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    For all players who replied or commented. Thank you.
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    Hi everybody and WoW lovers, I would like to share my not so good experince of gameplay yesterday ( 12.08.2019 ) 00.300 ( around ) local Istanbul time: 1. First experience : Battletype : Random battles Tier : T6 Bayern Match : Standard. Respawn lineup : 4 dds - 4 cruisers - 4 bbs I was respawn on right hand side of the map. Along with me there was 2 bbs, one cruiser one dd. One of the bbs asked for assistance; I complied. Than matched started enemy team was in full force. Unfortunately there was no asistance from the left side of the map so 4 warships were annihiliated in a very short time. After this match the second or third match it was: Line up : 4 dds - 3 cruisers- 5 bbs. Match was domination I was in T5 Fuso. Again I was respawned on the right side of the map. This time infron of me there was one cruiser, 1 bb and 1 dd Again I was asked for assistance. Thinking of the last match experience I denied and start heading towards the left side of the map where all my team mates situated. One of the team mate messaged : Moron Fuso ! I replied : Who the hell are you to swear a team mate. Than he wrote : f.... u I wrote and explained that there would not be enough assistance on the right side of the map so I decided to turn away. He again wrote : f... u THAN HE WROTE : I WAS REPORTED Unfortunately I was too angry and being stupid didn't take note of the player name. My fault. Than later I received notification that my karma was reduced 2 points! I am writing this to clarify certain points : a. Being karma reduced. What is it?. Doe it affect my gameplay? b. Can anyone report other player and how this reporting works out? How the WoW knows that the subject of the report is correct, honest and reflects the actual gameplay? c. If a player is reported than doesn't that player has a chance to defend himself???? Does he has the right to know the subject of the report? d. In 'RANDOM BATTLE PLAY' the team players are selected randomly meaning also that every player can play randomly if not joined a division. So why some players accept that other team mates to follow their instruction as if you playing in clan match????? e. Why in random battle mode nearly in every match in Tiers higher than 5 there is one or two players swearing like noob team, and all other lightly accusations in gameplay of other team members???? This type of gameplay takes the fun out of it. Being a premium member means I pay money to enjoy but being sworn at, being reported whaich I do not know the content. Where is the integrity, honesty, rightness in these type of actions????
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    Internet connection

    Hi. I am placed in Turkey. Today ( 28th JMuly 2019 ) I could not connect to WW server twice. On the first time it was around 00.30 am local ( Istanbul time) When I was connected a penalty of misconduct ( 3 matches) was issued. Than on 01.30 am againg I couldn't connect to WW server. This time I immediately switched to other game ; WAR THUNDER and stated playing. So there was no problem with the internet connection. When I got the connection again I was charged with misconduct, banned from all matches except Coop for 8 matches. I tried to send a message to ww server but could not connect error message was ' server timeout' When the I could not join WW server I WAS NOT IN A MATCH. I WAS NOT IN QUE. So why I am being charged with misconduct. I get connection to other game ( warthunder and play) but could not get connect WW server and being penaltised?? Please can somebody explain.