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  1. antean

    Possible future US BB alternate line

    I can answer this - more BBs!
  2. antean

    Weekend Competition: Starfall

    You should have some sort of reward for those players who have few T 5 -10 ships. What if a player cannot even get 10 wins? Where is the reward for 1- 9 wins for this event? Bogus.
  3. antean

    game become

    I detect another happy camper here (if my radar is working properly, that is).
  4. No, Verblonde, pls no. Refrain, in future, from giving WoWs any ideas for additional, imho, reworked FARCE CVs (& especially any Lollipops for Suckers).
  5. antean

    CV Rework Discussion

    When WoWS removes these reworked FARCE CVs and gives me back all my old RTS CVs for free, only then will I spend any more money on WoWS products.
  6. antean

    Honor and Glory of the Soviet Navy

    Is this the 'patriotic toon parade' comic announcing the Ru BB rollout? Sure is, imho, a comic and/or comical.
  7. antean

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Three factors, only, are relevant in this thread topic …... 1) Try to be in the top third of damage dealers on your team (win or lose). 2) Hope WoWS gives your team less idiot players who run out & solocide immediately the battle begins. 3) Hope WoWS isn't target resolution crapping on your team. Note: Only one of the three factors above are in your control. This explains a great deal about WG products.
  8. antean

    RTS CV vs. Action CV reworked in Scenarios. My 2cents

    If you sold all your old CVs, why are you playing a new CV?
  9. antean

    Graf Zeppelin is nerfed

    Sure glad I sold my old (& much missed) RTS GZ along with all my old RTS CVs.
  10. antean

    Which is the Best Premium CV?

    I cannot vote, will not vote, as I refuse to play (or purchase) any reworked FARCE CV. Some players actually have & maintain their principles.
  11. New river of tears miraculously appears in Forum
  12. antean

    premium carriers are here

    I'm not sure what you guys are arguing about. The fine print on the head of a pin? It's pretty clear to me that all this thread is about is, imho, reworked FARCE CVs you actually have to pay money for. Of course, WoWS is banking on enough Suckers buying their Lollipops.
  13. antean

    Supertest - Soviet Battleships Changes

    From reading these comments I sure hope the incoming Ru BBs will be as historically realistic (warts & all) as possible. Please, WoWS, not too much 'fantasyland' (although this particular addiction of yours will be difficult to resist).
  14. antean


    ROFL but, unfortunately, 565PC is correct. Any other tier sees the reworked imho FARCE CVs and all the attendant unnecessary AA changes. & also the general reduction in DD effectiveness as a result. Welcome to WoCs and/or WoBBs. Might as well just play T2 to avoid completely the FARCE CVs. Alternately, just play Cruisers & Battleships with plenty of AA & ignore CVs & DDs. Great job in perma - crippling your game WoWS Management.