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  1. Grouchy_Canuck

    chat ban

    like to find the disable chat, I'ii ban myself
  2. Grouchy_Canuck

    $$ Making Money $$

    1.5 million, nice advice
  3. Grouchy_Canuck

    $$ Making Money $$

    Ahh that is some good advice for a new player
  4. Grouchy_Canuck

    $$ Making Money $$

    So 150 games in and cash strapped ........................How do you make Money ????
  5. Flaw in your plan, So lets take 100, 60+ players and give them a league of there own, with in maybe 500 games you would have 20 +60% maybe 30 ish 50%+ and the rest would be below 50% your pool of player would now be 40-50 this topic has been discussed in length on WOT , and just not practical WG could take a page from Rainbow six siege and have a permanent ranked division ( if you want to play again similar stat players 60%+ 50-60% 40-50% ) and you go up and down depending on your rank which is based on your win rate And a normal division for grinding and the people not interested in it
  6. Grouchy_Canuck


    Ok very new to the game 50 games kind of new -Canadian usually on 7-9 pm GMT - 53 yrs old, not a spring chicken - unlike my name says I'm a pretty nice guy -Ex military (25+years) so ok with a salty clan - spent 6+ years with WOT NA -Don't move clans offend like to stay with a comfortable group of ppl - Looking for a clan for a number of reasons, social, divisions, and most important learning..........I have the basics ( except shooting I suck) and looking for patient people to teach me the finer skills - always willing to help and take part in clan activities did clan wars in WOT for 3+ years, Any questions feel free to PM me, I play almost everyday -G-
  7. Grouchy_Canuck

    Japanese Destroyers

    So new player here,reached tier 5 ...........line spits in 2 what's are the differences in the lines, been looking at tech tree they seem about the same, so I must be missing something thanks in advance
  8. Grouchy_Canuck

    [BOTS] + [B0TS] Beasts of the Sea are recruiting

  9. Grouchy_Canuck

    Advice for a noob

    Ya wish I had a friends code etc but don't know a soul on EU yet, will clan hunt once I get up in tiers, and I am very appreciative of all the advice I've gotten so far
  10. Grouchy_Canuck

    Advice for a noob

    So far watching Captains Academy on YouTube and flamuu on stream picking up pointers
  11. Grouchy_Canuck

    Advice for a noob

    Thanks for the advice so far
  12. Grouchy_Canuck

    Advice for a noob

    Really? I thought battleship would be easier then cruiser.............
  13. Grouchy_Canuck

    Advice for a noob

    Ok new to WOWS EU, yes played WOT NA since the beginning, what I'm looking for is some advice which class is the easiest to start and learn on and which country is the most forgiving and why? G