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  1. El2aZeR, I got you on contacts list in port & sometimes I see you on there & I message you to Division. You do not respond (sadly). I'd sure like to div w you sometime as I value your Forum opinions & I figure you are likely a very good player. So, if you don't want to div with me - just let me know & I remove you from my contacts. Cheers


    1. El2aZeR


      Weird, never got a message.

      Maybe I accidentally blacklisted you or sth. Will have to check.


      I usually like to play alone anyway, but thanks for offering.

    2. antean


      I find divisioning does assist a bit with Ws. I also solo play too but do prefer to div when possible. You are in a clan so you must do some group play. Anyway, unless you say remove me from contacts I leave you there & maybe you will div sometime.

  2. Isn't this renaming of the Arsenal just a sleight of hand to disguise the inclusion of a second retail store outlet? Might as well just place the 'Shop' into the Armory & thereby streamline the whole process.
  3. Although I'm no sales expert, my guess is to try to sell more boats to more Suckers.
  4. antean

    Please add Submarines to counter CV`s

    For even more frequent roflstomps?
  5. Wow! you ought to be interested in this player reporting, EURL Guy. To date, you have had 57 replies to your topic which I divided into four categories, For, Against, Neutral & Indifferent. Some posts are from the same player so some bias may be in the results. However, no matter how these replies are categorized the result is an overwhelming vote that the CV rework is a Failure. I suggest, EURL Guy that, in the interest of player feedback, you send these results to WG/WoWS Management. For (the CV rework): 2 Against (the CV rework): 46 Neutral (AA comments): 6 & Indifferent: 3 The other interesting comments were (to the effect) "I'm not spending any more money on WoWS" or "I'm no longer going to play WoWS" (which amounts to the same thing). I'm no expert but I have been following the various CV threads since the CV rework and my conclusion from this limited group of Forumites (which I would say are passionate about WoWS - I know I am) is that WG/WoWS has succeeded in producing an ABJECT FAILURE of a CV rework.
  6. My understanding of the new reworked CV play is it doesn't really work properly. The whole idea appears to be inherently broken. I tried the reworked CV play in testing, found the rework a FARCE and then when it went live, I sold all my CVs.
  7. antean

    New Map Design Contest

    There was in 'Beta' a New Map Design Contest where players submitted ideas to WoWS. I'm not sure what suggestions were utilized as WoWS never said what new maps came from this contest (tho some new maps were introduced shortly afterwards), however, all the contributing players (200+) got a free low tier premium ship (forget which one now) for their submissions. I suggest that WoWS offer this contest again as there have not been any new maps now for some time.
  8. antean

    Armada: Le Terrible

    Apparently, this one was well named .