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  1. Hello there! 
    So today I sat together with a few friends and we thought "We need new Uniqe upgrades!" so we designed 3 of them and had allot of fun, especially with the first one!


    Specialized Ammunition supply - Slot 6 - Alexander Nevsky

    -10 reload

    +75% He penetration

    -1 km range

    fire chance reduced by 7%

    Concealment increased by 5%

    -1 radar consumable

    So we thought about what was somewhat lacking on the ship, obviously it's already very good but we thought that the pen could deserve some love. so we gave it penetration, allot of it.. but we removed soem fore chance and removed some range and radar from it.


    Specialized operation team - Slot 5 - Petropavlovsk

    -40% fire duration

    -60% flooding duration

    +10% top speed

    - 10% heal duration

    This one was a pretty lazy one, we were thinking about how we can make the strength of the ship stronger without breaking it even more. We decided to go with the Survivability and basically copied Hindenburg legendary modul. We just shaved off 10% flooding duration and replaced the ruddershift reduction with a top speed increase and reducede the heal duration. We think this one is a pretty balanced one.


    Improved Smokescreen generator - Slot 5 - Elbing

    Replaces Smoke Generator with with the Crawling Smoke Generator Consumable

    Number of consumables +1

    For the last one we thought about how to make Elbing play completely different. so we took the Crawling smoke of the Vampire II and gave it to Elbing. We also added one more smoke screen consumable to have 4 base consumables. This one sounds like allot of fun and helps Elbing allot for sure.