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  1. CruisingForMermaids

    World of Warships Anniversary

    That's still a LOT of good free stuff.
  2. CruisingForMermaids

    World of Warships Anniversary

    You didn't get the bit about free super-containers?
  3. CruisingForMermaids

    Armada: Chkalov

    Well said, Wicket_Boomber. I haven't spent a lot on this game, thank goodness. But I certainly won't be spending a single cent/penny/NOK dong unless they seriously mend their ways. Most preferable would be the deletion of subs, then CVs, from Randoms, Ranked, CBs and Co-op. The rigged gambling boxes are of no concern to me, as there's no way in hell I would ever waste my money on them, but I would like to see them stopped anyway. As you also rightly say, the prices of ships are absolutely nuts, too. Astonishes me how much people will pay for something that doesn't (and often didn't) exist.
  4. Tier 2 (seems most common.....) Diana. Won't ever play it.
  5. CruisingForMermaids

    Soviet Aircraft Carriers In the Armory

    Swiss Navy Missile Subs next?
  6. CruisingForMermaids

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.8

    Hard to care any more.
  7. CruisingForMermaids

    Clan Battles: "Piranha" Season

    Clan Battles recently won by clans called "KLLCV" and "BANCV". CVs deeply unpopular with the majority of the player-base. So WG think it's a great idea to allow (i.e. mandate) DOUBLE CVs......... You're clearly trying to kill this game, aren't you?
  8. CruisingForMermaids

    Update 0.10.7: Submarines in Ranked Battles

    Cannot tell you how unpopular this is.
  9. CruisingForMermaids

    Submarines in Ranked and Co-op Battles

    Constructive criticism: The Halloween Subs event of 2019 was actually really good. Dive time-limits, normal torpedoes all against bots, so kind of like an Operation mode. Why not just do more of those? You could have convoy-attacks ones and maybe harbour-penetration ones. Subs never actively took part in fleet actions and should not do so in this game either. Keep them out of Co-op, Ranked and definitely Randoms, please.
  10. CruisingForMermaids

    Dutch Cruisers: Early Access

    Thanks for the information, although it does seem a waste of tokens.
  11. CruisingForMermaids

    Dutch Cruisers: Early Access

    If we already have De Ruyter from 10.5 why are we required to use 40 Dutch tokens to buy it again?
  12. CruisingForMermaids

    Armada: Nueve de Julio

    Shame the range is so poor.
  13. CruisingForMermaids

    Public Test 0.10.6 - General Feedback

    Can you please show me exactly how to select "Public Test" in the "Game Instance Menu"? Where is this menu please?
  14. CruisingForMermaids

    HARUGUMO Building

    Thanks for that. In the end I went for the "Standard Build" as recommended in the skills linked by Flambass (created by some RAIN players): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XfsIIbyORQAxgOE-ao_nVSP8_fpa1igg0t48pXZFIu0/preview?pru=AAABd0WgzK0*RQxsyv0D6q3DG8Jq_DZeDQ
  15. CruisingForMermaids

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Co-op game in an Ibuki turned out to take 18:42 to win thanks to all our bots (and one other human) dying super-quickly.