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  1. antean

    Motivation for joining a clan

    Wow, is this an escalation? If I want my own clan, cpt sparrow_jack, I'll start my own clan. This has nothing to do with being bad, average or good. &, btw, 'sparrow brain' learn to spell.
  2. antean

    Pan - Asian CA/CL tech tree line

    Does anyone know if WoWS is planning a Pan - Asian CA/CL tech tree line? We have a Pan-Asian DD line with a mixture of Ger, Ijn, Ru, US & UK ships. An inclusion of some national flags, as well, here. Hence, might we have a Pan - Asia CA/CL line with the relevant national flags here, as well? I'm sure the Chinese/India/Pakistan, etc market players will like this too.
  3. Does anyone know if WoWS will offer any Scandinavian CA/CL or DD tech tree lines? A few players on the forums have posted Scandinavian ship information and there appears to be sufficient ships for these two tech tree lines.
  4. antean

    Pan - American tech tree lines?

    Does anyone know if WoWS will offer non-US American tech tree lines (even if only partial ones)? At present, we have just one premium South American ship. However, there must be many Pan - American ships that could be included into WoWS.
  5. Does anyone know if WoWS will ever have a Commonwealth CA/CL & DD tech tree lines? Are there enough ships (either clones or unique ship builds) for these lines?
  6. antean

    Did everyone forget about Mikasa?

    Probably not, however, it is very affordable & it is available in the premium shop if anyone wants it (hint, nudge, nudge wot_2016_gunner) It is not entirely helpless For some reason WoWS did not include the late 1880s/1890s motor driven warships (all the pre -T2 stuff that might have been in this game) An oversight in retrospect? Mikasa is certainly hit or miss with her main guns, however, those main guns are rather big for T2. Also, when the Secondaries can be used, the Mikasa is powerful enough.
  7. All you need to do, InfintyIncarnate, is read the various CV threads over the last 5 months. This is a small forum population, however, the vast majority of forum respondents detests the new CV rework and the Forum Administrators know it. Will this alter the actions of the WG CV rework bulldozer? You make your own conclusion.
  8. Glad to see the current GZ players are satisfied with the current GZ play (ROFL). (btw, I sold my GZ when the CV rework FARCE went live) As to the Ru BBs, I look forward to them being in the game as a regular tech tree line (even if there are other tech lines that should be here first). Pls, WoWS developers, pls, leave the Ru BBs as 'historical' as possible, especially the actual ones built & the maybe could have been built Sovetsky Soyuz class.
  9. antean

    Scandinavian Tech Tree :)

    I just looked at your T2 & T3 Cruiser suggestions, jfkennedy2, and they appear to be the correct time frame (first decade of 1900s). Good work to both you & (I imagine) Red_warning. It would be nice to see a couple of Scandinavian tech trees (eventually, maybe)
  10. antean

    Scandinavian Tech Tree :)

    I think Tyrendian89 means you have 'resurrected' an old thread (or recreated the same topic already posted about). This is termed 'necroing'. The term is used either humourously or perjoratively, in this case, for humour
  11. antean

    MM again

    & the MM random battle queue is random. ROFL
  12. antean

    Recruitment Poster Contest - Win Big Prizes!

    'Known'? Why is he smiling 'that' way? Why is there 'that' gleam in his eye? What 'personal voyage' - to 'where'? Whose 'imagination'? 'Today'? (wanders past this particular recruitment poster wishing he hadn't read it)
  13. antean

    Motivation for joining a clan

    One motivation to join a clan is to gain the clan port bonuses. These small bonuses do help. Some players certainly just join a clan for the bonuses offered in the clan port. Not all clan members actively participate in a clan tho their membership & playing battles does contribute to earning oil.
  14. antean

    Motivation for joining a clan

    Sorry, ZWC, I had no motivation to read your wall of text.
  15. antean

    Motivation for joining a clan

    I did this in my NA account just so I could have my own 'clan flag' in the game. Still waiting WG ……………. grrr ... grumble ... WTF is taking so long ... JFC! … Get off your butts!