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  1. Capt_Azeld_Invictus

    Chat restrictions?

    Have no clue.... All i got from this was you dont actualy have to use chat to get a chat ban.. The game has no censor filter to detect cursing so it relies on player input aka chat reports to ban players on basis of acumulated reports...
  2. Capt_Azeld_Invictus

    Chat restrictions?

    Back story: So i was chat baned till 25.th this month (entirely deserved.. inapropreate behavior) , played a few games on 25th while still chat baned only to log in today (26.10.2020) to find out im chat baned again for a week... Question: how do you chat ban a player that has a chat ban and hasnt used the chat function or in any other way insulted players, has not bypased the chat filters nor have i used private msg's? Submited 2 tickets to suport only bot response so far :D honestly i find this highly amusing since it gives insight to how chat bans work its not some great investigation of players behavior its just number of acumulated reports for chat violations... Any reply is apretiated. Ty
  3. Capt_Azeld_Invictus

    PT 0.9.4 - Submarines

    Sub isues: 1, Detection during early game, they outspot most dd's and promote selfish/safe play from dd's. Any attempt to cap leads to instant death. 2. DMG to bb's when both pings are in effect is simply unfair at tier VI i can only imagine what you got planed for tier X. 3. BB's and heavy cruisers have no way of defending against subs 4. No downside to being under water for ever. Proposed changes: 1.surface concelement of subs to be equal to dd's of same tier with national flavor taken in to account ( ijn dd's have beter stealth so should one of the sub nations) 2. or Selective spoting, sub can spot and instantly give away position of enemy ships while on surface but if under water (periscope depth) enemy ships position is revealed on minimap for everyone, but are only visible to subs. 3- Pasive sonar for every ship that can detect a sub if she is moving.. if stationary then player gets '' sub is in general area'' msg without revealing subs position. 4. tone down the citadel dmg by making its alpha be affected by torpedo protection. 5 Give Carriers, bb's and CA's a way to dmg subs when under water to avoid games where a single sub is siting at 7 meters below 3 ships, such games tend to drag out. Subs create more work for destroyers that already have to think about radars other dd's, spoting, carrier strikes, hydro, caping, general positioning aaaaaand dealing dmg while doing all that now they are tasked with countering entire new ship class. You can expect pasive gameplay bb's that refuse to get closer to enemy lines at the same time thats making it harder for cruisers--- in general good idea for a special game mod or an operation ''intercept a convoy'' but other then that extremly hard to balance.
  4. Capt_Azeld_Invictus

    Why I keep getting the bad teams

    Think of next few months as a 2 month long weekend.. Every dude with internet and wows instaled is comming out of the woodwork to play. Problem is most of them didnt play long enough to learn some basic stuff like ship roles or basic positioning .. we are not talking about angling your ship or ammo choice those things are advanced mathematics for these people. we are talking about players that when they ram an island dont know why theyr ship isnt moving. As a 62%wr player i can tell you now that my weakly WR dropoed to 37% but my average dmg actualy and potential dmg went up. My contribution in tearms of dps and tanking is still there and im sure most yuurs is as well its just new ''new'' population is just that bad.
  5. Capt_Azeld_Invictus

    Public Test - Megathread for rewards & updates

    Missing the Premium tier VI container as well. Posted a ticket with WG support and got a response from a bot about not finishing missions linking me to a tutorial for test server.... How i know its a bot? I posted two screenshots with missions completed in end battle screen and in port as a proof :D Must have been automated response cuz ticket was open for 5 hours :/
  6. Capt_Azeld_Invictus

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    Its entirely posible if you are a chuck norris, have a untracable offshore Bot farm or if we quit our jobs cut all ties to our family brake all relationships we got with friends and loved ones dont eat food and dont sleep... sure AAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHA...... Are you serious! Even your CC's are LMFAO you, your streem party had to dodge series of questions about this and blatantly LIE, whos idea was this? Here is a briliant idea dont give out tier X ships simply make it a cash only thing, or give players 3 to 4 months to complete directives. I get 2k base per game on regular basis.. im talking 6 out of 10 games and im 3/6 on first directive after 30 games in 2 days.. granted im not even trying to do it but can you at least disguise this cash grab a bit more, 40 clan members in my clan are refusing to grind even Gorizia all above 21 years old, and more the half of them are spending money in to this game well not anymore theyr not xD. WG you are turning in to Mycom games.
  7. Capt_Azeld_Invictus

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  8. participate button is buged its constantly active. dont think this works properly...