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  1. GoneFishingAgain

    Constellation and Always Courageous Premium Containers

    When you buy a car that has 200 hp - seller can't change it to 150 hp after a few months. Why does WG think nerfing premiums is any different? It just shows that they never test anything properly and CC / player feedback is nothing they ever concern themselves with.
  2. GoneFishingAgain

    New German Destroyers Review

    Whole line was D.O.A. Why bother? ... on the other hand - I hope people do, so I can do some seal clubbing
  3. GoneFishingAgain

    Grand Battle

    Why should we care, when WG obviously doesn't! Hybrids, subs and SOVIET CVs are coming!!! Reading feedback isn't prerequisite for getting employed by WG it seems. People used to be able to sell WoWs account with researched tech trees up to T10, some steel ships and a few premiums for €1500. Now buyers will ask you to pay THEM to play.
  4. GoneFishingAgain

    Combat Discipline: Disabling Friendly Fire

    Disabling friendly fire is a terrible idea, it dumbs the game down. KEEP TORPEDO WARNING!!!
  5. GoneFishingAgain

    Weekly Combat Missions: Italian Navy Day

    How about you give us some missions with decent ships as a reward? KM DD line = garbage IT BB line - below T9 = garbage KIROV with a "special" skin? What is so special about it, as opposed to a regular perma camo? You should change title to Minister of Propaganda and pick a nickname that starts with G
  6. WG just doesn't want to accept the fact that not EVERYBODY and EVERY ship should be allowed to ranked. Put some sort of threshold on what you can bring to battle - if ranked is considered a bit more "competitive" than random. I don't play SLAVA in ranked, cause I'm rubbish in it (or any other ship where I have PR below 1000)
  7. GoneFishingAgain

    Submarine Testing

    Submarines are perfectly shaped objects that should find their way to a WG's place where Sun doesn't shine.
  8. GoneFishingAgain

    Important Info You May Have Missed: Update 0.10.4 Top News

    Thanks for releasing ISE... ...I'm one step closer to closing the account. Keep up the good work and save me some money!
  9. GoneFishingAgain

    Brawl 5 vs. 5 at the Helms of Tier X Ships!

    5 vs 5 with CV HARD PASS
  10. GoneFishingAgain

    Dry Dock: Genova

    Why does WG disturb my peace by news notification- about GENOVA???? Dry dock for GENOVA??? wtf, ship was, is and forever will be utter trash
  11. GoneFishingAgain

    Clan Battles: Tears of the Desert Season

    CV in 7 vs 7? WG, whatever you're smoking, we want some of that. CVs aren't even balanced for 12 vs 12 and you allow them into clan battles. Must be all the positive feedback you've been getting about CV rework... or more probably lack of sanity.
  12. GoneFishingAgain

    Twitch Drops – Monstrous Edition: Week 4

    Reward: Commanders with 6 skill points. 6 points is 37.000 cxp, so we'll only have to grind another 2.871.000 cxp to get them to 21 points. how generous of you WG
  13. GoneFishingAgain

    Battle of the Beasts

    PhD in nuclear physics required to understand the mechanic how this works... ...not so high requirements when it comes to understanding the rewards we "may be able" to get. Hard pass
  14. GoneFishingAgain

    Update 0.10.4 – German Destroyers: Part 2

    GERMAN DESTROYERS PART 2 = who cares? BATTLE OF THE BEASTS Ok, if the missions are played with regular ships in regular modes. GERMAN DESTROYERS COLLECTION = who cares? (haven’t you already understood that) AUCTION = desperate GAME BALANCE CHANGES Basically, you’re admitting that you’ve created a new system of crap skills that nobody wants, and are charging us extra points to get useful skills. Rollback to 19 point system would be more than welcome. Your “diversity” has killed secondary builds and lots of 3 and 4 point skills aren’t active all the time. If I invest 4 points in a skill it should be active ALL THE TIME. Ship changes – NO REASON TO BUY A PREMIUM SHIP EVER AGAIN!!! ACHIEVEMENTS I'm waiting for the next logical step - Random Bundle for dubloons that gives me the "chance" to get a mission that rewards me with flags. BRAWL 5 vs 5 with CV NO, THANK YOU CLAN BATTLES 7 vs 7 with CV NO, THANK YOU ARMOURY ISE = the beginning of the end, specially once Dutch cruisers get introduced. CV + hybrid + Dutch carpet bombers + subs. That will leave room for maximum 8 regular surface ships in a match. Well done WG!
  15. Most annoying things in ranked are: 1. People trying a new ship for first time - should be set a minimum of battles in random before you get to use a particular ship in ranked 10-15-20 2. People bringing ships that they play extremely poorly - PR threshold 500-700-850