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  1. little_rowboat

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    been a while since the last one
  2. little_rowboat

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    Well.. several reasons - added dimensions aren't added to the minimap itself but to the game. if it's similar to Halloween, they have to keep diving duration in mind which adds the depth-dimension and time-dimension if submarines are able to fight each other and surface ships are able to contest submarines, they have to manage under and above surface actions - same the other way around for surface ships Minimap is 2D and people can't handle it. Depth adds another (significant) dimension and depth over time for submarines another attribute to manage. Sure this game wasn't really 2D so far, but you could reduce the things to manage to 2D.
  3. little_rowboat

    What ship will you sail in the upcoming T9 Rank?

    An Azimut 55S while doing bay hopping in the Kornati and chillaxing If I make it back by the end of august, I probably will give Black a try.
  4. little_rowboat

    Does it all have to be so complicated?

    Naah it‘s not complex. What makes it feel complex is the variations in combination with foresight. The “meta“ (rules and characteristics of figures) is pretty simple. That’s why it is and was so popular. In comparison Wows meta (mostly characteristics of ships) is more complex but variation and foresight is much more comprehensible. If you reduce the characteristics of ships to what‘s really important, it all becomes pretty simple. I neither do know the exact torp-, gun-, spotting- and detection range of every ship, but I do know the approximative radar ranges and durations for example and the difference in reload, detection range, torp range of the DDs for example.. Reduce your knowledge to what is needed for your personal situation in this game, complexity is comprehensible and you can easily become (super-)unicum with little time invest. Due to my job I can‘t play much when not having holidays or sitting in a hotel, but doing pretty decent acting like mentioned above. For this, what you only have to have, is 3 things: - objective self reflection - awareness of what happens around you - the will to reduce your mistakes by being aware of them (aka don‘t blame others/meta/rng for your own failures) and learning to prevent making them step by step If a player lacks those it‘s gonna be tough to improve. If a player doesn’t like to - totally fine for me - like mentioned several times there are many reasons to play that game besides wanting to win. But if a player wants to improve and win but lacks one of those 3 mentioned things, he/she can’t blame anybody but her/himself. besides: those 3 things might help in RL either
  5. little_rowboat

    sth is fu**ed up - invisible walls on Shards

    Thanks for the reply. Didn't knew you work mondays till fridays - thought you 3 work shifted. Nevermind and apologies in this case. Thx for passing it along.
  6. little_rowboat

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    No. At least 50 % of the players aren't able to make themselves aware of the 2D information on the minimap. Another at least 25 % aren't able to draw the right conclusion out of what they see when they are aware of the minimap. Adding another dimension with below surface area would overstrain 95 % of the playerbase and would turn the often chaotic behaviour into a full desaster which due to the mentioned reason is completely unbalancable. Adding the submarine class into this game permanently would be the coffin nail for the atmosphere and gameplay equally - instant quit-decision for me in this case. A seperate gamemode with subs only or a smart share of the existing meta plus subs would be ok though.
  7. little_rowboat

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    some carry with tier 7 Sims in tier 9 with cv 5k day today it seems - at least some consistency in that manner when not in WR
  8. little_rowboat

    the "carry harder!" thread

    It's nothing wrong in being not competitive and having fun just cruising mostly or enjoying graphics and stuff - thats legit reasons to play a game. But as he fought the enemy ships I also assume he has fun doing so and it would be more fun to either smoke up and shoot the enemy or to torp the enemy uncontested than to go in front of 3 BBs less than 8km of them, open fire and die in 10 seconds. I won't blame anybody for playing and dying or for aiming bad and producing bad stats out of inexperience.. but I always will question doing things that are obviously bad decisions and can be called dumb like going in front of 3 BBs with 5k hp and open the fire. That imo is also the reason for mid 30 % and below winrates - making dumb decisions period that are sometimes decisive. Performing less efficient or too cautious or by camping won't bring the same result.
  9. little_rowboat

    sth is fu**ed up - invisible walls on Shards

    Sadly there is neither a reaction nor an explanation what happened though @Crysantos for example was online.. Incidents can and will happen, what makes a companies reputation is reaction to them, communicating and transparency in analysing and fixing...
  10. little_rowboat

    sth is fu**ed up - invisible walls on Shards

    Should have bought the space permanent camos.. they probably have auto-sync of phasers and deflector shields.
  11. little_rowboat

    Moving through islands and not only

    check the replay folder - there you can see the ship name and the map name. eg: 20190720_093508_PASC006-Atlanta-1942_23_Shards.wowsreplay
  12. little_rowboat

    Moving through islands and not only

    was it shards either or another map? @BarthalomewKuma
  13. We had a game with invisible walls.. both sides of the teams experienced this. You were stuck when you moved in the open like running against a wall - same with shells fired and torps launched. To me it seemed like the graphics (at least on this map) were shifted to the objects physical structures.. so graphic didn't match the characteristics of abojects.. seemed like displaced to each other as nelli could easily move through walls. Hopefully it's the only map where it is the case. Pls look into this immediately @Crysantos @MrConway @Sehales Could be seen in the replay. 20190720_093508_PASC006-Atlanta-1942_23_Shards.wowsreplay feels like belated July 4th producing fireworks with Atlanta ^^ and Nelli got the island-camo
  14. Vin Di(e)sel - potatoe edition.. new in cinemas this weekend all over (Wows)Europe.. Went to base, cried for help, got help, didn't react to the question for smoke, smokes himself like 1 km next to me while I kited the enemy lemming train.. finished the already dying target, kept ignoring all bases all game and went down the J line while enemy laughed their a$$es off .. one thing he finaly finished best: he's the worst DD player I saw so far which is not a bot.. so he's number 1 in that how is that possible as a human being with 785 destroyer games? LOL-factor: He seemed to be so confident to skip tier 9 to go from tier 8 to directly Shima in tier x obviously and out of 3x5 shimi torps every 3rd salvo has one hit What's for sure is, that Wargaming has it's part in such results by constantly ignoring the need for proper instructions, tutorials and basic gameplay/strategic introductions..
  15. little_rowboat

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    dakka dakka 59 planes