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  1. Georgia fell down my lap from a SC back in 2020 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .....still prefer JB as a t9 BB tho.
  2. ZeuSueZ1337

    Idea for new class: Communication Ship

    Communicationsz shipsz? Omegakek! You must be new here. Lets for starters just get players to communicate. That would be a small step for mankind but at gigantic-enormous-fantastic step for your average WoWs player. Not holding my breath.....
  3. ZeuSueZ1337

    Buy TX ships for anniversary or event...or not?

    You may want to look at it another way around: One(!) tX boat without any clan rebates and without modules/upgrades gives you 64% chance for some sort of economic bonuses. And it will cost you around 18+m at least. 36% for "the good stuff*" So no, you shouldn't "waste" your credits with those odds imho. How to become a multimillionaire - ingame credit wise: - Exclusively playing premium boats you know how to master. If you grind a line sure - sail it, but don't play tech-tree boats for credit-grind. - Do make use of econ bonuses aaand... - Play randoms (like you do) Way to many play coop and don't understand why they don't earn any credits ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - In addition to all of this premium time adds a nice juicy credit bonus. But tbh someone might be unwilling to part with hard cash atm. Following the above, and your credits will stack up in no time. *) dubs, coal, steel, prem time - and yes, 1.5% for a ship.
  4. ZeuSueZ1337

    4 vs. 4 Playing Tier IV Ships

    It's a feature not a bug right? That you're pissing on a already tired playerbase to ensure that daily missions cannot be completed through the brawl? ....you're not making it easy on yourselfs.
  5. ZeuSueZ1337

    How to reduce FPS in Port?

    OT: You can't. The crypto have to be mined..... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. ZeuSueZ1337

    Research Bureau

    All that @HMS_Kilinowski said! tl;dr You - luckily for you - play this game too seldom to really take advantage or the RB. With the recent economic rework you can hustle free exp to reset/re-research a branch on a running 3 month basis. I.e. you don't actually have to play the boats once more - you simplye burn ~700k free xp re-researching the branch/every 3. month. But your not nearly enough on the seas often for that to be practical imho. Focus on completing the open lines as suggested above and farm the rewards come the anniversary on the next update. Also; grinding is usually more fun during the winter than when it's summer.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. ZeuSueZ1337

    Godzilla vs. Kong: The Titans Return

    "EXTRA EXTRA fOr A LiMiTeD pErIoD yOu CaN pUrChAsE pErMa CaMoS tHaT LoOks LiKe A tRaIn WrEcK --- AaaaaaaNd ThEy PrOvIdE a ToTaL oF zErO bOnUsEs" EXTRA EXTRA" Srsly WG?
  8. Any news on this yet? Also; does it change if you breach the threshold during the update, or is it the number that you hold once the update is rolled out? Thanks in advance.
  9. ZeuSueZ1337

    Automatic ASW for CVs (Closed Testing)

    ......what a massive pile of horse manure. (as written elsewhere)
  10. What a massive pile of horse manure, WG! Just come clean already: "CV's are our special class, and they need to be superior in all aspects - and even a blind, onearmed, drunk player should be able to wreck the game sailing one"
  11. 2k coop 18k random #protip: swap game ratio = missions solves themselves. Sort of. (and yeah - this is a MMO not a MMB (Massive multiplayer bot) tho - sometimes it sure feels like it.....
  12. I've read through the entire post but unable to see if my question has already been asked - if so, sorry. Given I'm hovering just below 300 ships I wanna breach that threshold in order to get additional rewards when completing missions so to that effect; - Do rental subs count towards the final 300+ number? I don't wanna re-purchase more t1-t2-etc. ships than necessary.
  13. ZeuSueZ1337

    Give us old camera back.

    Indeed. Seems like an odd change to implement, however c/p from another similar thread: Fwiw it pretty much looks like the old vantage point.