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  1. HentaiSquirrel

    Community Contributor Spotlight – Autumn 2019

    Nice choice of CCs to feature. : ) All three highly recommendable! (Four, actually.... counting The Chair ;-> ). [And special thx to Mr. G. for the term 'bio break' XD]
  2. How's your connection to e.g. youtube.com, 1und1.com or google.fr ? All working flawlessly? VodaFUn is having massive probs today -again- all over europe. (checked /w some people to verify downdetector.co.uk & co are right). atm youtube, google, ... WoWs on EU server (not on SEA, funny), ... all not out of reach vie vodaFUn - while all working via telefonica, dfn, surfnet, sunet, kpn, ntt ... 1und1 / 1and1 (owned by United Internet) is a reseller only, afaik. -> they 'rent' bandwidth and re-sell it to consumers. Their domains are offline for the vodaFUn net as well (> 60% packet loss, no http at all). Sure you don't get routed through vodaFUn anywhere? (You can do a tracert or use a tool like pingplotter and a whois-service to resolve the IPs and check yourself). Is the route is kaputt right 'next to' a CIX ('central internet exchange') it's most likely the IPS who FUed something like resolving addresses or properly terminating at the CIX. This is what it looks for me if via vodaFUN. Will now use another route that works. And terminate my contracts /w a certain ISP who didn't crap up a major fu for the first time this year right after breakfast. cheers o7 p.s. it's not 1and1 - i have some services hosted by ex-1and1/now ionos - they all work (at least the ex-Schlund part ...phew ;-> ).
  3. sry. fat fngrs. plz ignore this post. ty.
  4. HentaiSquirrel

    New black camo ships.

  5. FYI: Currently connectivity of vodafone to other parts of teh interweb is massively impaired/broken. I.e. client does not connect, youtube + i.a. google unreachable, etc. As far as i can see at least uk, germany and parts of nl hit. Not WG's fault.(connection via telefonica curently flawless) ...but maybe someone @WG could kick vodafone's behind - you're loosing money there ;- ) [edit]: connection to the SEA server works just fine (tested via, i.e. vodafone backbone de.west)
  6. HentaiSquirrel

    New black camo ships.

    Black is the new black! (and e.g. Tirpitz B looks pretty metal \m/ ...looking forward to the others...).
  7. HentaiSquirrel

    PTS - 0.8.10 - General feedback

    Gee, thanks for pointing out that incredibly thingamagicky translatey wonderstuff - i had never heard of that. We live in the future, indeed... ;D - This is a feedback thread /w i.a. the purpose of pointing things out that are missing a/or need to be attended to. - The EULA is a legal text. While you might not care a company (i.e. WG) depends on proper legal stuff. - My post was feedback re. a missing legal document. - So the feedback was a favor to WG. - If you had read a complaint, that says more about you than about my post. And since you don't seem mind... may I offer you the humble sum of € 500,- ? You'll be practically getting 500 for free, super easy. Totally legit. For realz! All you'd have to do is pm me your credit card details and agree to the small(ish) contract I'll send. Hey, I'll even send it in advance. It guarantees you getting the money. If you comply. (The contract's written in Jìnyǔ, but you can use an online translator, of course... )
  8. HentaiSquirrel

    PTS - 0.8.10 - General feedback

    The EULA is in russian. How can I agree to comply if I cannot understand it?
  9. HentaiSquirrel

    Max Filth gathering Basic needs

    Basically I think we're on the same page here : ) So I hope you'll excuse my little nitpicking re. applied game theory. For a generalized statement (0-50-100 %) the probabilistic prediction is not logically complete w/o taking into account e.g. repeated occurrences (> 1 battle/player), correcting for multiple comparisons, multi-modality* etc... And starting there it's going to get really complex soon, taking into account the influence of varying decisions, i.e. N players playing cooperative M% and steal 100-M% of their matches, for an adequate 'averaged' N, taking into account multiple varying occurrences ... rinse repeat, have a drink, try to get knot out of brain, decide to become a surf instructor, or plant a vineyard ... ;;D . But: I agree with you that the best option for everyone is to cooperate... and since each individual is part of 'everyone'... ;-> Anyway... I was pleasantly surprised how many decide to play cooperatively and what an enjoyable game experience that was for me. *(Not the semantics thingy someone 'occupied' the wikipedia page with, but in terms of inferential statistics in social sciences).
  10. HentaiSquirrel

