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  1. Be careful when you read the fine print! It says that when you purchase the ship, you get a special mission that can get you 2500 gold. It is actually for the standard Atlanta, not the Atlanta B. Cheap money grab by wg
  2. Nordavin

    3 carriers... I am done

    I just played a tier 4 Random battle... there were 3 carriers.... 3.... one, two, three. I am done. Goodbye world of warships, such a nice concept, such an easy way to destroy your own game.
  3. I have the Dreadnought for a long time now, I grinded it when it had just come out. I love that ship, both for its history and how it handles. However, I simply cannot enjoy it. I have not had ONE match in the last 10 without at least one carrier present. The Dreadnought has no AA, and when you get two CVs in a game (like the last one I played) they gang up on you and you are simply helpless. I tried staying close to other ships but at this low tier the AA is very short-ranged and they cannot cover other ships effectively. My advice - do NOT get it, it will only bring you frustration. I am truly sorry that I had to make this post, but I have had enough All the best!