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  1. ZeuSueZ1337

    ST 0.10.6, soviet aircraft carriers

    *checking calender* Nope. Not the 1st of April.... (Assuming the planes are stealth, with homing cruise missiles, and 2+ Mach speed, and a submarine auto kill function --- да?) Jaysuz! Also this is pretty damn straight on the mone.....sorry - rubles:
  2. ZeuSueZ1337

    Salem or Yoshino

    Neustrashimy & Yoshino I can't comment on since I don't have them. Salem however; it's a great ship _but_ if you're anywhere near getting Des Moines then save your coal and use it for something different. Yes, Salem has the "super-heal" but giving up 1,5 km radar range and hydro is - imho - to big a sacrifice. I know that you can use Salem as a captain trainer, but then again there are so many other USN ships that can fulfill that role. On the other hand; if you haven't played the USN (heavy)cruiser line yet, then Salem would be a fine candidate for a cash-grinder and/or trainer. And remember that you'll get a 25% rebate coupon in a couple of days, if you haven't seen it already.
  3. ZeuSueZ1337

    Submarine Testing

    Server is supposed to be open from 15:00 but noooo. Had the same.. Just got in now. Try again.
  4. ZeuSueZ1337

    Submarine Testing

    Will it be possible to add the game by an ID in the WG-client? If so; what are the ID?
  5. ZeuSueZ1337

    PT 0.10.5 - General Feedback

    I'm not really sure this is the right place but here goes. After you revamped the PT-server-setup I'm unable to login. My handle+password seems to not let me in and when I'm trying to create a ticket for this I get this wonderfully message: The e-mail is the one that I have (nope, not giving WG my work related e-mails) so if anyone could be so kind to point me in the right directions as to how I can reset my PT-handle that would be greatly appreciated.
  6. ZeuSueZ1337

    [Poll] Are you playing "The Brawl" ?

    Mayhaps! But having just seen that there is sub-test over the next days that could easy sway me to practice my "das boot" skills instead.....
  7. In the current meta, i.e. post cmd-skill rework; Cruisers. Why? Because fire prevention is no longer available...... Prior to that? BB's. All of em'. I find em' so bloody boring* and currently because of the aforementioned above they are pretty tough to play since the DD's "mostly" have other DD's to fear, less so cruisers. *) With a few notable exceptions; for this signature mostly JB.
  8. ZeuSueZ1337

    New stage of submarine testing

    I'll repeat the minority and unpopular opinion once again; looking forward to this. One thing though; any thoughts on the following points: - Still just on the even tiers (6, 8 and 10)? - For random battles; What's the max number of subs in battle? If decided? - For any 'competitive' modes*; What's the max number of subs in battle? If decided? - Are CV's still able to hit the subs when only shallowly submerged? - Lastly: signals on subs? Both econ and battle-wise, will that be possible? *) ranked, CB, Brawls etc.
  9. ZeuSueZ1337

    According to WGs explanation of the MM this cannot happen

    Fwiw this is a perfect matchup - imho - same tier, same number of each class. And even "radar balans". The divisions are - from my point of view - of less importance
  10. Lol. Yeah that trashcan-math I'm also able to perform 😂 I were asking if there in fact since the latest update, if there had been a significant drop in usage of Juliet Charlie signals compared to earlier. As in; if you (or other mods/contributers) have insights about the game data from WG to verify this hunch.
  11. Although I'm running the danger of being told to sod off an remove my tinfoil hat I wanna second @bloodynicknames claim. It appears(!) that detonations are more frequent since the release of latest update but given we don't earn/are rewarded flags signals like before it could be down to the fact that players don't hoist Juliet Charlie - thus rendering the entirety of the player pool more susceptible to detonations. Again; a hunch but I'm led to believe that the mechanics in fact have not been altered but less flags signals are used. @Excavatus: are you able to shred light on that assumption that fewer Juliet Charlie signals have been used since the update thus increasing the risk of detonating? Edit: It's signals not flags you utter tinpot! (talking bout' myself)
  12. ZeuSueZ1337

    Signal flags from achievements

    "(...) especially for non-whales(...)" WG are not interested in those - sadly :(
  13. ZeuSueZ1337

    EU server down?

    Yep! We're back online.
  14. ZeuSueZ1337

    EU server down?

    ........ Aaaand PT is also down ^^
  15. ZeuSueZ1337

    Unable to mount Battle of the Beasts flags?

    Outdated mods apparently - ty.