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  1. antean

    CV Rework Discussion

    RTS style of CV play was a challenge and it represented how a CV was supposed to work. Amazing how WoWS had it for 4+ years. It was the original development idea. The reworked CV play is an abysmal joke & has ruined, imho, what was a great game. My wallet, for one, is now closed until RTS CV play is returned.
  2. antean

    Armada: Neustrashimy

    Why? Mommy, a strange man is asking me to 'step on board'!
  3. The reworked CVs are OP for two reasons. A CV can now almost delete their first targeted DD (if the CV player knows what to do) thereby removing that DD from play. Nothing the DD can do about that. Also, CVs very often are the last survivors in the battle which is another OP ability given to them by WoWS. The effect of the reworked CVs is to ruin the game for virtually all other ship classes all due to WoWS making the CVs OP simply to support their abysmal decision to rework CVs.
  4. antean


    TY for the answer
  5. antean


    The ones I refer to are right under the title - clean your contacts/glasses (or get some). Duh!
  6. antean

    Update 0.8.3: the “Victory” Competition

    Well, actually all tiers have sh!t players & also average/decent players & also good players. It all depends on whether the MM wants to screw you or not. No, it does not. However, we know who WoWS is being marketed to - the 10 second (or less) attention span kiddies. I'm all for 'grinding' and the player actually learning while climbing the tiers but this is just too much for all the 'lill darling kiddies who got to have the shiny toys now!'
  7. antean


    How does one finish these two Collections if one cannot get the proper containers? I'd like to finish these two collections. Why aren't they in the Armoury?
  8. Pls div w me, El2aZeR. I like diving w good players (& ones who tell it like it actually is). I can use all the Ws I can get (btw, I'm not a total doofus either - tho some might think so, lol). I even have two T8s so you can use your Enterprise, lol.
  9. Sure, it can happen. More, imho, before the CV rework. Rather less so now.
  10. antean

    Cheap or expensive camo ? Consumables ?

    I buy the 22.5k camo on all ships which I do not find the need to use a better camo. Camoes can accumulate so easily that most ships can use a better one than the 22.5 As to 'better consumables' - again, they accumulate rather easily so it is 'housekeeping' to assign relevant consumables to the particular ship in question. I sell some consumables & the ram flag (essentially useless) that I obtain too many of. I will not buy any better consumable for doubloons.
  11. antean

    T8 Kaga

    One option, Mr_Wolfclaw, is either not buy the Kaga at all or to sell it if you already have it .
  12. antean

    Update 0.8.3: the “Victory” Competition

    Obvious which server will swallow this 'whole hog' .
  13. It's very difficult to discuss the obvious, El2aZeR, with 'deniers' who want the facts to support their false arguments (even when the facts blatantly contradict their assertions).
  14. I notice you don't include DDs as the CV rework has made them (mostly) redundant, lol . (also aware that, in your haste, you made a spelling mistake )
  15. antean

    Update 0.8.3: the “Victory” Competition

    I have read thru the 8.3 update & changes. Almost all of it is, imho, WoWS drivel. The one part that may have merit is the friendly 'Victory' competition.