    Max Filth gathering Basic needs

    Ok, that saves me a lot of time explaining the prisoner's dilemma and how to get the most out of it. Thank you Maybe i misunderstood you post, "bad for everyone" does not apply. In this case because the situation is repeatable. The best outcome for the largest number of participants is human cooperation against the bots. Even though I just read a WG staff member post "that's not the idea of this game mode", lol. On SEA (at least in every twilight battle I played) they've grokked this and just happily farm filth. XD Then again... it's a game and who would want that to become boring ; )
  11. HentaiSquirrel

    General feedback - 0.8.9

    Umh... what? Could somebody explain this, please...
  12. HentaiSquirrel

    Offtopical Disco

    Re. newspeak and the forum's text filters. In this thread because... well, it's audio
  13. HentaiSquirrel

    General feedback - 0.8.9

    Besides having pointed out what imo needs to be improved there's something else I believe to be at least equally important... and only fair. What I like about 0.8.9/ Some of this I prbly just missed before, and including one mention of sth. not new, some def. is - and imo noteworthy. Firstly, keeping a promise: Imagine me [nodding approvingly] ... frame rate did not nose dive* ; ) Visual improvements ("Look Ma! No ironic quotation marks!" ;;->) Level of Detail. Ship models. While maybe not more detailed as such (?) many details are now better perceivable. Made me appreciate, again, the remarkably high level of detail on many ships and the skill, love and sense for quality obviously invested in their creation. If anyone reading this hasn't done it yet, I recommend taking a little time to zoom in on your waifus, slowly rotate and pan the view angle. It's worth the effort, imo. Lighting plays a part in this: see below. Weather The weather mechanics are great. The clouds look gorgeous (pretty much like clouds, actually) and the shadows are pretty realistic, too. I had to adjust the binocular view once, because the sun broke through a cloud, 'blinding' me. "Yes!" [edit:] One more thing... sth. rather funny, in a way: noticing the speed of snow gust turbulence looked somehow 'unnatural' and estimated the wind speed based on distance in between islands and angle covered in fov --> supersonic! XD Lighting In port as well as in battle... notably enhanced. Nice visuals, more complex lighting fx - and no fps nose dive. For that you definitively deserve a second [|very| appreciative nod] <-- * GUI The GUI (menus, transitions) generally feels a wee bit faster - and during times when sufficient server resources are available quite swift actually. Feed the hamsters - they deserve it! ;-> Halloween Event Even while not really a fan of Halloween stereotypes and disliking most post-apocalypse and many cyberpunk designs and narratives: The design (artwork and 'architecture') of the Halloween event, which in contrast to 'Rogue Wave' I actually enjoy playing show a notable attention to detail, creativity and engagement. E.g. the welcome screen shown when I first launched 0.8.9 had, intentional or not, a richness in applied psychophysics - or 'simply' effective and aesthetically pleasing design to fu...labberghast sensory processing in way that I very much enjoyed (for various reasons). And the attitude reflected therein, imo, continues throughout the event. And there's humor. While parody or attempts thereof are tricky, in case of doubt, intentionally 'overdoing' it saves the day. And imo it does. E.g. the speech bubbles if I click the unique commanders in the armory... of course it's not comedy gold - but also neither attempting or pretending to be. Not taking itself too seriously either, and thereby rendering it actually funny. The ships and the consumables are simply... crazy? Batshit crazy, actually! I like bats. I've fed shrimps to flying bats once. Do I like crazy? Everyone is crazy! Everyone I tell you.... Except you and me, of course. Not always sure about you though. Mwahahaha ... Oh! Look! A squirrel : ) And I noticed the glowing eyes etc when clicking the cmdrs. Misc. The level of, and attention to detail e.g. in the small frames in the armory genuinely and literally makes me smile. Leaving the impression it was created by people who (basically) enjoy what they are doing. That shows and it's something I very much appreciate. Audio improvements (Yes, also w/o quotation marks. While in parts it's 'just' un-fu'ing things that had gone boink some of what I noticed imo justifies the removal) Battle chat notification voice-overs mute each other out instead of overlapping. I.e. Less com clutter. Still needs a bit of tweaking, but I already like it. After fiddling /w the settings and inadvertently restoring defaults the loading screen music was playing again. Given the opportunity I listened to it for a bit and parts of the OST. While (iirc) not new, and me still preferring to play w/o music, I nevertheless want to remark that I appreciate the quality of the soundtrack. Knowing from friends who are professional musicians a/or producers how hard a profession that is... my regards to those audible and otherwise involved, wishing them all the best, and getting the applause they deserve. Audio processing seems to have less impact on overall client performance. At least /w my setup. Markedly notable in situations /w many sound categories audible at once. E.g. until recently [rain + wind + fire on ship + AA + engine noise + gun fire] was in itself already unbearable and [+voice-over] rendered the game to come closer to an avantgarde point+click adventure than a 3rd/1st person tac shooter. While that extreme condition still impacts on the performance the game now stays playable and the audio stable. That's the ticket, keep going. Misc. Client shut down ...staaahp, wait - no! Don't cringe! Promised 'things I like only' ;;D Turns out, if WGC is not running during client shut-down the latter proceeds as intended - and, given that condition, has actually improved. So I kinda owe you an upgrade: not fubar any more. Now classifies as... [damn, promised to stay nice, didn't i]... to umh... "high priority WiP" ;-> ModStation While in the prog itself nothing new, still deserves being mentioned. All mod updates are reliably available when the client updates drop, and the advanced battle loading screen reliably arriving within ~24h after that. For some updates now. Nice ! Although I don't use any I noticed the continuously increasing number of sound mods. Way to go : ) [A link to a website /w a few samples/mod would be lovely]. Hoping not to sound cheesy here - just being honest: my regards to whom it may concern, resp. to those responsible incl. who's doing the actual work, naturally. Since I started playing WoWs a year ago ModStation has grown up. There's nothing I could fault. Reliable, always up-to-date, functional, high usability, no clutter... - a tool that does exactly what it's supposed to do. There's quality. Thank you, sincerely. If the people involved contribute freely I'd strongly recommend remuneration, if employed awarding a salary upgrade. Would be indicated. Concurrence of executive competence and a sense for quality is a rare trait. "Keepers!". To whom it might concern: all impressions collected running the game clients on one machine /w it's specific setup. So YMMV on other machines. There you are. Now don't jinx it! ; ) Cheers \m/ ∴
  14. HentaiSquirrel

