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  1. Commander_Rockstone

    Ranked Sprint 13, How did you do?

    Rank 1... 29 Games in Riga, 5 in JB...
  2. Commander_Rockstone

    Any luck in the "sale"

    My 5 Santa's gave 7500 coal and 4 times signals...
  3. Commander_Rockstone

    What would be you'r dream ship in the game?

    Project 1047... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Design_1047_battlecruiser
  4. Commander_Rockstone

    Season’s Greetings from the World of Warships Team

    Happy new year to all of you...
  5. Commander_Rockstone

    Combat Missions in Update 0.8.11

    I do believe however that the way WG advertised the PR before the patch release, was misleading (maybe not in a legal sence, definitely in a real-live sence). WG wrote "It is entirely possible… ". And they know this because "entirely" has since been removed, in fact the entire paragraph has be refrased. I think the only way WG can redeem this is by offering those players, that have already spend dubloons on the boosters, to refund the dubloons spend… The normal expectation is that when spending these dubloons (up to 24k), you would be able to get the ship in a normal grind... but even that is not true… In spite of the way it was advertised. I realise players could have known this before spending the dubloons, they were after all able to analyse the missions before spending. But that is hardly a normal way of working and the gameclient was set up in such way that you would first look at the dockyard… and spend dubloons there, before looking at the missions. For myself… I was looking forward to the ship, and was considering buying one or more of the boosters. But since I am on the EU server and we get the patch a day later, I got to see the video's of (NA) CC's (some of the very vocal) before logging on myself. So I lucked out there… (also, I am an engineer and also did some quick-and-dirty calculations myself - I quickly concluded that it would take some 80+ days to unlock the ship, assuming a number of dubloon-boosters and my normal gameplay - thus hardly being able to complete a number directives). But players in North America (and perhalps other regions) didn't have the luck of watching YouTube beforehand. Some of them may have just spend up to 24.000 dubloons and end up watching them going to waste... and they get to watch it for 2 months, because that is how long the dockyard will remain in the game. And after two months… their dubloons will be gone. For 2 months they get to antagonize over this (if intentional, this is psychological warfare on the part of WG against these players). The Dockyard with the unfinished Puerto Rico in it as a monument to their "nativity"?. I think WG should offer a refund of these booster-dubloons for those players that want it... it seems to me, its the only way to redeem this situation.
  6. Commander_Rockstone

    PTS 0.8.11 - New Year Celebration

    This ship building thing is great…. really love that. Not I realise its a Christmas thing, but from next year on... wouldn't it be fun if the dockyard was used to introduce a new shipline? Instead of getting a mission to receive a tier 5-8 techtree ship (which anyone can complete in a couple of days work), have the player build the tier-5 ship using the dockyard. And then he can progress to higher tiers playing that tier-5...
  7. Commander_Rockstone

    49 k damage with 2 Shiratsuyu torps?

    Ah... that must be it... thanks.
  8. Commander_Rockstone

    49 k damage with 2 Shiratsuyu torps?

    How is it possible to do 49k damage with 2 Shiratsuyu torps? Each are suppost to do some 17k damage…. I do not understand.
  9. Commander_Rockstone

    Naval Legends: U.S.S. Cod – Trailer

    Depends on how far WG is willing to go... does not have to be 3D... They could just create two plains of visibility. The upper (current) plain being the current surface. And a lower submarine plain. And the only way to see to the other plain is via asdic or sonar. And you can make that as effective as you'd like.... More difficult will be attack and defence. A sub attacking a surface ship is easy... torps… or maybe torps-spam. But a surface player would need a realistic chance of evading such an attack... and what would prevent the sub from going straight for the carrier? But how would a surface ship attack a sub? Depth charges? Hedgehogs? It would basically require rebalancing all ships for submarine-attack and sub-defence. Or any sub would go straight for the Yamamoto and the such… avoind any destroyers and (perhaps) cruisers and find the 1st unescorted BB to attack with inpunity. I think this balancing act will be more difficult than the CV rework… oeps.
  10. Commander_Rockstone

    [NED] Looking for active clan members!

    Games: 1000 battles PR: 1200 WR: 52% Nope... dan maar een oefenclan. (then a training clan I guess).
  11. Commander_Rockstone

    0.8.5 PTS - General Feedback

    Hell no... Any airraid that can do 50+% of a ships health means the end of this game. Might be fun for a carrier player, but all others are screwed. Already its is terrible if you happen to be the one ship an enemy carrier-player is focussing on. Especially if that happens to be a uptier carrier. Those coward players farm damage of lower-tier (lower AA) ships and call themselves smart... maybe true for their part but in the end, its a player lost. In a BB you can try to dodge torps (not bombs or rockets!) and only take damage… Since your turrets are all over the place, you barely get to shoot back. If a CV player has a large chance of huge health damage (say bigger than chance on spontanious explosions), the game will be no fun for DD's, CC's or especially BB's. And they still do make up the vast majority of the battle… and the players.
  12. Commander_Rockstone

    0.8.5 PTS - Game Mechanics Improvements

    In itself it seems to make sence that damaging a turret damages the ship also. But the amount takes a lot of balancing. I am not certain, but I believe that damaging AA mounts also takes away health. My HE shots seem to have done more damage (might be coincidental though) when hitting AA mounts. I think that would be too easy. Also, what would be the point of armour if it does not protect the health of a ship???