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  1. Grouchy_Canuck

    Thank You All

    So just to prove this community can teach new players and granted I still have much to learn but I have taken your advice and lessens to heart : now if I could just learn to play cruisers :-(
  2. Grouchy_Canuck

    Tier 6 Premium ship

    Thinking of buying my first Premium ship, a tier 6 as I'm still learning the game.........any ideas on what I should purchase, so far I've played mostly DD's and BB's Making $$$ is my primary goal. Thanks in advance for your info
  3. Grouchy_Canuck

    Thank You All

    hmmmm making me feel invisible been in TS everyday normally in 1 of the grinding rooms, was in LFD room with everyone yesterday and was in tier 6 grinding rm when u guys were in training room..............So not sure how I should take it that no one notices me, I'm just too quiet I guess.
  4. Grouchy_Canuck

    Thank You All

    Yep I've been seeing an improvement as my games go on and wanted to thank to community for giving me pointers when I first started, telling me where to go for videos and streams, and a couple of ppl did some divisions with me to coach me on my game play...........it's been a steep learning curve but I'm just starting to see it come together at 480 games played
  5. Grouchy_Canuck

    Thank You All

    Just hit 500 games and wanted to say Thank You to the community for the advice I got on forums and offers of help in game + to ppl like Flambass and Flamuu for great live streams which helps newbies learn the ropes. Because of all of you I'm starting to have games like these .......
  6. Grouchy_Canuck

    chat ban

    like to find the disable chat, I'ii ban myself
  7. Grouchy_Canuck

    $$ Making Money $$

    1.5 million, nice advice
  8. Grouchy_Canuck

    $$ Making Money $$

    Ahh that is some good advice for a new player
  9. Grouchy_Canuck

    $$ Making Money $$

    So 150 games in and cash strapped ........................How do you make Money ????
  10. Flaw in your plan, So lets take 100, 60+ players and give them a league of there own, with in maybe 500 games you would have 20 +60% maybe 30 ish 50%+ and the rest would be below 50% your pool of player would now be 40-50 this topic has been discussed in length on WOT , and just not practical WG could take a page from Rainbow six siege and have a permanent ranked division ( if you want to play again similar stat players 60%+ 50-60% 40-50% ) and you go up and down depending on your rank which is based on your win rate And a normal division for grinding and the people not interested in it
  11. Grouchy_Canuck


    Ok very new to the game 50 games kind of new -Canadian usually on 7-9 pm GMT - 53 yrs old, not a spring chicken - unlike my name says I'm a pretty nice guy -Ex military (25+years) so ok with a salty clan - spent 6+ years with WOT NA -Don't move clans offend like to stay with a comfortable group of ppl - Looking for a clan for a number of reasons, social, divisions, and most important learning..........I have the basics ( except shooting I suck) and looking for patient people to teach me the finer skills - always willing to help and take part in clan activities did clan wars in WOT for 3+ years, Any questions feel free to PM me, I play almost everyday -G-
  12. Grouchy_Canuck

    Japanese Destroyers

    So new player here,reached tier 5 ...........line spits in 2 what's are the differences in the lines, been looking at tech tree they seem about the same, so I must be missing something thanks in advance
  13. Grouchy_Canuck

    Advice for a noob

    Ya wish I had a friends code etc but don't know a soul on EU yet, will clan hunt once I get up in tiers, and I am very appreciative of all the advice I've gotten so far