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  1. Exactly. Like it's so much of a net loss for them if 2% of people actually get Missouris.
  2. Ubarad

    Mega Containers

    Seems like you have a ton of ships already, more specifically all the short list ones, to get re-rolled.
  3. Ubarad

    Is the game getting worse and worse, do to the player base?

    I used to think skill based match making would be a god send, until I saw it happen in AW and it was totally disasterous (if you were above average you had to carry every single match without making a mistake). I can't see how the player base has become worse, I think the "meta" has just become too static. We need new maps that aren't all long range sniper + CV spotting oriented like Mountain Range etc. We also need to never see Standard battle mode in tier 9+, those are just brutally boring and static. The newer ship additions haven't helped, so hopefully WG will steer away from that direction.
  4. Ubarad

    Should i start playing Randoms?

    Yes! The rewards are much better and when it's good it's more fun, just be prepared for the bad which is also worse. You will have teammates that are considerably less effective than those NPC bots, if your team has a much higher ratio of them than the enemy team, you will get stomped.
  5. Ubarad

    Tier 10 has absolutely no fun anymore

    I agree that tier 10 isn't fun, but not so much from BBs being weak or HE spam. The coordination required or lack thereof is the huge elephant in the room. Even CW blowouts are often more fun than T10 Randoms, since it usually comes down to which team has the players that are immediately going to give up map control at lights out on the countdown.
  6. I'm glad you started this thread, I was wondering the same. I think that's where I'm at. Not in game, but I got all the free containers thus far +1 purchased and had 25% of rewards, then got 5+ duplicates in a row..........that's some terrible RNG.
  7. Ubarad

    [Poll] Are Tier 10 randoms fun?

    This is a great summarization.
  8. Ubarad

    T10 Wallet Warrior Rant

    I agree wholeheartedly. Make it 100 instead of 300, if I or anyone else was completely irrelevant, there should be no reward for being carried.
  9. I want to like T10 and I love T7-9 when it's all the same tier, but full tier 10 battles feel like they're as much of a disorganized mess as Tier 4-5 battles. The increased difficulty level aside, I maintain that you must carry as hard in 10 as you do 4-5 because of the massive imbalance in either player skill, ship capabilities or matchmaking. T10 being similar to noob tiers in that it has the most amount of irrelevant players/ships per match. Does the majority find tier 10 fun? I think it's a hotter mess right now than 2007 Britney Spears.
  10. I'm with @ForlornSailor, chat is so valuable tactically in game. But I also relish the flames when someone DMs me to insult me. I do wish there was a way to set player standings like in Eve, so that I don't have to resort to blocking bots/trolls and clogging friends list with people I don't division with. That way you recognize them in future matches.
  11. I'm not adverse to throwing a little money at WG or doing some directives, but I haven't had much interest in any of these and I'm likely their 2nd most ideal demographic below whales. These directives are just incredibly boring and narrow in scope to maintain my interest. If they were more broad and allowed me to play a variety of ships without having odd specificity I'd be much more interested. i.e. Do 5M damage in Russian/KM ships or earn 25k base exp in US/IJN , not weirdly contrived situations like the tanking damage in cruisers. We need incentive to play the game as it should be played, not grind some weird situation in co-op.
  12. Ubarad

    WoT vs WoWs grind

    WoT tiering is much worse too. If you are a tier lower than your opponent you suffer much more, a two tier difference is exponentially worse than a tier 6 ship vs a tier 8 ship here, you often can't even damage them unless they are the bottom 2% and you have RNGesus and premium ammo.
  13. Ubarad

    Shells Falling Short

    I know the shells falling short bug supposedly does not exist, however since 9.9 it's significantly more frequent. Call it desync, horrible vertical dispersion RNG or whatever you want, but it happens and it's much worse now. I had it in every battle and a clan mate noticed it's helpful to switch off your target lock and back on to minimize it happening again. My two most obvious examples were Iowa stationary 7.5km away mostly broadside, I aimed at deck line to alleviate bug and my Alaska shells all fell 1km short. Second instance I was in Smolensk firing at broadside Des Moines 12km away, aim at deck line, shells fall 1km short, aim 1km higher shells fall 1km short. Aimed 1km higher increments 3 consecutive times and shells still kept falling 1km short, I finally got them to instantly go from 1km short to jumping straight to on deck by aiming 5km over the DM. With incremental changes, the shells fell in exactly the same location, then suddenly when I hit a magic spot 5km high they jumped to the correct spot.
  14. Ubarad

    A community to save clan battles

    How many seasons will it take before a rule of no repeat ships? I mean the CV addition was to break up the 7v7 Stalingrads, but just opened a new can of worms. Clan wars would be so much more fun with a wide ship variety. Then you don't have to eyeroll when someone only has a Zao.