward single mindedness nearly as much, imo.
  6. HentaiSquirrel

    Newport Station Operation - flooded with potatoes

    Hi there. I'm one of those bloody n00bs and not the least bit ashamed of it Everybody was one once, after all. And how would i learn if not by failure and success? My first scenarios were the Halloween specials... and i feel sorry for those who had to carry me at the beginning as well as grateful. For that and for watching others play and learn from them after i got sunk early. The last of these ops i played /w 4-5 stars and felt i actually contributed to that result... What makes the difference imo is whether one is willing and able to learn, to improve oneself, be part of a team ...and for some to get off the me-me-me-first trip. So should we ever meet in a scenario... be assured that, should i potato out, i will have at least learned what not to repeat ; ) (i really do love that turtle, btw)
  7. wrong thread, plz delete. thx
  8. HentaiSquirrel

    Newport Station Operation - flooded with potatoes

    Thank you for that *sigh* ... Tried for the first time last WE and asked for advice (as sometimes you might get some that‘s actually worth a dime). The answer I got was to stay in the circle at any cost... which worked out exactly as you stated :-/ Next two attempts (1 star in a Perth, 2 defeats in a De Grasse) I followed my own judgement and was first in the results‘ ranking - but what can you do if your only BB rushes to the repair ship after the second wave and camps behind a rock /w 100% HP to wait for the Bayern that sneaks in from SW? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Next time i‘ll try later in the evening in a Nürnberg or/and Aigle :) Thank you all for sharing your experience btw... finally some info that seems viable ;->
  9. HentaiSquirrel

    Mac client has had >30% crashrate for months. Am I alone with this?

    Started playing WoWs last September. On a mbp, last retina, max specs and it crashed every time in random and in > 30% coop games - on lowest possible graphics and sound settings. WG support pointed to the company making the 'bottled' mac version, Codeweaver (it's not native) and they pointed back to WG... ^^ Soon got fed up /w that and made a boot camped Win 10 ltsc install on an external USB 3 HDD and since then it's it was playable on medium gfx and high sound settings /w 50-70 fps (1920x1080 on external display) - until the 8.xx patches :-/ now it's running /w 30-40 fps on low sound and lowish gfx settings... Hey WG, you should update your website btw. ... the specs for macs stated there are slightly misleading... unless you consider WoWs a stop-motion animation /w 8-bit fizzle sound );->
  10. HentaiSquirrel

    Update 0.8.1 - General Feedback

    First i wanted to post this into bug reports, but as it isn't an actual bug as such... The performance hunger of the game client since the update has already been mentioned exhaustively (fps drops, sound fubar, lag, etc). Just trying to hammer home the need for sanitizing the code. Although the gfx chip i currently use isn't exactly high performance i believe the game client's recent hunger for resources is ridiculously high. Even in an 'empty' port ('black hole') it consumes as much resources as in actual battle.
  11. I don't have a degree in English... but it means "if you have never heard of and/or have no knowledge about what Naval Battles are". Aren't we all, in in most parts of the world... aren't we all?
  12. Ehm... look at my clan's name, motto and description. There are more similar to this one. You can check for yourself if this isn't obvious enough. You contribute to your clan's growth and prosperity simply by playing the game.
  13. HentaiSquirrel

    Suggestions thread

    And soon some players are going to start to exclude everyone better than them and then you'll get the big seal clubbing massacre of 2019. What good would that do?
  14. HentaiSquirrel

    Suggestions thread

    A feature i would love to find implemented is the option to ignore F-key messages by selected players. Even given the benefit of the doubt every now and then some self proclaimed genius naval strategist, how well meaning it might be intended, most annoyingly distracts by trying to micromanage every single action of their team by happily hacking away at the F-keys with all 10 fingers for the entirety of the match. If i had a wish right now, still under the impression of having once more had the marvelous opportunity to undergo aforesaid experience, i would love the option to just Tab+RMB that team mate, select 'ignore F-key messages from this player' and frolic on joyously, focusing on the match at hand. I cannot possibly be the first person to suggest this... can i? So if this has already come up, please (pretty please with glitter on top and rainbow colored unicorn farts) take this as humble attempt to support that feature. Apart from that: have a splendid time + good luck everyone.
  15. HentaiSquirrel

    obsolete (please delete, thx)

    had a nice conversation in chat, all is well (always was ;-) ) post is now obsolete, can be deleted, thank you (was used to dump a screenshot only)