    General feedback - 0.8.9

    Hi there. Aware of prbly. occ. posting pains in the rear, and 'vaguely remembering' the perspective (i.e. crm/pr/strat. com.). --> please accept my apology for any unintentionally caused personal discomfort. : ) Prefering boosting over nudging, the latter sit. still considered more adequate, please note that any possibly perceived lack of pc is well chosen, as is the gen. lack of value statements. And all founded on a basically benign+constructive attitude, hopefully obvious i.a. here or here. Agreed, different symptoms and happy for those for whom the update solved the issue. Guessed as much, n/a for me but pointing this out def. can't hurt! Still the more/less the same, slightly worse in my case. While not identical quite similar symptoms and (literally) a glance at least roughly coming from the same direction. Continuing to work around /w Alt-Tab + killing the proctree < 5s + occ. 10s restoring the in game resolution, so ... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Re. filing reports, 'manually' a/or by uploading wgchek logs: for the time being - no, not going to. To elucidate, please pull Ticket [ID 119981039], and read the correlated post. Should imo become self-explanatory. Esp. if you add this suggestion. : ) Re. "connectivity hiccups"... Just note that it's highly annoying for many of your customers - globally. As a rule i do not speculate. Wishing you all that the right choices are made. All the best, cheers o7 [edit]: P.S. As an afterthought: when the dust starts to settle I sincerely recommend getting your heads free for an hour or three and then looking at this + the last 2 - 3 update feedback threads. --- in a manner as if naively reading them for the first time. "Fun fact": what, resp. how you (pl., generic.) continuously implicitly communicate, accumulates to > 80% of how users feel they're being treated. Largely unrelated to how much you actually care and factually do! Guess how users derive their leisure related purchase decisions. [And of course I am aware that you (pl. explicit) are not the ones essentially deciding policy. But an essential boundary layer to major implicit multiplicators. "Trust me - I'm a hypnotist" ;-> ]
  15. HentaiSquirrel

    Offtopical Disco

    Yes, indeed. // Some cover version I like better than the original. Now the latter sounds a bit bland to me o.O