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  1. Capt_Widowmaker

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    Maybe I should invest my time and money instead on warthunder.
  2. Capt_Widowmaker

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    True and a huge sigh. The penalty system works fairly to a certain extend, but after a major update they should have a panic button that disabled the system until they were sure game ran smoothly. Getting a penalty when THEY kick can in the long run be something that makes me leave the game - no matter how much money I 'invested'! They write that it is considered a warning. I don't care. I should NOT get a warning when THEIR server fails.
  3. Capt_Widowmaker

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    Crash and burn - kicked in the middle of a battle. EU server temporarily unavailable!. *Facepalm* because now we get an unfair and unearned warning or penalty. WoWs is the only game where I have experienced getting a penalty when the server kicked me. Very amaterurish and NOT player friendly *double facepalm*.
  4. Capt_Widowmaker

    Entering battle bug

    Not entirely. One hour after I instantly sent a ticket seeing the post on Steam - my penalty > is still present. 4 battle penalty. I strongly urge wows to cancel the penalty system until the hotfix and working game. I am in another game where such irregularities made people leave in huge numbers. Four years ago they had 2 mill. players - today they have 2000 simply because their system wasn't geared to such incidents or issues and they didn't deactivate penalty systems manually.
  5. Capt_Widowmaker

    Entering battle bug

    Coin Flakes ... no. Look at my edit. Then I shouldn't be able to play even on chengan which I could. Quote: "which means that today one of the servers will have another version of the game than your client and that is causing the problem." No it's not. And the download is only a pre download prior to activation. But nevertheless it has affected the game.
  6. Capt_Widowmaker

    Entering battle bug

    After the update 0.7.12 I entered Co Op battles with Montana. On entering the island screen, the game cancelled and was closed. I restarted WoWs and got to this screen, which again closed and cancelled the game: Several times restarting wows I go straight from sync splashscreen: to once again the battle screen and the game closes and cancels. I surely hope I don't get an afk report, because as you can see - the current Co Op battle is taking place - but after three attempts to reenter I give up. It has never happened before, and the game has run smoothly until now. So I report it as a bug. Please fix. Also because my statistics will worsen. * Edit: I took a few Co-op rounds on Chengan which worked. Then I again went back to Montana and again the bug happened!!! I can't even go to the harbor to pick another ship since the game tries to relog me into the current and ongoing battle. When I am able to get into the harbor I'll take a few rounds on Chengan - then Rasputin and then Montana and I'll report what happens. Very, very, very frustrating!
  7. Capt_Widowmaker

    Swift support and action.

    I had an ingame issue that demanded a fast report to support via a ticket. The response and action taken is the fastest I have experienced in any game. Unfortunately regarding the survey (as per request) I couldn't find it - nor was it offered. So I use the forum to thank the staff for a swift support, response and solution. Kind regards and 'safe sinking' Capt_Widowmaker
  8. Capt_Widowmaker

    Server Issues - 07/12 - Downtime 04:00 UTC 08/12

    Maybe they found out that some staff member stumbled over the power cable. Weird that it happens in the middle of everything. Looks forward to be able to get back in.
  9. Capt_Widowmaker

    Server Problems

    Adding meself to the list of players excluded from server or inclusive list of players posting in this thread.