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  1. Psychatogg

    New Brawl mm

    Maybe I have overestimated, but it is definitely enough money to design more balanced game....
  2. Psychatogg

    New Brawl mm

    I think, in this particular battle the skill was mitigated by divisions working together against not so well coordinated team...
  3. Psychatogg

    New Brawl mm

    When someone will try to tell you, that WG makes a balanced game,that is about skill, show them this. Of course was a massive loss - how long we are going to tolerate this BS and imbalance? Why they are not able to design a normal system, where you will play fairly and in a balanced environment? They have billions of dollars, and are not able to achieve even remotely any balance, because they dont want it !!!
  4. Psychatogg

    Brawl 3 CV vs. 3 CV - have you tried it yet?

    Was fun at first, but now only pobedas and chkalovs ruining it - no point. It is quite amusing, that how many of those very bad/evil people will abuse this to get a win - that only shows what shallow characters majority of the payerbase are.
  5. Psychatogg

    Toxicity in this game is ridiculous

    Everybody should be allowed to say what they want, the game is horribly balanced and players are bad. Technically, if somebody plays bad and looses the game, he just thrown 15 mins of your time to the bin and you have every right to insult them. People are bunch of crybabies, usually the baddies will report you and u get a ban, so they can feel a little bit better with their pathetic lifes. I believe every half-decent man here does not care about what some shitters say in wows, if they insult him he will insult them too even more, or just ignore them.
  6. Psychatogg

    Question about MM and Div's - WTF?

    Answer is simple - make divs mm skillbased, leave the other things random - that way,matches would be balanced. I am not sure ppl will like it,cuz ppl could not abuse the divs system like now....Also the number of divs and number of members must be exactly the same,only that way some sort of small balance can be achieved.... not perfect,but would help a lot.
  7. Psychatogg

    Blapping CVs with Yama/Musashi: spotting plane

    Can anybody find the source where WG punished the 899 divisions and told that it is against the game rules to target specific class? I am pretty sure it happened,just cannot find that source anymore.... Would be a nice show of WG actions that are abusive to players in 899 div, even they do not do anything wrong. Same with chatbans etc...
  8. Psychatogg

    Chat Ban

    that is the thing - THE people playing the game should decide what they say, not WG or anybody else. And yes, some other games are not censored.
  9. Psychatogg

    Chat Ban

    yeah, it is not balanced, so thats why it is one of the best Esport adored because it is balanced game where skills wins. AND WG games are absolute trash on competitive scene, EVERYONE knows that - and why? Because it is unbalanced as hell catering to hordes of noobs :) I saw the graphs, thanks for that. See the curves? quite balanced, now if we could see the curve for wows :) SC2 is one of the most balanced games ever produced, and even you know it.
  10. Psychatogg

    Chat Ban

    You are claiming that SC 2 is not balanced? maybe not 100%, but compared to WG games it is balanced...
  11. Psychatogg

    Chat Ban

    Starcraft 2
  12. Psychatogg

    Chat Ban

    Lol WG, they cannot even balance their game and they will choose what words I can say or not - yeah, but in eastern parts of Europe is very normal. If WG can make a balanced, fair game, there will be much less abuse in chat - WG is directly supporting this behaviour.
  13. Psychatogg

    Chat Ban

    And who decides what is good or bad? If somebody lost the game for 11 other players, then should be punished and faced with the consequences of bad play. I personally do not have any problem with any verbal attack on me ingame... Grow balls, write back to them and be a man and face everything :) So I do not see any reason to regulate chat because some crybabies feel offended.
  14. Psychatogg

    Chat Ban

    Why you should be chat banned anyways..... Should be free speech, many people play sooo bad that they deserve the abuse.
  15. Psychatogg

    Poll: Will you stop spending on the game?

    Already stopped, only using gold on WOT to get some premium time, since the money for that already spent. The game is complete bull*hit, absolutely unbalanced and so many matches are random - 60% of battles you cannot influence, either on loosing or winning side. therefore, the game is not worth our time, would you play any other title to have 2 hours of misery to get 1 or 2 normal fair battles? No, if it is normal game title, you would throw it to the bin with saying this game sucks badly.