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  1. The_Gladietors

    PT 0.9.8 - Asymmetric Battle

    Very nice battles, I would increase the CPU intelligence.
  2. The_Gladietors

    PT 0.9.4 - Submarines

    The submarines are really well made and included in the game. Some flaws to underline. The lack of a periscope (staying underwater you don't perceive how close you really are to your opponents or to the mainland) and the sonar pointing system. In my opinion it would be appropriate to insert a graduated viewfinder.
  3. The_Gladietors

    Problemi accesso al Test

    si che sbadato non me ne ero accorto
  4. The_Gladietors

    Problemi accesso al Test

    Ciao a tutti, anche a voi in questi giorni continua a dare problemi di accesso al test? io sono 3 giorni che provo ma non mi fa accedere
  5. The_Gladietors

    Submarines: How to Play

    Hello, it does not give me access and gives error 6001. Do you know how to solve it?