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  1. CruisingForMermaids

    Update 0.11.11 - General Feedback

    Please re-instate Naval Battles button and reinstated unread count in News section.
  2. CruisingForMermaids

    New Operation Wolfpack

    Is this Wolfpack going to remain in the Random Operations group? As someone who absolutely does not want to play suckmarines, I sincerely hope this isn't.
  3. CruisingForMermaids

    Malta in the Armory

    1) There will never be submarines. 2) We will never sell Tier X ships. OR We will do both.
  4. CruisingForMermaids

    Naval Food: Scotch Woodcock

    This is not a cooking game. Please stop this.
  5. CruisingForMermaids

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.10

    Presumably the new achievement will be as meaningless as the others (Kraken,etc) , now you have removed the flag-bonuses?
  6. CruisingForMermaids

    Ranked Battles: Season 9

    Is there any way to go DOWN a League? Would be a handy feature to have.
  7. CruisingForMermaids

    Halloween: Nightmare Operations

    Well at least there are no submarines here
  8. CruisingForMermaids

    12 vs. 12 Playing Tier VIII Destroyers

    Hopefully Flamu - and he'd still win!
  9. CruisingForMermaids

    Unsinkable Sam

    When was the Unsinksable Sam Large Pack ever 50,000 doubloons? It's utterly bonkers for it to be "on sale" at 30,150. I cannot believe anyone would be insane enough to have ever paid 50,180.
  10. CruisingForMermaids

    Update 0.11.8: Seventh Anniversary of World of Warships

    Okay thanks. Not sure how many read PT feedbacks; I certainly don't.
  11. CruisingForMermaids

    0.11.8 Update Contest - Lucky 7 Years!

    7 x 7 (hopefully!):
  12. CruisingForMermaids

    Your Guide to Reworked Operations

    Do you honestly think that was all one sentence?
  13. CruisingForMermaids

    Update 0.11.8: Seventh Anniversary of World of Warships

    Good luck with that! The Italians had a far bigger navy than Spain and they had to wait YEARS for Tech-tree lines.
  14. CruisingForMermaids

    Update 0.11.8: Seventh Anniversary of World of Warships

    How will the change to reloading affect commanders like Halsey and the Doe brothers please? Will the minimum time be -75%?
  15. CruisingForMermaids

    3 vs. 3 Playing Tier IV Ships

    Brawls would be much more popular if they counted towards the recurring missions of the day.