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  1. ZeuSueZ1337

    Give us old camera back.

    Indeed. Seems like an odd change to implement, however c/p from another similar thread: Fwiw it pretty much looks like the old vantage point.
  2. ZeuSueZ1337

    Favourite Premium

    Fun? So not necessarily the ships you perform best using but also where you have a massive grin on your face sailing em'? Well, waaay to open a question. So how bout' the matrix below instead? (Some boats you can't obtain any more and some are not premium but rather freemium ikr - tough.....) Class Low (5/6) Mid (7/8) High (9/X) DD T-61 Cossack Paoblo Yolo CL/CA Perth Prinz Eugen Smolensk BB Agincourt Scharnhorst Jean Bart ....I think. Was rather hastily put together.
  3. ZeuSueZ1337

    A true admission that submarines are not working.

    Instead they should just have typed the following: RMBK react....sorry - subs don't have any design flaws.
  4. ZeuSueZ1337

    7th Anniversary

    Another take/question: I have 26x-something ships in my port and by re-purchasing t1-t4 ships I could get above 300 ships. Would this be worth it? It's gonna cost me mayhaps a couple of millions of credits but that I got covered. It's more the 800 xp threshold movin up to 1000 xp --- but a the same time being able to get 3 instead of 2 "bonus stars". Do it? Don't do it?
  5. ZeuSueZ1337

    Navy Dishes

    Spoon feeding us with borscht and pierogies. Sprea......sorry - kitchen chef says ДА! (but yeah either *slow news day* or random like a Russian Scud.....)
  6. ZeuSueZ1337

    what economic bonus to buy for the tokens ?

    OT: 90+k steel, daym o_0
  7. The BB's are just BB-babies being BB-babies. "i mUsT wIn CuZ iM iN tHe BiGgEr BoAt." Sure buddy. That Napoli just outplayed you like a to dollar banjo! [Edit] And you played your own BBs like an utter newbie +1 @Puffin_
  8. NC tokens lost all value when ship containers compensation for all outcome was swapped from doubloons to credit.
  9. ZeuSueZ1337

    Public Test 0.11.7 - Bug Reports!

    Like above I didn't make in time to the first part. I'll give it a go this weekend if my schedule allows it.
  10. https://eu.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/15732/ During account reset, the following items will be reset/removed: Commanders, including: * Those purchased and trained in exchange for Doubloons. * Unique Commanders with specializations for certain ships. * Those obtained from personal missions, special events, campaigns, etc. XP and Elite Commander XP Credits and special resources: Oil, Coal, Steel, Ranked Tokens, and Clan Tokens, including those obtained/converted for Doubloons Valuable items purchased for Credits (ships, consumables, modules, equipment, etc.) Research in the Tech Tree Account statistics and achievements Camouflages, flags, signals, and other exterior elements, except for those that are mounted on Premium ships or have an equivalent value in Doubloons Containers Research Points of the Research Bureau The following items will remain unchanged on your account: Free XP The number of Doubloons on your account Premium Account time that you had before the reset Premium and event ships Port slots Places in the Reserve Commemorative flags and rare achievements Сamouflages and signals that have the equivalent value in Doubloons Premium camouflages that are currently mounted on Premium ships You need to be an utter stats h*** to do this. Especially the fact that your commanders are going to be reset to their initial level should be a complete showstopper. Hide your profile if-need-be.
  11. ZeuSueZ1337

    Public Test 0.11.7 - Bug Reports!

    Yeah, the GPU usage are off the charts, bordering on unplayable....
  12. ZeuSueZ1337

    Public Test 0.11.7 - Camera and Sound improvements

    I'll second this: And if not that then at least tell us what degree we should set the two scales to match to get the vision from before. AND add a specific paragraph the news bulletin when .17 is released in the hopes that at least someone sees it. And I'd like to ask: who the **** has come up with the idea of this change? It's not gonna help anyone with the vision(!) I was about to rant in the 'general discussion' about the this cluster-f*** of a unwanted change to the game as to make the community aware of it - but luckily saw this and stepped away from the danger-zone....
  13. ZeuSueZ1337

    Public Test 0.11.6 - Bug reports

    Camera angle? Oh noes. Make the zoom-out come back. Now!
  14. ZeuSueZ1337

    Lighthouse Auction: Patrie and Edgar

    Soooo.....one supercontainer in exchange for an undisclosed amount of doubloons?!? And T11 ships that are gonna be available later on for everyone for 100m+ credits? 50k coal? 7 day premium? yOuR fEeDbAcK ArE iMpOrTaNt FoR uS....
  15. ZeuSueZ1337

    Lolz.....the future of wows......

    "(...)people will cut entertainment budgets hard(...)" Take heed gentlemen. The above statement is probably a chilling, yet accurate description of where WoWs (and other games) are heading....