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  1. Hello there! In our game we have plenty of camouflages and flag signals, so to choose economic setup correctly isn't the easiest job right now. For better predictions of economic battle results. I has created this simple application. Info: As you may see on a screenshot in spoiler above, program allows: Choose camouflage from list or set its bonuses directly; Set all signals flag whichever you want; Set clan buildings bonuses (and understand worth of upgrading clan base too); Set premium type, first win mod, and elite status of a ship. Save\Load result setup to .xml file All calculation will be done immediately from basic values, which one you write by your own. I had verified some results on testing stage, but still can't say about 100% accuracy of this program - I could forgot something or input incorrect bonus values. If you discover something wierd in the logic - poke me by the email (second tab in a program) or here. Better if argumentation about wierd stuff would be with economic tab of a battle results - for the fastest correction. Note: The difference in a few points (1-10 for example) is normal and was caused by the math rounding. Installation: You can download a latest version of a program from google drive or yandex.disk Next, just unpack WoWS XP Calc.exe file to any place and Run it. For the first time, Windows may ask additional permission to run untrusted program (because I'm to lazy to create certificate and sign a program by it, sorry). Changelog: Good luck and fair seas!